October Artwalk at Valley View : Halloween Party and Artists’ Booths


Saturday, October 15, 2016, come on over to Valley View and let’s have a Halloween Artwalk Festival. 

Booth Fees are now back down to $50 and you can come as early as 1pm to set up.

I will continue to honor whatever previous arrangements you’ve made with Michelle–I want this Artwalk person transition to be easy for everyone.

Artwalk Halloween Event

This is the October Artwalk so this means Halloween fun time. Dress up on your Halloween costume and let’s make the mall festive.

The idea is to energize the movie goers and get them excited about Artwalk and the art galleries. When they are excited, they will want to come and support local artists.

So if they see people dressed up as their movie characters, giving out candy, etc, they will spend more time and hopefully money on your art.

Halloween Costume Idea:

Dress up as a character from your favorite movie. I can tell you that Suicide Squad was a huge hit in the mall–there was an event with cosplay (people dressing up as their favorite characters) and the mall was super busy on opening weekend.

Movies That Will Be Released on Artwalk Weekend

Some of the popular movies that will bring in the crowds will be released on Artwalk Weekend are:

Max Steel
The Accountant
Kevin Hart: What Now?

Remember that our AMC has the lowest priced tickets in town. $6 for movies and $8 for 3D–these are the evening prices every day including opening weekends so take advantage of this.

On Saturdays it gets busier after 5pm and the crowds come for the movies up until 12 am.

Movies are the main reason people come to Valley View Mall–it’s what it’s known for so if we make the movie goer’s experience unique they will bring their friends and so on.

Ideas To Attract People To Your Booth or Gallery

Give out more than wine. People expect the wine now so we need to get a bit creative. Since this is Halloween Artwalk, you can give out candy and treats.

Dress up your gallery a little bit for the holiday. Skulls are in as well so having some quick selling prints of your art with skulls or something creepy/Halloween themed may sell faster.

Here is a Pinterest board filled with great Halloween ideas you might find useful. 

How To Make This Artwalk A Huge Success:

Make sure you have your business cards and flyers ready. Maybe attach a piece of candy to them to make them memorable.

Let me know how many tables you need and if you need electricity as soon as possible. Remember first come first served.

Invite your friends. Call them, tell them to dress up and remember this is a fun and FREE event. Create a Facebook Event from your own account–grab the images from GMT’s event if you need them.

Stop by Skypony or GMT for Artwalk flyers if you need them–we provide them free of charge.

As always, I am here for any questions, comments, and ideas on how to make Artwalk a huge success.



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