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Name of Call: FY2017 Call for Public Art Qualifications: Public Artist

Budget: $0
Deadline: 9/2/16

The City of San Antonio seeks professional qualifications from local, state, and national artists for potential public art projects. The FY2017 Pre-Qualified List is used to select public artists for upcoming commission opportunities to create new public artworks in conjunction with City-funded capital improvements.

To better diversify our pre-qualified list and select artists with a wide range of qualifications, applicants are required to identify as either an emerging public artist, mid-career public artist, or established public artist.

***Cultivating local artists’ participation in the city’s pre-qualified list is critical to the success of public art in San Antonio. Therefore, Public Art San Antonio (PASA) will select ten local applicants to participate in a Local Public Art Mentorship Course. The course will be led by experienced artists and administrators to advance the applicant’s professional public art development. Artists must attend twoSaturday sessions (Oct. 8 and Oct. 22), and complete an interim assignment. Completion of the course will result in two year pre-qualification, this is a one-time opportunity.***

Once approved by City Council all pre-qualified artists remain eligible for contract opportunities over a two-year period. Artists who were approved in March 2016 need not apply.

Those who previously applied to this call and were not selected are encouraged to update their previous application and reapply.

* Please don’t wait until the last minute to apply! We strongly encourage you to submit your application early to lessen the traffic load on the site.

** Please be aware that you have been notified about this call based on your location and notification preferences. You may not be eligible for this call. Please review the Eligibility Description area of the call page to determine whether or not you are eligible before applying. If you would no longer like to receive these emails please adjust your notification preferences in your user profile. **

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