British Monarchy playing cards

KJQK Monarchy

LUX Playing Cards of Fort Worth has released a new fine art deck of playing cards of famous and notorious British Monarchy of centuries past. The playing cards feature all new original art of King and Queens, including King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, King Edward I “Longshanks” and many more. The royalty cards are comprised of actual royalty, and the card back is intricately detailed. This “British Monarchy” deck of playing cards is available for a limited time right now at

Each King and Queen has been meticulously researched and elaborately portrayed. The card back is ornate in its design, while keeping with the theme of the deck. The back illustrates the Crown, and alludes to the War of the Roses in England. The portraits themselves of the royalty cards are stunning, while keeping the cards playable.

The cards are printed by USPCC (The United States Playing Card Company) which prints the famous Bicycle, Bee, and Tally-Ho cards. LUX Playing Cards last released the Aves playing cards to critical acclaim just a few short months ago, and this is their new fine art deck for collectors, card players, and art enthusiasts.

Back and Queen Elizabeth I

British Monarchy cards layout


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