Pinterest – a new online social/gallery tool for artists

Looking for a place to post your portfolio or just for some inspiration? Check out the new Internet phenomenon Pinterest. It’s a free online “pinboard” where you can organize and share images and interests. You can also add prices to your pinboard, so there is potential for some commerce. 

Part of the simple utility of the site is the ability to use “Pin Buttons” in your browser or smartphone to pin images you find on the web directly to your pinboard. If you “pin” other artists’ images though, be sure to offer proper attribution — see the “Pin Etiquette” and Copyright sections.

For suggestions on how to use the site, see the article wherein Beth Hayden explores: “How Artists Can Harness the Power of Pinterest”.

She and Alyson Stanfied of Art Biz Blog are planning to offer a teleseminar soon: How to Use Pinterest for Your Art Business

See also Alyson’s post Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem? that addresses the copyright and attribution problems and how to protect your images.

Natasha Wescoat’s article “Pinterest For Artists: 5 Creative Ways To Share Your Work” points out the major reasons to try this new image resource.

Several videos on YouTube explain the Pinterest process – check these out:
Pinterest Tutorial by Beth Hunter
How to Use Pinterest — A Tutorial from BloggingBookshelf
How to sell products on Pinterest pinboards 

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