Dallas Art History blog launched by art historian Sam Blain

     Season’s Greetings from the Council for Artists’ Rights.  We wish you a safe and vigorous 2011!

     We are pleased to announce the launch of the Dallas Art History blog written by art historian Sam Blain.  The blog is now available at http://www.dallasarthistory.com/.  

     The blog was created in part as a response to an art world which is in an unprecedented crisis because of the abandonment of professionalism.  The art world has instead evolved to satisfy the greed for monetary profits, social status and ego balm by a new breed of art market manipulators.

     Many of this country’s art museums are already somewhere along this slippery slope.  Their board of directors, trustees and others should study this blog; it contains an important art historian’s revelations and realizations of what awaits at the bottom of the slope.  A prime example of decline is what has happened to the Dallas Museum of Art.  That art institution seems to have reached a point of surrender, which could even endanger its 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status.

     Anyone with a serious interest in the fine arts should follow Dallas Art History blog.

     In addition, the blog contains a hotlink leading to an audio recording which discusses the controversial Virginia Lazenby O’Hara bequest of US$4.5M.  The recording is available free of charge here, it’s parked at SoundCloud.com.

Note from Moderator of Art News DFW:

The latest headlines from the Dallas Art History blog are now included in the weekly feature: “Art Headlines / Feature Articles This Week”

    The Council for Artists’ Rights is based in Chicago, IL USA.  Its thrust is to educate the public about artists’ rights and advocates for artists whose work is in distress. CFAR was spontaneously born in 2004 when devotees of public art learned a city park district had irrevocably altered–without its creator’s permission–a 20 year old work of public art.

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