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Monday, January 25, 2010

Trinity Arts Guild's featured artist for February 1st will be by the popular and accomplished artist in many media, Linda Lucas Hardy. TAG website:

Biography: Linda Lucas Hardy has had a lifetime of experience in art. Accomplished in several media her preference for the last fifteen years however has been colored pencil. Linda always felt she would one day become a professional artist, but her busy schedule as a wife and mother kept her from pursuing that dream for many years. Living in a small town and having limited resources meant that a traditional art education was out of the question so she made up for it by taking advantage of what was available in her area. In 1985, when her youngest, twins, started school, she signed up for an oil painting course at a local community college. That marked the beginning of an eight-year comprehensive art education. Her love for art rekindled, she signed up for every art class offered and took many, more than once. It wasn't until she was introduced to colored pencils in 1990 that Linda felt she'd connected with the medium she was "meant for.” Relying on her lengthy background in drawing, she developed and fine-tuned her own techniques of blending colored pencil to an almost paint-like quality.

The depth and breadth of her work as well as the level of color saturation and power that she has achieved with colored pencil gives one a new appreciation of how a medium can be exploited by a dedicated master. Renowned for her glorious paintings of fruit wrapped in diaphanous clear plastic, Linda is currently enjoying considerable attention for her remarkable skill. Not only has her work has been shown in more than 30 national and international exhibitions she has received an equal number of awards and honors. In 2008 Linda was named as one of the 10 Artists to watch by Southwest Art Magazine. Her articles and artwork have appeared in The "Artist's", "International Artist", The American Artist "DRAWING", "Southwest Art", "American Art Collector" and Northlight Magazines as well as International Artists Publishing, Inc. In 2007 she won the CIPPY Award and the EXXPY Award - the two highest awards given by the Colored Pencil Society of America. Linda has the distinction of being the only colored pencil artist to have won both awards. She is also the only colored pencil artist to have won the International Artists Magazines Grand Prize Award which she received in 2005." Linda is an Associate member of the International Guild of Realism, a five-year merit award recipient in the Colored Pencil Society of America, President of CPSA 215, the Dallas/Ft Worth District Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and enjoys membership in the Mt. Pleasant Texas Art Society. Linda currently lives in Omaha, TX with her husband of 36 years and Yorkshire Terrier's, Belle and Bazil. They have seven grown children and sixteen grandchildren. Linda has been teaching classes and workshops since 2000.

Artist’s Statement “My thought is that I am an entertainer at heart. Rather than choosing the performing arts to entertain, I've chosen the visual arts. Without a doubt, my genre is drama. Even though my choice of subject matter is diverse, consistently my drawings and paintings will show conflicting forces between light and dark. I am the director, my subject the actor and my paper the stage. My desire is to delight the eye by giving the viewer a lot to look at, rich in detail, rich in color and rich in expression. Without using words, without music and without being disturbed by movement, my actor commands attention. When the spotlight illuminates the actor, something in my painting will say, "Notice me. See how pretty the light says I am". I can't help but have an impassioned experience with each painting or drawing that I do because I love both my craft and my subject. I love being lost in the process, engaged in an affair that occupies me fully. My work and my pleasure is to share that love with you.”

--from the TAG Talk newsletter


This great lady is the best art teacher I have ever found. Her art is amazing in its color, clarity and drama and her ability to teach all ages is exemplary.

I have studied with Linda for 5 years and feel that I have grown exponentially and would not have accomplished what I have if not for Linda Lucas Hardy.

Posted by Helen Bailey at Sunday, January 31, 2010 08:33:32

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