The Monuments Men

Here’s an amazing video with Doris Kearns Goodwin discussing The Monuments Men, a new book about a small group of unknown heroes, men and women, who volunteered to save the cultural treasures of western civilization from the Nazi’s during WWII. Among these unique and untold stories, is the story of the greatest heroine of the group — Rose Valland. This brave woman secretly recorded the movements of stolen art and cultural objects by the Nazi’s, which was instrumental in the eventual recovery of these great treasures. Book Page writes, "an account that moves like a Hollywood action adventure…there are heroes to root for, villains to hiss at and an increasingly pressing race against time…Whether you’re a fan of art, military history or stories of real-life heroes, The Monuments Men is a treasure worth the hunt". As we approach Veteran’s Day (November 11, a Wednesday),

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