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April 18th Receptions for “Results: Works from the UD Iron Pour” and “Interstices: Kelly O’Briant”

Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery at the University of Dallas: Please join us for 2 receptions in 1 night – April 18, 2018 5-7pm. For more information on all these events, email gallery@udallas.edu or call Christina Hayes Haley, the Gallery Manager at 972-721-5087.

Note: There is a lot of construction happening around us, so we are a little hard to find! If you have a smartphone enter 2910 Haggar Circle into Maps to find the Haggerty Art Village from there it is easy to find the Painting/Printmaking building.

Results: Works from the UD Iron Pour
April 12-22, 2018
Reception, April 18 | 5-7 p.m. with Introduction 5:45 p.m.
Thompson Loggia, Art History Building

In early March, an iron pour was held at on campus. With the help of the Texas Atomic Iron Pour Commission, 500 pounds of cast iron was broken and melted in an exciting fiery display. The event brought together artists, faculty, students, and spectators. All were there to watch the 2,500 degrees of molten iron pour from a cupola, or specifically designed furnace and into student and faculty made molds.

These molds were then cooled and broken open to reveal the results! Please join us to see the art that resulted from this fantastic project.

The UD Iron Pour was made possible with support from the Novinski Endowment, which generously supports programming in the arts.

Interstices | Kelly O’Briant
April 12-22, 2018
Reception, April 18 | 5-7 p.m. with artist talk 5:15 p.m.
Upper Gallery, Painting/Printmaking Gallery

Interstices is a unique glimpse into the many ways technology, science, and collaborative projects inform Kelly O’Briant’s art practice. O’Briant presents a series of interconnected small works created in gaps of time found between continuous projects and large exhibitions.

O’Briant is working with wildlife biologists and technicians in West Virginia and Virginia by using 3D printing to create decoys of Loggerhead Shrike birds for field research, she has been collaborating with ceramists in China, New York, and Texas to build an improved glaze test machine, and, closer to home, O’Briant is assisting The Cistercian Abbey Our Lady of Dallas to carry out a restoration project, on a colonial period crucifix, with artisans in Missouri.

The word “interstice” comes from the Latin “interstitium” which was derived from “inter” meaning “between” + “sistere” meaning “to stand” = to stand between. O’Briant demonstrates how the between spaces of art, research, and work can provide rich inspiration and opportunities for new works.

Please join us for the reception and hear more from Kelly O’Briant during her artist talk at 5:15 p.m., Wednesday, April 18.

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HARRY GEFFERT (1934-2017) | Celebration of Life Nov. 26

H A R R Y  G E F F E R T

(1 9 3 4  –  2 0 1 7)

photo credit: Teresa Rafidi
2001 FLORA ST, DALLAS, TX 75201

photo credit: Kevin Todora
 THE SALVATION ARMY. http://www.salvationarmy.org

Cris Worley Fine Arts, 1845 Levee St #110, Dallas,  TX 75207

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Geometric MADI to Feature Works by John Henry April 28


Opening Reception April 28, 6:30 p.m.

John Henry is known worldwide for his large-scale public works of art, which grace numerous museum, corporate, public and private collections. In the Dallas area, his sculptures may be seen in front of the Hall Arts Building in the Dallas Arts District.

The geometric forms that have defined John’s work for more than forty years have their aesthetic and historical base in Constructivism.  John received a Ford Foundation grant to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, where he earned a BFA. He received an Honorary Doctor of Arts from the University of Kentucky in 1996. He was a founding member of ConStruct, the artist-owned gallery that promoted and organized large-scale sculpture exhibitions throughout the United States.


Some recent exhibitions include: OPEN 2007, Venice, Italy; Sarasota Season of Sculpture 4, Sarasota, FL, 2007; American Sculptors in the Shadow of the Alps, Art St. Urban, Switzerland, 2007; Sculpture a Wyoming Invitational at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, 2008; his one-man exhibition throughout the state of Florida, Drawing in Space: The Peninsula Project, 2008/09, Sculpture for New Orleans, 2009, and Art in the Garden at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, July 2009.

Henry’s exhibit at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art opens April 28 and runs until July 23.  John Henry will be onsite for the Opening and for an Arcadia Salon discussion on May 18 at 6:30 p.m.


About The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art

Located in Uptown Dallas, the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art (the MADI) is the only museum dedicated to MADI art and the primary point of focus for the MADI movement in the United States. Opening in 2003, the MADI has presented exhibitions of MADI art including MADI movement founder Carmelo Arden Quin, as well as works by contemporary artists working in geometric forms. Find out more about the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art at www.geometricmadimuseum.org, or call (214) 855-7802

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Simeen Farhat: ‘Blood Shot is Blood Loved’ opens April 1st at Cris Worley

Farhat-Simeen-Blood-detail PR-Farhat-Blood-Shot-is-Blood-Loved

Exhibition Title: Simeen Farhat: ‘Blood Shot is Blood Loved’
Exhibition Dates: April 1, 2017 — May 6, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1st from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas TX crisworley.com

flyer: PR-Farhat-Blood-Shot-is-Blood-Loved
Cris Worley Fine Arts is proud to present Blood Shot is Blood Loved, our second solo exhibition with Simeen
Farhat, opening with an artist’s reception on Saturday, April 1st, from 5 to 8 p.m. Blood Shot is Blood Loved will include a large-scale installation along with various multi-dimensional wall reliefs. The exhibition will be on view through May 6, 2017. In her work, Farhat often uses cast resin and acrylic to make intimately poetic sculptures that engage participants in the act of deciphering between material form and shadow, much like the process of deriving meaning from sensory perception; a visual analogue to the brutally nuanced struggle of human communication.

Inspiration for Blood Shot is Blood Loved began with Farhat’s poetic meditations on the dual nature of one of the most vital elements in the natural world—blood. As the artist writes, “I leave my traces many times. I can be either hot or cold. People both love and hate me—I scare them off; but they need me, too. My name is Blood.” In this installation, Farhat re-creates the moment a large-scale drop of blood hits ground, capturing the reverberating effects released by a passionate burst of energy. The ardent drop of blood is assembled from abstracted epigraphic forms, a signature of Farhat’s body of work. The direct metaphor with the liquid materiality of the human body evokes a realm of ideas inhabited by her previous works: A Teardrop in Disperse (2015), A Bubble Bursts (2015), and A Red Drop of Blood (2015). By rendering one example of the un-deniability of the human body, Blood Shot is Blood Loved quietly implicates the dichotomy between purity of life, and abject realities of violence that suppress human volition, globally. Mimicking the quality of blood as a provocative substance, the installation invites the viewer to actively explore the blood droplet as it spills into the gallery space.

Simeen Farhat was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She has lived and worked in the U.S. since 1992, receiving her BFA from Arizona State University, and her MFA from Texas Christian University. Her work has been exhibited globally in Austria, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, at the National Art Gallery in Pakistan, and the Sharjah Museum of Modern Art, among others. Farhat participated in the 2009 Texas Biennial; In 2012 she was an Artist in Residence at the ORYX Foundation in Switzerland; and in 2015 she was invited to participate in an exhibition at the 56th Venice Biennale, In the Eye of the Thunderstorm: Effervescent Practices from the Arab World. Farhat’s work is represented in the Crown Prince of UAE’s Abu Dhabi Palace Collection, The U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, The Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai, and the Peninsula Hotel in Paris.

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Blair Thurman opens Nov. 19 at galerie frank elbaz


galerie frank elbaz is pleased to announce the first solo exhibit by Blair Thurman at its new space in Dallas, TX. The exhibition will run from November 19 – December 20, 2016with an opening reception on November 19th from 6-9pm in presence of the artist.

Blair Thurman

November 19 – December 20, 2016
Opening reception on November 19, 2016 from 6-9pm

galerie frank elbaz
136 Glass Street
Dallas, TX 75207 – USA

+1 (214) 980-3852


Blair Thurman, Dallas Burn-Out, 2016
Acrylic on canvas
Photo: Blair Thurman studi


Mark Flood, Water Wave With Harem, 2014
Acrylic on canvas
54 x 84 in. / 137 x 213 cm

Mark Flood
Dallas Real Estate Development

October 8 – November 12, 2016
galerie frank elbaz, Dallas

download the press release

Bernard Piffaretti, Untitled,2016
Acrylic on canvas
59 x 59 in. / 150 x 150 cm

Bernard Piffaretti
passage (à la ligne)

October 20 – December 24, 2016
galerie frank elbaz, Paris

download the press release

Andisheh Avini, Untitled, 2016
Amethyst and marquetry
10 1/2 x 7 x 5 in. / 26,7 x 17,8 x 12,7 cm

Andisheh Avini

October 20 – November 26, 2016
galerie frank elbaz, Paris

download the press release

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Dimensional Faux Show opens Nov. 10 at Kettle Art


Dimensional Faux Show

Kettle Art Gallery
Thursday, November 10, 2016



Dimensional Faux Show is an exhibit that brings four of Kettle Art’s finest “off the wall” 3-D artsits to hang together. This show features works by Brad Albright, Erin Curry, Nick Glenn and Clint Scism, opening on Thursday, November 10th through Saturday, November 26th

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Dam Lam’s Coquette opens at Fort Works Art


Dan Lam’s MONUMENTAL Solo Exhibition 

opens August 2, 2016 at Fort Works Art!  



For more about the artist, see http://www.fortworksart.com/#/dan-lam/

FORT WORKS ART is pleased to announce “Coquette”, artist, Dan Lam’s first major exhibition. This exhibit will run from August 2, 2016 – September 17, 2016 with an opening reception, Friday, August 6 from 6-11:00 p.m. “Coquette” will be Lam’s first solo exhibition of this magnitude, and will feature all new large-scale installation work. Coupled with this, will be multiple “drippy” sculptures that she has become known for, that she will position in various “environments” throughout the gallery.

In today’s visual climate, it is extraordinarily rare to see an image that is unique. Even more so, for something to make you stop and stare. Dan Lam’s work does just that. Her use of color and vibrancy attracts the eye, but it is the ambiguous, multi-textural qualities that elicit powerful reactions from the viewer. Some are turned off, others delighted by these “drippy things.” This extreme contrast is one of the things that makes her work so powerful. “What are these creature-like forms? How are they made? What are they? Can I touch it?” Dan Lam’s work is quite obviously provocative.

Lam has tirelessly been working at Fort Works Art, in their first residency at their new space, preparing for this monumental show. Lam’s work and style are truly just beginning to evolve and although the objects she creates are tricky to identify, they are definitely impossible to forget. Please join us for this powerhouse exhibition that will run for 7 weeks at Fort Works Art’s new brick-and-mortar gallery in Fort Worth, TX.

Dan Lam was born in the Philippines to a Vietnamese family who relocated to Texas when she was a child. She currently resides in Dallas, TX where she works primarily alone in her studio. Lam received her B.F.A. in 2010 from the University of North Texas and later completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Arizona State University. She has been published in New American Paintings twice and featured on the Insider. As well as her representation by Fort Works Art, Lam’s work can be seen throughout the United Sates at other premier galleries.

Fort Works Art 
2100 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, Texas, 76107 

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A YEAR ON THE PLAZA art competition deadline Aug. 25

2015 winner: Paint the Town by Stuart Hausmann

2015 winner: Paint the Town by Stuart Hausmann



Winning work displayed on art wall in Dallas Arts District for one year, no entry fees 

DALLAS – Professional artists across Texas are invited to enter A Year on the Plaza Art Competition by Thursday, Aug. 25 at 3:00 p.m. for an exceptional exhibition opportunity for the winning artist.

Presented by The Catholic Foundation, the unique competition is accepting original work, searching for a piece of art to adorn a 28-foot-long by 9-foot-wide public art wall in the Dallas Arts District for one year. Submissions must measure 28 inches by 9 and 2/3 inches, and the winning work will be digitally enlarged to cover the wall. The winning artist receives a $2,500 stipend and honorable mentions receive $250 each.

“A Year on the Plaza Art Competition presents a unique opportunity for talented individuals in Texas to express themselves artistically and showcase their work in the Dallas Arts District,” said J. Matthew Kramer, president and CEO of The Catholic Foundation.

Submissions must be appropriate for the location of the Plaza on the Cathedral grounds but do not require a religious theme. There are no entry fees. The Request for Proposal is available at catholicfoundation.com.

Once the winning piece is selected by a panel of highly respected members of the local arts community, it will be unveiled during a public dedication ceremony in October 2016.

“Words can’t describe how exciting this is. If you are thinking about entering, go for it! What do you have to lose? As long as you enjoy art, then it’s worth it,” said 2015 winning artist Stuart Hausmann.


# # #

About The Catholic Foundation Plaza

The Catholic Foundation Plaza is a unique 3,900-square-foot public space located at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the corner of Flora and Crockett Streets, directly across from the Meyerson Symphony Hall. The Plaza is in a highly visible location to visitors to the Dallas Arts District and is also one of the sites on the “Public Art Walk Dallas.” Dedicated in 2006, the Plaza was a gift from The Catholic Foundation to the Dallas community to commemorate the Foundation’s 50th anniversary. The wall currently displays last year’s winning piece, “Paint the Town” by Stuart Hausmann. Smaller replicas of all past winning artwork are mounted on the wall as well.

About The Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation is a trusted giving vehicle for the Catholic community. Chartered in 1955, the Foundation was founded by a group of dedicated Catholic laymen with a vision that extended far beyond the charitable needs of the moment.The Foundation has spent decades building a strong community, helping donors fulfill their charitable goals, and preserving the founders’ vision and philanthropic legacy. Over the past 40 years, the Foundation has provided more $100 million in grants to religious, charitable and educational organizations. Today, it manages more than $223 million in assets and houses approximately 390 charitable funds and trusts.


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Lynne Harlow: Hey Sunshine at Liliana Bloch

Lynne Harlow

The Liliana Bloch Gallery is pleased to announce new exhibition by Lynne Harlow. The show, entitled Hey Sunshine, will open Saturday, April 2nd and will run through May 7th, 2016. The gallery will host a reception with the artist on Saturday, April 16 from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

Liliana Bloch Gallery
2271 Monitor St, Dallas, Texas 75226

Harlow’s works in Hey Sunshine continue her reductive exploration of light, color and material, placing added emphasis on the behavior of light in relation to color and space. The exhibition includes a combination of fine art and commercial materials that were employed for their inherent physical characteristics: the expansive glow of fluorescent Plexiglas, the subtle movement of vinyl curtain, the delicate translucency of sheer fabric. Theyare arranged in seemingly austere formal combinations, but each piece surpasses the formal to generate visual experiences that extend beyond the works themselves and into their surrounding space.

Lynne Harlow has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for the past 15 years, including in the United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Her work was recently included in the 2013 deCordova Biennial at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA. Her additional museum exhibitions include MoMA PS1 (New York, NY); Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (Ithaca, NY); Brattleboro Museum and Art Center (Brattleboro, VT); and Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico).


Harlow has received awards from the Chinati Foundation, Rhode Island Foundation, and BAU Institute, and her work has been reviewed in publications, such as Artforum, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, and Artnet Magazine, among others. Harlow’s work is included in public collections, such as The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public Library, and Hunter College (all New York, NY); RISD Museum (Providence, RI); and The Philips Collection (Washington, DC). Harlow holds an MFA from Hunter College and a BA from Framingham State College. She lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.



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Nasher’s The Great Create coming April 24


Artists Announced for The Great Create 2016 – Purchase Your Tickets Today


Benefiting Nasher Sculpture Center

Sunday, April 24 / 1 – 4 pm
Nasher Sculpture Center Garden

Purchase tickets online today

Co-Chair Families
Sheryl and Eric Maas and their son, Julian Lisa and John Runyon and their children, Liam and Ivy


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Ann Derulle & Aaron Baird: “Yours, Mine & Ours” Nov. 12


Art After 5 Visits “Yours, Mine & Ours”

3D Paintings & Wall Sculptures by Ann DeRulle & Aaron Baird

Click here for the complete flyer.


Host: Art After 5 214-236-0302
When: Thursday, November 12, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: “Community Room” at Valley View Center 13331 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75240 Directions: With the Valley View Center located on the NW corner of Preston and LBJ (I-635), you’ll
most easily locate the “Community Room” by entering the mall from the Preston/east side
closest to the AMC theater sign.Walk to the center of the mall and beyond toward the red wall mural at the end of the hall.On entering that hallway, walk two doors past the large Gallery at Midtown to the“Community Room” on the right (signage above the double door entry).

Join Art After 5 as we visit the individual and collaborative contemporary artwork by Ann DeRulle and Aaron Baird. Many of these works created on plexiglass, canvas and paper, some incorporating metal, wood and stone, are multidimensional, spiritually-based and energetically transformative. The common interests of these two artists have harmoniously merged in a compelling triptych entitled “The Soul’s Journey” which you’ll want to experience in person. For more info, feel free to browse www.AnnDeRulleArt.com and www.AaronBairdArtwork.com.

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DEANNA OOLEY: Penumbra Holding Group Collection opening Oct. 3


You are cordially invited to attend the opening night of  

Penumbra Holding Group Collection:
A Financial Tale

Saturday, October 3 @ 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Blue House Too
934 Market Street in Watters Creek shopping area
Allen, TX  Phone: 972-984-6711
Blue House Too is pleased to showcase the talent of Deanna Ooley and her narrative series, the Penumbra Holding Group Collection: A Financial Tale, for this year’s October exhibit. The artifacts contained in the exhibit represent evidence of a secret financial society whose practices are unknown to the general public. The works created for the series come together to reflect the imagined events and rituals engaged by such a group’s existence. By delving into the private aspects of the Penumbra member’s lives, Ooley challenges the viewer to consider the power of money as a physical creator of cultural phenomenon and its influence on our own lives.
Show will be open from October 3 – November 1

Blue House Too hours:
Thurs & Fri : 4 – 9 pm
Sat : noon – 8 pm
Sun: noon – 6 pm

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