Art Conspiracy: Continuing Our Story (Jessie Martinez)


Artist Story: Jessie Martinez

Get a peek at this Art Con artist’s journey from the start

Halfway through its 11th year, and Art Conspiracy is just picking up steam. “In March, we announced that we’ve grown bigger than just a fundraising platform into an enhanced year-round platform of which the reach and potential is limitless,” says Erica Felicella, Art Conspiracy’s Executive Director. “We are incredibly excited about continually connecting and executing on ways to give back to our whole community: to our artists, musicians, patrons and partners.”

Part of being an organization of a million stories, is sharing them. Like that of Jessie Martinez: where we get a peek into artist’s journey at its very beginning. We look forward to furthering her interest and engagement. Check out the full story here. What is your story? How has Art Con affected you? Share your story here.

Art Conspiracy is a nonprofit community that conspires to bring artists and musicians together, raise funds, and activate awareness for regional creative programs and causes.

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Art Conspiracy’s Executive Director is featured in this month’s Dallas Observer People issue. Check out the write up here.


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