Two National Public Art Opportunities Open in Memphis


The Memphis Urban Art Commission is accepting artist applications for two public art projects. These projects are open to all artists in the United States and will include sculptures and other public art pieces. Selection criteria will include previous experience with the design of exterior sculpture projects. The deadline to submit qualifications is May 20, 2016.

The John F. Kennedy Park call is open to any artist living in the United States and has a budget of $71,000. The integrative sculpture will enhance JFK Park and the Wolf River Greenway and will join two other existing projects along points of the greenway. The selection committee is interested in multiple public art pieces that will attract interest in the park and connect the park’s entrance to the greenway. These pieces should be able to withstand flood conditions.

The Army and Navy Parks opportunity has a budget of $90,500 and is open to any artist living in the United States. These historical parks near Central Station, a passenger railroad station in Memphis, are sites where many military said goodbye to family members before leaving for military service. The selection committee is looking for public art pieces for each park that will acknowledge the historical significance of the parks while also benefiting the nearby business corridor and providing visitors with the ability to interact with the art through tactile or auditory elements or other methods.

The requests for qualifications along with contact information for each are available on our website at

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