Art News DFW reaches 1,000+ subscribers

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Subscriptions to the weekly and daily versions of the free email newsletter Art News DFW have now reached the 1,000 subscriber mark! We want to thank our subscribers for their interest and loyalty. (and its newsletter Art News DFW) were founded in 2006 by Nancy Friedel and Sharon Giles (webmaster) after a meeting of local leaders of nonprofit visual artist groups. This not-for-profit website was established to fill a need for information and coordination for the visual artist groups in the North Texas region. Its purpose is to foster creativity through art nonprofit organizations that support working artists.

The website serves as a clearinghouse for news of local visual art events and opportunities through the news blog Art News DFW. It has been expanded to include for-profit events of interest to local artists and art lovers, such as art festivals, gallery walks, exhibits, etc. It is an artist-friendly space that gives local artists a place to publicize exhibits, events and classes.

In addition to the notices on Art News DFW, we also publish other resource guides:

  • Listings of visual art groups, art institutions and other local art resources (see the list of guides on the home page.)
  • Comprehensive seasonal Art Events Calendar covering art deadlines, exhibits and receptions, art meetings and demonstrations, art classes and workshops and art events such as art festivals, gallery walks, paintouts, etc.
  • The weekly Art This Week in DFW feature that alerts you to what’s happening now.

We’ve also co-opted other networking sites for our mission of supporting local visual arts:

  • An ArtsGroupDFW page on FaceBook
  • DFW Arts Feeds list on Toluu
  • Art in DFW: An ArtsGroupDFW-sponsored online gallery on Flickr
  • Art News DFW on Twitter (new)

Since our purpose is support, we’re not shy about mentioning the resources of our “competitors”: Joel Sampson’s DFWart, Dallas Arts Revue, and KERA’s Art&Seek as well as many others. If you’re promoting an art event or your art career, our news submission page also has links to other sites to submit publicity.

We’re celebrating the milestone of 1000+ subscribers with a redesign of our graphics and a new way to follow the news: Twitter. Hope you like them!

Well, we know that we must be doing something right as we are now into our fifth year of online publishing with lots of positive feedback. However, ArtsGroupsDFW is publishing a survey to see if we can do it even better. Take the opportunity to let us know what you think! Go to and answer the Fresh Ideas Survey.

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