Introducing Nat. Brut, an online arts magazine


Nat. Brut is proud to present Issue Four! This is the first issue under Dallas-based editors Kayla E. and Axel Severs.

The issue features flash fiction, short fiction, poetry, a one-act play, a short film, animations, humor pieces, a massive comics section, an interview, and visual curations of photography, found images, and artwork made by prison inmates. There’s terror, absurdity, sadness, stuff we laugh at every time we read it, stuff we’re haunted by, and stuff we’re not even sure how we feel about.

Nat. Brut is an online multimedia art and literary magazine released free to the world twice a year, only at

Nat. Brut has reached tens of thousands of readers with the release of Issue Four. We pride ourselves in publishinwork from a balanced swath of voices from all over the globe. Follow Nat. Brut on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter and subscribe to our monthly email newsletter at

NAT. BRUT Issue Four press release-Summer 2014

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