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Weaving with Wire Workshop July 13 – 15

During this innovative three-day workshop, you’ll learn to weave wire into a metal fabric, which is then used to create jewelry, sculpture, baskets, and more. Sit behind your loom and learn from expert fiber artist and local art educator, Christine Miller, as she shares her personal work and demonstrates how to prepare your materials and explore your creativity.

The workshop will take place Friday, July 13 – Sunday, July 15, 2018, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. each day. Five inexperienced weaver packages are available for $290 each, including loom rental and materials. Ten experienced weaver packages are available for $260 each, requiring participants to bring their own looms.

Christine Miller has 45 years of weaving experience, including 30 years of working with wire. Her other areas of expertise include sewing, knitting, crochet, basketry, embroidery, beading, felting, and dyeing. She has been featured in exhibits, taught weaving workshops, and presented at state and national art education conferences. Additionally, Christine has been an art educator for the Dallas and Plano school districts for 13 years and shares her creative passion through explorefiber.com.

Learn more at cedarsarthouse.com

Submitted by Saul Torres. Email: sautorrestx@gmail.com

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3-Day Workshop: Mastering Illusions in Portraiture

This 3-Day workshop will be like none other. It will address how to master creating the magic of illusions in portrait painting. The premise:

All representational painting is based on illusions.
We observe three dimensional forms.
We convert them to a two dimensional surface.
We create the illusion of three dimensional forms.

In real life, seeing is believing. In painting, we recreate seeing to believe.

This workshop will be a particularly new way of approaching portrait painting by those somewhat experienced with the genre. It will be very instructive to those new to the subject.

Topics will show attendees how to address key facets of portrait painting:

• How to use shapes (rather than line) to create illusion of engaging compositions

• How to apply principles of light and shadow to create the illusion of 3-dimensional form

SPACE (foreground/background/focal perspective, etc.)
• How to create the illusion of space using tricks the masters discovered over the ages

• How to use values as the key to the illusion of space and form within a strong value pattern composition

COLOR (hue/intensity/temperature)
• How to see and mix colors to orchestrate vivid realistic illusions of the impact of hues, intensities and temperatures on portrait subjects

The workshop will include daily a/v presentations that illustrate and dramatize key principles within each of these facets. Participants will be able to apply each individual facet in an experimental portrait painted from a live model.

Gene Dillard will lead the workshop. He has years of experience as a professional portrait printer. And, years of expertise gained from a career in the graphic arts, where the skills for exactness are important and apply to the need for accuracy in creating likenesses in portrait painting. The sessions will start at 9:00 each morning. At noon, there will be a hour break for lunch. The afternoon session will last from 1:00 to 4:00.
THURSDAY, May 24, 9-4 PM
FRIDAY, May 25, 9-4 PM
FRIDAY, May 26, 9-4 PM

The cost for the 3-Day workshop is $350. A $100 deposit will hold a spot for you. Space is limited, so the workshop will only include up to 5 participants, allowing for a lot of individual instruction. The deposit and/or full payment can be easily made online here. http://dfwartworkshops.com/ Or go to www.legayportraitpainters.com/workshops

Once you register, a detailed outline of the workshop will be forwarded to you along with a materials supply list.

Submitted by Gene Dillard. Email: gene@legacyportraitpainters.com

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Pooran Lashini workshop: Geometric Patterns in Middle Eastern Art & Culture Sept. 1 &2

Patterns in Middle Eastern Art & Culture

Workshop by Pooran Lashini

Saturday, September 1st & Sunday, September 2nd, 2018  9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sponsored by the Irving Art Association. Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan, Irving TX 75061

Cost: $60 for two days – handouts included. Both days include geometric forms design – day 1 is drawing; day 2 is coloring.

Supply list: available upon registration or you may pay the instructor for the cost of art materials used at the workshop on the first day of the workshop. (approx. $14)


Geometric patterns are a prevailing motif in and Middle Eastern pattern culture. They are found in Middle Eastern miniatures paintings, architecture, Metal, glass, woodcarving, and calligraphy work. Geometric ornamentation in Middle Eastern Art includes two-dimensional patterns on flat and curved surfaces, and three-dimensional so-called muqarnas-structures, mostly in the interior of domes. Most of the famous patterns are based on squares, octagons, equilateral triangles and hexagons. In the Eastern Middle Eastern world, especially in Iran, one often finds more complicated patterns based on pentagons, decagons, and even heptagons and nonagons. There is still a living tradition in Middle Eastern geometric design that inspires modern artists.

Workshop Description:
The aim of the proposed workshop is to bring together students of different backgrounds in order to discover the satisfaction that comes with the creation of designs through the use of two simple tools (a compass and a straightedge). By creating patterns themselves students will gain on understanding of geometry principles of the understanding grids and methods used by traditional Middle Eastern artists.

I hope to open the eyes of the speakers and participants to the many different branches of Middle Eastern art and material culture where geometric design plays a dominant role, and to gain insight into the traditions in which these patterns are created.

During the workshop, attention can also be paid to the design of new artistic patterns of the same types as the Traditional Medieval ones. The workshop will include discussions on the symbolic meanings of geometric Forms in Middle Eastern art and Middle East culture, but only on the basis of concrete and authentic Medieval textual documents.

List of materials/recommended reading will be provided by the Instructor.

Workshop Materials/ Textbook: Handouts of Geometric Patterns will be provided for your use onsite. $14 Material fees will be collected by the instructor at the first class for the use of paint, paper etc. Purchase of textbooks extra.









About the Instructor:

Iranian born, Pooran Lashini has been an active painter for more than twenty years. Growing up in Tehran, she was immersed in the rich culture of traditional Persian art, and classic Geometric forms. She has extensive background in painting and calligraphy with the particular methods of Middle Eastern Geometric art. With homage to her native heritage, she creates artwork that is truly unique in nature, as she marries tradition with a taste of the abstract, giving an alluring and captivating appeal to a classic Geometric art form. She has exhibited her works in many solos and group shows and has taught Geometric patterns workshop throughout the nation and internationally.

Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in “Aesthetic Studies and Philosophy of Ideas”. In addition to her artistic practice, she has written three books, and she is teaching Philosophy and History of art in colleges.


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Art Adventure Abroad to Denmark and Germany with Darla Bostick

Enjoy an Art Adventure Abroad to Denmark and Germany with Darla Bostick

Come with Darla to explore Denmark and Germany this summer (26 June-8 July). Our adventure begins in Copenhagen where we are staying at a  6-bedroom home as we sketch, photograph and paint. We will visit museums, picnic in parks and cruise through the canals of Copenhagen. Learn how to take the memories of a trip home with you in a compact, fun way by gathering sketches and photos during the day then in the evenings we paint in our journals. Darla will teach you how to use your camera as a sketchpad “on the go” and how to journal your adventure.

Time is scheduled to rest, relax and sketch at different points during the day but we don’t  “camp out” and paint in one spot all day! There is too much to see and enjoy! After a week in Copenhagen we will spend the remaining time in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany where there are more memories to encounter! More details in the flyer: Visit Denmark in June_July with Darla

I take a spiral watercolor pad to use as my journal, a package of pitt pen markers—India ink, small brushes, pencil, tiny sprayer, kneaded eraser and I can take 28 watercolors in a tiny vitamin dispenser from the Dollar Tree—the green tray is open on the table with 4 greens.

I take a digital camera and battery charger and I’m ready to go!!

Darla has led other Art Adventure Abroad groups to Spain, Ireland and Portugal. She is a seasoned art teacher and has traveled to 60+ countries. Looking for a great art experience? Check her website for details: www.darlabostick.com
Spouses and non-artists are welcome!
New for 2018! There are 2 Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreats! Check the website for details–June or October? www.darlabostick.com
My Art Adventures Abroad for 2018 is Copenhagen, Denmark with Hamburg & Berlin, Germany in June/July. Registration already in progress.

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Mother’s Day Paint & Plant Party May 6

Mother’s Day Paint & Plant Party

Looking for a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift? Join local artist, Rachel Milliken, as she guides you through designing and painting your own, unique concrete planter. Wrap up your unique creation for Mom or give her the gift of a fun experience when you sign up together. You’ll start with a planter hand-made by Rachel, add your own creativity, then top it off with soil, colorful gravel, and a succulent plant.

Sunday May 6, 2018 (the Sunday before Mother’s Day), 1-3 pm
$45 per person or $80 for two people
Children age 7 and older are welcome with mom
Registration is limited to 30 people
Sign up at cedarsarthouse.com

Submitted by Saul Torres. Email: sautorrestx@gmail.com

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Ted Houston November 21st Workshop & Demo

The Farmers Branch Carrollton Art Association (FBCAA) is hosting a demo and workshop with Ted Houston on November 21st in the craft room of the Farmers Branch Senior Center, 14055 Dennis Lane, Farmers Branch. 

We start our meeting at 9:00 AM, and the demo will be at 10:30 AM.  The workshop will be in the afternoon, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, and costs $10.  


Ted works in oils, watercolors, drawing and printmaking.  His work is an expressive use of line, form and color that covers a range of subjects.  Ted has trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art, and has taught classes at Ole Podrida.  Most recently he has been working in painting and printmaking at Brookhaven Community College.For more about Ted, see his website: https://www.zhibit.org/tedhoustonart

No registration necessary.  Guests are always welcome.

Submitted by Farmers Branch Carrollton Art Association. Email: landlsorensen@gmail.com

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Saturday Pet Painting Workshop Oct. 14

Join us this Saturday the 14th,
for a Paint your pet painting workshop
Come paint with friends and family!!!
October 14th, 1:30-4:30pm
8×8 canvas 
Ages: 12+
$45 per person
Use code: PET
online to get $5 off!!
Flower Mound ARThouse
Create an priceless treasure
and have some fun!!!
Call 972-899-2699


Submitted by Sara McCain. Email: studioarthouse@gmail.com

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Pumpkin Painting Class Oct. 6

Join us at the Art House in Highland Village for a three hour Pumpkin Painting workshop.

Under the guidance of an Art House instructor you will paint a fall pumpkin.

This workshop uses acrylic paint on 9″x12″ hardboard.

Location: Art House Gallery & Classes

6100 Long Prairie Rd. #800 Flower Mound, Texas

Date & Time: Friday, October 6. 1:00 pm-4:00pm

Materials: You may bring your own materials, however paint, brushes, and canvases will be provided.

Sign up today at www.studioarthouse.com or call 214-285-0084


Submitted by Anita Robbins. Email: studioarthouse@gmail.com

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Darla Bostick’s 10th Annual Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat in Abiquiu, NM


You are invited to Darla Bostick’s 10th Annual Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreat in Abiquiu, NM  1-7 October 2017

Includes digital photography, watercolors/ acrylics, pencil, ink, incorporating text and mixed media work with options for plein air painting and comfort of a group activity room (floor to ceiling vista views). For 7 days/6 nights you can relax, enjoy, and create. Lodging and meals included at Ghost Ranch property. The Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tour takes you where she painted from the local, magnificent area scenery. Visit the O’Keeffe studio/home on tour.  Space is limited to 16 participants. Bring materials you love to work with (or try something new) and join us! The workshop fee is $550. Room and board at the Ranch are not included and are their rates—which has recently been redesigned to provide the ultimate discount for those sharing a room, so bring a friend! Unclaimed rooms will be released 25 AugustCurrently there are 12 spaces left!

Come and see for yourself why Georgia O’Keeffe loved Ghost Ranch! Last year each participant received $300+ in art merchandise in their welcome bag…and door prizes exceeded $800!

My website has more details:  www.darlabostick.com

Darla Bostick, 940.320.5660       Email: darlabostickart@gmail.com

2017 postcard front 2017 postcard back

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Acrylic WC Mixed Media Flower Workshop with Sharon Giles May 13


Saturday, May 13 10am – 3pm (one hour for lunch)

Create beautiful abstract flowers!

Start loosely and playfully with transparent watermedia, then create a whimsical design with negative painting and your favorite mark-making tools.


Watermedia – bring your choice of liquid acrylics, acrylic inks, Golden High Flow acrylics,  tube watercolors (sorry, pans are too wimpy) and/or alcohol inks (the last is not permanent).

Bring one tube of white acrylic. (Instructor will bring other colors)

Your choice of mark-making tools – could be acrylic markers, regular markers (not usually permanent), sharpies (not permanent), colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, gelatos or gel sticks (not permanent), graphite pencils, pastel sticks or pencils, oil pastels, etc. Bring what you have but I recommend purchasing a white sharpie.

Bring one 11×14 or 12×12 canvas or canvas board. Instructor will also supply one small sheet of yupo. You can also bring a small watercolor or acrylic painting you want to transform.

Other tools: Brushes in different sizes, water container, paper towels, and apron. Droppers or pipettes, and dipping pen or calligraphy pen if you have one.

For inspiration, bring pictures of flowers, vases and simple patterns. The instructor will also bring ideas for patterns and extra supplies.

Register by emailing sharongiles@gmail.com or calling 972-570-7565 Cost: $45 ($40 for IAA members).


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Lara Lenhoff Workshop April 27 & 28: Recreate and Paint Your Vivid Dreams


“Recreate and Paint Your Vivid Dreams”  April 27-28 9 AM- 4PM. $200 for 2 days.

Harry Myers Community Center 815 E Washington  Rockwall, TX 75087


To enroll and for more information contact Lara at:   laralenhoff24@yahoo.com
Lara will provide a list of supplies to bring to the workshop.

Submitted by Lara Lenhoff. Email: LaraLenhoff24@yahoo.com

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Recycle Art Workshop April 8th with Patsi Davila

Davila Recycle Classlogo

Saturday, April 8th 12 noon – 3:00 pm

Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan, Irving Tx 75061

Lets recycle outdated or old paper goods into useful items to get a 2nd life outta them. We will be using packaging, calendars, magazines, old books, printed materials, cards and more. Paper beads, matchboxes, envelopes, tags, bows, stationery, paper frames, earring cards and ATC cards are what you will be taking home.

Please sign up but no more than 10 students cause of limited equipment (3 minimum). Cost: Pay Pal, check or cash at $25 for IAA Members / $30 nonmembers. Please bring whatever you have in paper goods to make something more personal. For example birthday and Christmas cards that you’ve been saving.

We will meet from 12 noon-3:00 on April 8th 2017 Jaycee Park 1975 Puritan, Irving TX 75061 (Home of Irving Art Association)

PS Please contact Patsi for questions patsi1954@sbcglobal.net

No previous experience required. Ages 14 and above  Limited seating. Sponsored by the Irving Art Association. FLYER: Recycle Class

REGISTER & PAY by PayPAL ($25 IAA members / $30 nonmembers) – click here
OR email Patsi at patsi1954@sbcglobal.net. – pay by check or cash

Davila Recycle Class600

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FBCAA: Alcohol Inks Demo/Workshop with Marinette Jagger Jan. 17

FBCAA New Logo

Free Demo: 10:30 – 12:00
$10.00 Workshop 1:00 – 3:00
Farmers Branch Senior Center
14055 Dennis Ln, Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

FBCAA is a non-profit group of artists founded in 1972. They hold exhibits usually at the FB library. Membership is $30. Meeting – demo -workshop is held every 3rd Tuesday of the month in the Craft Room of the Farmers Branch Senior Center, 1401 Dennis Lane, FB.

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Farmers-Branch-Carrollton-Art-Association-149816435455992/

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