Join the Art in DFW group on Flickr — free online Gallery and Discussion Group

Post your art-related photos and art on the new Art in DFW Gallery on! It’s public and a great place to display photos of art events and promote your art or art group. Plus Flickr is the premier photo site so the potential viewing audience is huge.

It’s easy to do: Set up your own free account on first and then join the Art in DFW group on Flickr. Once you are a member you can edit your uploaded images with the "Group" option to join them to the photostream of the Art in DFW Gallery group.

Your can also post your art opinions and announcements on the new Art in DFW Discussion Group.

Copyright issues: provides protection against downloading of original size images, but smaller ones can still be downloaded unless more stringent protection is applied (which individuals can do in their own account setting). There is no absolute protection since a screen print will get around this protection. If you are worried about illicit copies, then make your art images smaller or lower resolution. Note that you can edit your images in Flickr also.

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