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Post your visual art-related news notices on Art News DFW!

News notices are sent out daily to subscribers of our daily email newsletter Art News DFW Daily and weekly on Thursday nights to subscribers of our weekly email newsletter Art News DFW Weekly. They are also posted on our Facebook page Art News DFW and tweeted through our @ArtNewsDFW and @DFWArtistsVoice accounts on Twitter.

Please note that this offer is directed to visual artists and nonprofit visual art groups in the North Texas area. For-profit gallery notices or out-of-geographic-area notices will be included if there is room.

All submissions will be moderated (and edited, if necessary.)

There are several ways to participate in Art News DFW and its companion sites:

1. Use the online form below to submit your news notices for posting on Art News DFW
2. Or email your formatted notices or images directly to
Note that your formatting may have to be altered to fit into the news blog format.
3. OR you can:

Join the Art in DFW group on Flickr (instructions at bottom of page).

Join the Art Groups DFW group on Facebook

Send us your blog or Twitter information so that we can include your feeds in our Art Newspapers: DFW Arts Daily or  DFW Artists Voice or in our Twitter feed @ArtNewsDFW

Submission Form

To submit news notices for Art News DFW, use the online submission form below. 

Submission implies legal permission to post the news and associated image submitted. All images remain the property of the artist or copyright holder.

  • Be sure to include basic information in your notice: where, what, why, when and who, plus contact information such as email, website url or phone as appropriate.
  • Complete the questions for the name through the category sections on the form.
  • Then post the text of your notice beneath the editing tools which you may use to customize the look of your notice. Be sure to include your email at the end of the notice so that the editors can contact you regarding your submission.
  • Then upload up to 3 images (no larger than 2400 x 2400 pixels). Larger images will cause the submission to fail. If they are larger than allowed, email them instead to

After you click the “Submit Post” button, watch below this space for a confirmation of success or failure.


Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload. (jpegs preferred -- no smaller than 150 pixels in either dimension or larger than 2400)


Other websites to post your art news on:

Art in DFW Gallery
Group on Flickr

To post your art and art-related photos online: First set up your own free account on Then join the Art in DFW Gallery group. Once you are a member you can edit your uploaded photos with the “Group” option to join them to the photostream of the Art in DFW Gallery group — or any other group.

You can also post your art opinions and announcements on the new Art in DFW Discussion Group.

Copyright issues: provides protection against downloading of original size images, but smaller one can still be downloaded unless more stringent protection is applied (which individuals can do in their own account setting). There is no absolute protection since a screen print will get around this protection. If you are worried about illicit copies, then make your art images smaller or lower resolution. Note that you can edit your images in Flickr also if you have your own account.

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