If you’re in love with color like I am, check out a wonderful website called COLOURlovers. It is a resource that monitors color trends and provides color-rleated news, articles and interviews.

The palettes section invites hours of exploration and play and could be the inspiration for picking unusual colors for a painting. Checking on my fav color turquoise, out of numerous choices I found the palette called “tropik”. It consists of colors with interesting titles such as “into the mucK, “miss”, “murder”, “Savyon” and “Kiwi pearl lite”. You can also pick an interesting pattern and discover the colors used in it.

One of the most interesting parts is the blog, which contains articles, news, interviews and trends. Some of the fascinating topics I spotted: (you can search for these)
Little-Known Meanings of Crazy Color Names
Conceptions of Color in a Colorless World
Stained Glass: A Colorful Mosaic of History

Spring Pantone Color Trends: Fashion and Accessories
1,000 (Colorful) Places to See Before You Die

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