Guide to Getting Art Grants

Ellen Liberatori’s new book from Allworth Press, Guide to Getting Arts Grants, explains what every grant-seeking artist or art group needs to know. During her 30 years in the grantmaking sector of philanthropy, the author has seen hundreds of proposals. She explains that to get an arts grant, a concise, well-written application is crucial, and she gives many writing tips on how to achieve that.

Chapters cover how to:
• Set goals and develop a plan
• Identify and research numerous types of private and public prospects
• Take advantage of online resources and application opportunities
• Create top-notch portfolios, artist statements, and letters of inquiry
• Formulate an accurate and useful budget
• Master the intricacies of the application process, including the common grant form
• Understand the selection and review process, including the site visit
• Respond appropriately to the board’s decision

Guide to Getting Arts Grants is published by Allworth Press, publisher of other art resource books. 6 X 9, 272 pages; Softcover, ISBN 1-58115-456-6 List Price $19.95 Publication Date: October 2006

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