20s&30s Somethings- The Vision, the Possibilities: ARTSgenY

For single 20’s and 30’s somethings, finding like minded individuals for a community is tough. Though I have found somewhat of a niche here in Dallas, so many times I wish for more. As a lover of the arts, (being raised with museums, symphonies and plays), when I suggest events to my peers, at times my suggestions are met with indifference.

This is a shame because DFW offers so much, from little offbeat theaters and art exhibits to the world renowned.

So, to fill in that gap, I am starting an arts frequenter group for 20-39 year olds called “ArtsY” (a free to belong group www.meetup.com/artsgeny ). When talking to various public media entities, I’ve discovered that people are aware of the need for such a group. Some notable media has shown interest, but in a true ‘catch 22’ fashion they only wish to help when the group is large and well established. 

The need for such a group uniting similar minds and tastes benefits everyone. Nothing beats a stimulating
time at a play, symphony, art exhibit or other musical offering, but those offerings only truly satisfy when in the company of others. So I ask you to forward information about our group to Generation Y people who are longing to find kindred spirits. Thanks Chris Baken www.meetup.com/artsgenY .

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