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Art Careers
7th Circuit 2011 precedent in Visual Artists Rights Act case is ripe for U.S. Supreme Court review
Ann Hardy's website and profile
Art collectives explained
Best of the Art Biz Blog 2010
Career advice for artists resource page
Chapman Kelley Chapter 5
Chapman Kelley Chapter 6
CHAPMAN KELLEY: Observations
Chapter 10 of Chapman Kelley's Memoirs
Chapter 11 - Historical Memoirs by Chapman Kelley Important to Dallas' Art Scene Resolution
Chapter 12 - Historical Memoirs by Chapman Kelley
Chapter 2 - Historical Memoirs by Chapman Kelley Important to Dallas' Art Scene Resolution
Chapter 4 of painter Chapman Kelley's Memoirs
Chapter 9 of Chapman Kelley Memoirs
Chapters 7 & 8 - Historical Memoirs by Chapman Kelley
Creating and Marketing an Artist's Web Site
Creating Personal Marketing and PR Plans for Artists
Marketing and Buying Fine Art Online
New book: "I'd Rather Be in the Studio!" & book tour Mar. 29-30
Orphan Works Act of 2008 - update & Google role
Pricing artwork
Promoting Your Art Exhibit
Proposed Orphan Work Act imperils rights of artists
Reviews of What Color is Your Dream?
Selling Art Without Galleries
Selling Your Art Online: a Guide to Artist Websites, Online Galleries and Stores, and Auction Sites
Starting an Art Gallery
The Five Best Networking Sites to Help Promote Your Art
Working with Giclée prints

Classes / Workshops
CAC Summer Registration | Discounts | Half-Sessions+ More
"Coloring Outside the Lines" Workshop with Niki Gulley
"Playing with Color" Art Classes
Artist Books Workshops with Sheila Cunningham
Art Hotel Gallery Community Art Class and Exhibit
The Craft Guild of Dallas Summer 2011
"Art of the Book" Workshop Nov. 6-7
"Color Explosion" Painting Workshop Jan. 30
"Colored Pencil on Drafting Film" with Instructor Dorothy DePaul
"Composition: Understanding Visual Organization" Feb. 26 & 27
"Funny Bunnies" with Traci Hutton
"Loosening Up" painting workshop with Niki Gulley
"Love Your Life" Art Journaling Workshops by Nancy Standlee
"Playing with Color" Adult Art Classes with Niki Gulley
"Playing with Color" Adult art classes with Niki Gulley
"Playing with Color" Adult art classes with Niki Gulley
"Starving" to Successful workshop May 22 from Xanadu
"Under the Tent" Women's Art Classes
'Tis the Season for Paintouts!
2008 Classes & Workshops at Artists' Showplace
2013 Calligraphy Demos & Workshops from Kaligrafos
2013 Oil and Cotton Art Instruction
3-Day Yupo Workshop July 11 - 13
30th Anniversary Daniel Smith Celebration August 13-19
4 Day Life Drawing Marathon June 29 - July 2
Abiquiu Sketching workshop Aug. 4 - 10
Abstract Composition Workshop At The Bonny Studio June 26
Abstract Composition Workshop July 31 at the Bonny Studio
Abstract Painting Workshop with Tony Saladino
Abstract Watercolor Mini Class Wednesday, April 14th
Abstracting Nature Workshop Feb. 4-8
ACA presents Michael Windberg Oil Workshop Nov. 4-6
ACA Workshop for Pierce Feb. 7-9
ACA Workshops
ACAR offers free art recreation
Acrylic Painting Workshop by Frank Sowells Nov. 5
Adam Palmer Screen Print Workshop July 30 & 31
Add Sparkle and Bling Sept. 16 - 17
Adult Art Classes with Niki Gulley
Adult Art Classes with Niki Gulley
Adult Art Classes with Niki Gulley: “Playing with Color"
Adult Art Classes with Niki Gulley: “Playing with Color"
Adult Oil Painting Classes with Irma Ward
Adult Winter Break Camp - Dec. 27 - 30 - Day by day or all Four days!
Advanced Micro Forming Workshop Aug.27 - 29
Advanced Techniques for Stained Glass
Advanced Zentangle (Zen-Mandala) Class
Albert Handell Workshop March 16 - 18, 2012
All about the Amon Carter course in June
Alphabets & Envelopes Workshop March 4
Altered Art with artist VET June 7
Anderson watercolor workshop Sept. 11-15
Andy Evansen to present Plein Air Workshop in Oct.
Ann Kullberg Colored Pencil Workshop Mar. 1-3, 2012
Ann Winchester Life Drawing Workshop Mar. 26-27 in Weatherford
Announcing ART TREKS - Paris
Annual Workshop/Retreat - Antigua 2011
Another POSITIVE Critique Night at The Bonny Studio Aug 13
April & May Creative Classes
April workshops at the Alchemy Group
April workshops at The Encaustic Center
April’s Fools session with Lorelei Lee
APT Workshop: Market Your Art May 19
Argentium Granulation Workshop with Patricia Tschetter Oct. 6 & 7
Art & Journal Writing classes at A Creative Art Studio
Art + Social Practice: A Workshop for Educators; Nov. 28
Art Advocacy Day & workshop Feb. 10
Art After School @ SoDeVis Studio Galery in Frisco
Art Appraisal Workshop Sept. 13
Art Apprentice Online classes
Art Biz Lift Off Workshop Sept. 21 - 22 in Midland
Art Biz Workshops
Art Class for Children & Adults by Nelum Walpola
Art Classes and Workshops at A Creative Art Studio
Art Classes and Workshops at A Creative Art Studio
Art Classes at Mecca on Main (Aubrey)
Art classes for children in Hurst
Art Classes for September at Midtown Arts Academy
Art Destinations Trips for 2012
Art Explosion classes in Grand Prairie
Art Explosion: July 26-30
Art Expo Houston and Carter art workshops in July
Art Law workshop Feb. 12
Art of the Sketchbook - Eric Michaels Workshop
Art Presentation Lunch & Learn Sept. 10
Art programs for kids and teens in Irving
Art Retreats in Italy 2011
Art Teacher Professional Development Week at TCU
Art Treks & Holiday Hours
Art Treks - Tuscany - Plein Air Painting & Photo Workshop with Niki Gulley & Scott Williams
Art Workshop Guatemala July 20-29, 2008
Art Workshops at Fossil Rim / Wildlife photography opportunity
Art workshops at the Arboretum
Art Workshops in Italy by William Patterson
Art Workshops in Wimberley Tx
Art, technology leaders converge at UNT symposium Aug. 27 & 28
Artcycletx Open Lab Oct. 24
ARThouse classes start Nov. 5
Articrafters host Bras for Breast Cancer workshop Aug. 28
Artisan Summer 2008 Classes and Workshops
Artisan's Fall 2008 art instruction
Artisan's Fall 2011 Schedule of classes & workshops
Artisan's Fall 2012 Class Schedule
Artisan's hosts Ted Nuttall Workshop in Oct.
Artisan's Studio Classes & Workshops for Jan.-May 2010
Artisan's Studio-Gallery
ARTISAN'S STUDIO-GALLERY Fall 2010 Classes & Workshops
Artisans Winter-Spring classes & workshops
Artist Rights Workshop Feb. 8
Artist Trading Card Introduction & Workshop Sept. 19
Artist Trading Cards workshop
Artist's Material Expo in Santa Fe Sept. 13-15
Artists Showplace 2009 Reception & Workshops Schedule
Artists Websites for Dummies workshop July 21
Artists' Showplace offers workshops and ongoing classes
Artists' Showplace Workshops
Artists' Showplace Workshops Schedule launches
Artists’ Showplace Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 Workshops & Exhibits
ArtLoveMagic Artist Workshop Nov. 7
ArtLoveMagic Interactive Kids Workshop Nov. 10
Arts for Life Classes for Children
ArtVentures art classes
ArtVentures Studio
ArtVentures® Studio 2011-2012 Fall/Winter Schedule
ArtVentures® Studio 2012 Art for Childen
Asel Art Supply 2nd Annual Garage Sale & Art Materials Expo
Atkinson Watercolor Workshop in Waco Oct. 27
August & September Creative Classes from TXLAC
August 14 Anima Sola session featuring Alley De Rosas
August at the Encaustic Center
August Zentangle & Calligraphy Classes
Austin Art In Public Places, Artist Workshops
Autumn Printmaking Workshops from P.R.I.N.T. Press
Averill Colored Pencil Workshop Mar. 1&2
Barbara Jones: Summer One Day Still life Workshop Aug. 25
Barbara McConnell Worskhop coming Oct. 6-8
Barbara McFarland's Monday Night Class
Basic Collage workshop by Jane Jones Nov. 1-4
Basic One-Day Encaustic Workshop July 2 by Deanna Wood
Basic One-Day Encaustic Workshops with Deanna Wood
Beckwith watercolor workshop Apr. 21-23
Becky Parks announces additional Summer Session: Color
Becky Parks July oil class & workshop
Becky Parks light effects oil workshop June 14 & 15
Becky Parks oil classes at Lavendou
Becky Parks Oil Classes Oct.13 & Oct. 20
Becky Parks Oil demo Feb. 23 & workshop Feb. 26 & 27
Becky Parks Oil Painting instruction
Becky Parks oil painting workshop May 15
Becky Parks Plein Air Workshop Oct. 9
Becky Parks Saturday Arts Series at Lavendou
Becky Parks Summer Art Lesson Sessions
Becky Parks workshop on Value & Color Sept. 16 & 17
BECKY PARKS WORKSHOP: Getting the Light Effect into Your Paintings
Beginners Watercolor Classes by Jane E. Jones
Beginning Beadmaking Workshop July 30th & 31st
Beginning Metal Clay with Janet Alexander
Belto Encaustic Workshop Apr. 15-17
Betsy Dillard Stroud Workshop
Blair Currin Oil Workshop Feb. 26 & 27
Bob Rohm workshop Feb. 2 & 3
Bohlman Weekly Watercolor Class
Bonny Studio class special
Bostick at Ghost Ranch
Bostick Mosaic Workshop on Oct. 16 & 23
Bostick's Ghost Ranch Labor Day retreat/workshop
Bostick's Workshop at Ghost Ranch Oct 25-29 2008
Breaking Through a Creative Block Oct. 16
Broken Color Broken Light Workshop Jan. 15-17
Bronze and Polymer Pendant Workshop Feb. 27
Brotherton watercolor workshops
Bruce Peil Fall Workshops
Bruce Peil Spring Workshops
Building Momentum: Learn to Market & Sell Your Art workshop Nov. 10
Business card design and marketing workshop
Button it Up - Functional Beads with Nina "Sam" Hibler, Sun., Sept. 18
C. Michael Dudash painting workshop in Dallas this Fall!
CAC Spring Lecture Series begins April 17 with David Hickman
Caddo Lake Workshop with Jo Williams Oct. 9 - 12
CaFE entries workshop March 31
Call For Visual Art Venues: Art Groups/ Academic Institutions
Calligraphy Class - The Joy of Calligraphy
Calligraphy class at the Fort Worth Guild
Calligraphy Classes With Carol Measures Scott
Calligraphy for beginners
Calligraphy Newbie Workshop April 21
Carnival Art Trek, Venice, Italy with Niki Gulley & Scott Williams
Carnival Photo Workshop with Scott Williams
Carnival Photography Workshop - Venice, Italy Feb 6-13/2010
Carol Carter Watercolor Workshop in Denton
Carol Carter Watermedia Workshop June 23-25
Carol Fairlie Workshop in Denton, Jan. 9-11
Caroline Ratliff Summer One Day Pastel Workshop Aug. 18
Carpenter Pastel Workshop Aug. 26
Cartoon drawing class "Drawing Funny" starting in October in Allen, TX
Cathy’s Quarterly Creativity Retreat Day Aug. 18
Cecile Baird Colored Pencil Workshop April 29-30
Cecy Turner Oil and Watercolor Workshop Nov. 3-5
Cecy Turner Oil Painting Classes
Cecy Turner Oil Workshop March 2-3
Cecy Turner Watercolor & Oil Workshop in Amarillo
Cecy Turner watercolor demo Feb. 26 & workshop Feb. 27-29
Cecy Turner Watercolor Workshop Feb. 27 - 29
Cecy Turner workshop March 14 in Corsicana.
Cecy Turner workshops, demos & exhibits
Ceramics Classes for Adults and Children (Denton)
CGD presents "Etching: Imagery in Metals" with Carol Webb
Chang painting workshop Aug. 16
Charles Beneke at P.R.I.N.T Press
Charlotte Wharton Intuitive Portrait Workshop May 2-6
Chinese Brush Painting class by Lee DuBon
Chinese watercolor workshops July 1 and Aug. 7
Cindy Shepard's Stash and Smash Art Journal book & workshops
Cinque Terre & Lake Como, Italy Painting & Photography Workshop
Class on glass bead making & fused glass
Classes & workshops at Artisan's for 2008
Classes & workshops at Aurora Images in Allen
Classes & Workshops at Eclectic Expressions
Classes and Workshops at the Upstairs Gallery
Classes at Stamp Asylum
Classes at the Arboretum
Classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas
Classes at Visual Expressions Art School.
Classes at Wired Up Beads in Southlake, TX
Classical Drawing and Painting by William Patterson
Clay Master Class
Cloisonne Enamel with Patsy Croft Sept. 30 - Oct. 2
Collage & Recycled Art Sept. 8
Collage Art Workshop with Nancy Standlee July 21
Collage Workshop Apr. 26
Collage Workshop with Barbara McConnell
Collector Workshops new topics Jan. 11
Colley Whisson workshop Apr. 25 - 28
Color Safari Workshop Sept. 20-21
Color Theory Workshop by Dave Kramer
Color Woodcut Workshop by Nancy Palmeri
Color Workshop Mar. 21-25
Colored pencil workshop by Janie Gildow in March
Colors to Cocktails June lineup
Community art classes
Composing the Landscape: Michael O'Keefe Drawing Workshop
Composition Workshop with Michael O'Keefe Sept 15
Continuing Beadmaking July 9 & 10
Coulter workshops in Colored Pencil and Grisaille May 15-17
Craft Guild of Dallas Fall Session
Craft Guild of Dallas winter & spring sessions
Craft Guild Spring classes & workshops
Craft Guild Summer Session II
Craft Guild Upcoming Workshops
Craft Guild upcoming workshops
Crafting from the Collection at the Amon Carter April 8
Crafting from the Collection June 3
Creating the Independent Artist
Creative Art Journaling with Nancy Standlee Nov. 6 - 8
CREATIVE ARTS CENTER announces Fall classes & workshops
CREATIVE ARTS CENTER announces Summer Art Classes & Workshops
Creative Arts Center Creativity Sampler - find your media
Creative Arts Center of Dallas summer classes
Creative Arts Studio classes for children in Bedford
Creative Classes at the Dallas Arboretum
Creative Studio Miniature WC & Collage Jan. 13
Creative Studio Night and Zentangle classes coming up
Creative Studio Night workshop: PHOTO FOLIO - JANUARY 12
Creative Studio Night: Suede Paper Nov. 10
Creative Studio Nights begins June 10
Creativity Workshop begins Sept. 4
Critique class by Johnson & Brouillette starting Mar. 21
Crop parties celebrate National Scrapbooking Day on May 6, 2006
Cynthia Padilla classes: Fashion Sketching and Drawing for Art Lovers
DADA Fall Panel Discussions for Artists Announced
DADA Panel Discussions Sept. 25
DAFA Hosts Mixed Media Artist Lisa Renner Sept. 19
Dallas Contemporary Collector Workshops start Dec. 7
Dallas Contemporary workshop "Taking It to the Streets"
Dallas Contemporary Workshops for Artists
Dallas Contemporary's Come DREAM with family + friends
Dallas Figure Drawing Sessions start Sept. 19
Dancing Paint 101: Abstract Art Workshop
Dancing Paint Workshops in March
Darla Bostick Workshop in Abiquiu Sept. 5-10
Darla Bostick's Exhibit & Ghost Ranch workshop
Darlene Domel classes at Stamp Asylum July 16
David Huang Vessel Surface Metalsmithing Workshops Jan. 21-30
David Terry Painting Workshop in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Oct. 11-22, 2011
David Terry Workshop in Greece May 2011
Day of the Dead Workshops!
Dealing with Galleries and other SMU art offerings
Deanna Wood Encaustic Workshops
December Classes at Googly Eyes
Delft Clay Casting with Jurgen Maerz Jan. 6
Denton's Summer Arts Camp starts June 15
Desmond O'Hagan oil/pastel workshop - Update: rescheduled
Digital Photography / Photoshop Workshop by Dave Kramer
Digital Prep for Artists classes
Dina Gregory Pastel Workshop Sept. 29
Dinner with Connie Furgason and a Watercolor/Lettering Project May 19
Discussions for Artists: Residencies/Juried Shows
Don Mullins Figure Painting Class starts Jan. 11
Don Mullins Figure Painting Workshop Mar. 30 - Apr. 1
Donna Watson Personal Expression Workshop Oct. 19 - 21
Doris Vasek Watercolor classes in Rockwall
Doug Walton Watermedia Workshop Oct. 29 - Nov. 2
Doug Walton workshops at Upstairs Gallery
Doug Walton workshops at Upstairs Gallery
Dr. Sketchy Dallas February 13th session featuring Hollis Wakefield
Dr. Sketchy Dallas October session featuring Angela Ryan
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School June session with Melissa Meaow
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School November 4th session with Lula Houp-Garou
Dr. Sketchy's April Cavewoman edition w/Flossie Carmichael
Dr. Sketchy's March Circus Sideshow edition with Ruc the Tattooed Queen Mar. 6
Dr.Sketchy's Dallas: December 4th Holiday session w/ Marilyn Monrouge
Draw 'til Dusk free workshop July 12
Draw 'til Dusk on Sept. 8
Drawing & Painting Classes in McKinney
Drawing Session with Michael O'Keefe March 12th at the Bonny Studio!
Drawing Workshop April 30 - May 1
Earth to Art August classes
Earth to Art classes in clay & glass
Earth to Art Summer Classes
Elizabeth Padgett Workshop June 25
Elm Street Studio Fall Classes in Keller
Embellished tags workshop Jan. 31; preview Jan. 10
En Plein Air Painting Workshop at the Heard Craig Center for the Arts brings Impressionist Tradition to McKinney
Encaustic Center June Schedule
Encaustic Center Workshops for February & March
Encaustic Center Workshops June 18 & June/July Schedule
Encaustic Center's July and August schedule including workshops, workdays and classes!
Encaustic Class June 6
Encaustic classes
Encaustic Painting Workshops by Deanna Wood
Encaustic wax workshop Apr. 18
Encaustic workshop Apr. 25 & May 30
Encaustic Workshop Feb. 25
Encaustic workshop May 2 & Encaustic Center Grand Opening May 15
Encaustic Workshop October 27 by Junanne Peck
Encaustic workshops in March
Encaustic workshops July 18 & Aug. 22
Encaustic workshops May 28-June 30
Encaustics with Junanne Peck May 20
Encaustics Workshop by Junanne Peck Jan. 28 & 29 (Free demonstration!)
Encaustics Workshop by Junanne Peck March 12-15 (Free demonstration!)
End of Summer Classes & Workshops, Fall Registration Open!
Esterita Austin Quilt Workshop Dec. 1 - 3
Etching Workshop Presented by Carter Scaggs
Exciting Options at The Encaustic Center through September!
Experimental Collage Workshop with Maureen Brouillette Oct. 6 & 7
Fabri-Sculpt Workshop
Fabric arts workshops at Oil and Cotton
Fall 2006 Workshops and Classes
Fall 2007 Classes and Workshops
Fall 2008 Classes and Workshops
Fall 2009 Classes and Workshops
Fall 2010 Classes and Workshops
Fall 2012 Classes at Upstairs Gallery
Fall Acrylic Classes with Maureen Brouillette
Fall Chinese Painting Classes & Workshop
Fall Classes at Monart School of Art - Keller
Fall classes at Studio 2600
Fall Drawing and Painting Workshop in Provence! September 24 - October 1
Fall Schedule for Yellow Rose Chapter Dallas
Fantastic Yupo Workshop April 14
Fast & Loose acrylic painting classes
Fast & Loose Painting Weekend - March 31 & April 1
Fast and Loose Painting Class by Maureen Brouillette
Faulknor & Magallanes watercolor workshop Aug. 2-6
Faulknor workshop Mar. 27 - 30
Feb 24 - Fundraising Seminar for Nonprofits
Feb. 12-16 Perrin Sparks Workshop
February Creative Classes from TxLAC
February Valentines special with Flossie Carmichael
Fiber Art Workshop Series at the CAC in Bonham
Fiber Painting Workshop Aug. 11
Field Sketching Workshop
Figurative Sculpture Workshop with Michael O'Keefe at Bonny Studio! 3/27
Figurative Sculpture Workshop with Michael O'Keefe at The Bonny Studio!
Figurative Sculpture Workshop with Michael O'Keefe Sept. 18
Figure Drawing on Tuesdays
Figure Drawing Session and Special Lecture with Michael O'Keefe April 30
Figure Drawing with Michael O'Keefe Jan.21
Figure Drawing with Michael O'Keefe May 19
Figure Drawing with Michael O'Keefe Saturday, July 16th 1:00 to 4:00
Figure Drawing Workshop Nov. 22
Figure Drawing workshops at the SOFA
Figure Photography Workshop
Flanagan oil workshop Sept. 11-12
Flat Brush Florals class starts April 5
Flower Workshop at Artisan's - dates revised
Fold-Forming I - Metalworking Workshop Aug. 13
Forming Workshop Dec. 10 & 11 with Jayne Redman
Found Punk Garden Pin or Pendant with Christi Friesen
Francese Watercolor Workshop July 20-22
Francese Workshop Nov. 18 - 19
Francese Workshop Oct. 22-24
Francois Arenas August Oil Workshops
Francys Flanagan Oil Workshop rescheduled for June 5-7
Frank Francese Fabulous Color Watercolor Workshop
Frank Francese Watercolor Workshop
Free Art Cards Workshop Sept. 20
Free Art Classes in Irving - sign up now!
Free Art Law workshop Nov. 11
Free Art Trading Cards workshop May 17
Free ATC Workshop in Lewisville Mar. 15
Free ATC workshops offered by VAL
Free Basic Art Classes for 2013 in Irving
Free Basic Art Classes in Drawing, Watercolor, Oil & Calligraphy
Free basic art classes in Irving
Free Basic Calligraphy Classes in February
Free basic classes in drawing, watercolor, oil & calligraphy
Free basic classes in drawing, watercolor, oil & calligraphy
Free basic classes in drawing, watercolor, oil & calligraphy
Free basic classes in drawing, watercolor, oil & calligraphy
Free basic classes in drawing, watercolor, oil & calligraphy
Free Basic Classes in Drawing, Watercolor, Oil & Calligraphy
Free class at the Stamp Asylum
FREE Connie Jordan "Selling with Passion" Workshop Jan. 19
Free fundraising workshop Nov. 1
Free oriental painting class Jan. 13
Free Suminagashi Marbling Workshop June 26 in Irving
Free summer art camp at the LCC
Free your creative spirit with Artist Way class
Fresh Paint Workshops by Misty Oliver-Foster
Friday Night Lights and Shadows
Frisco arts camp July 7-25
From Making Art to the Business of Art
Fuji Images and Emulsion Transfers with Sheila Cunningham
Fused Glass and Stained Glass Classes
Fused Glass classes at La Hoya Glass Artists
Fused Glass Jewelry Oct. 15
Fused Glass Jewelry Sept. 17
Fused Glass Tiles workshop Aug. 6
Fused Glass workshops from Larry Pile (AKA Kessler Craftsman)
Fusing Intensive and Slab Glass Workshops in June
FWCAC's Texas Artists Coalition workshops & Plein Air group
Gail Ayres & Judy Coffey workshops
Gallery Talk Back on Ben Shahn Aug. 9
Gelfert Oil Workshop on June 24
Getting into Art Education – 10 Schools in the DFW Area
Ghost Ranch Art Retreat/Workshop at Abiquiu, NM
Giving Glass a Voice by Jeff Barber Jan. 27-29
Glass and Inclusions Workshop at Wired Up Beads in Southlake, TX
Glass Mosaic Class Aug. 30 at Anthologies
Glass Play Day Oct. 25
Gocco print & diy screen printing workshop Nov. 15
Going Digital workshop Oct. 20
Googly Eyes crafty classes
Googly Eyes September Classes
Googly Eyes’ June Classes
Gregory Beck Figurative Sculpture Workshop - 3 & 5 days June - September
Gregory Beck Figurative Workshop Updates
Gregory Beck July & August Figurative Sculpture Workshops
Gregory Beck September Sculpture Workshops
Gregory Pastels workshop Feb. 19
Guide to Art Instruction at Galleries, Art Schools, Artist Studios and Arts & Crafts Stores
Gulley teaches Playing with Color
Guy Faulkenberry Workshop July 26-29
Hammer Engraving Workshop Aug. 30 - Sept. 2
Handbuilding Functional Pots workshop Aug. 1
Harold Frontz Oil Workshop Sept. 17-21
Harrington Acrylic Workshop Mar. 12-15
HCAF Fall Workshops in Ingram
HCAF Workshops in Ingram
Head and Figure Drawing Workshop; September 10 and 11 at The Bonny Studio
Head Sculpture Workshop with Michael O'Keefe Jan. 27
Heritage America Art Workshops in Jefferson
Hill Country Exhibits & Workshops for Winter
Hill Country workshops
Hit the Streets with Dallas Contemporary
Hollow Beads Class with Ginny Hampton Schmidt
Horsing Around with Colored Pencil Oct. 18-19
Hot Glass Workshop Series at the CAC starts Oct. 18th
House of Colors Gallery - Valentine.
How to Finish a Painting Workshop
How to Market Your ART in 2010!
IAA Summer Workshops in Drawing and Scratchboard
Illuminated Decorated Capitals - June 9th
India ink & watercolor class Jan. 16 by Naomi Brotherton
Intermediate encaustic workshop "Smooth and Patterned" Sat., Nov, 20th with Bonny
Introduction to Encaustics with Junanne Peck Aug. 25
Introduction to Watercolor taught by Jane Goldman
Intuitive Responsive Painting Workshop May 7
Irma Ward Color Theory Workshop June 13
Iron Horse Artistic Retreat offers workshops & workshop space
Italic workshop Nov. 8 & 9
Italic-Hand Lettering Course Begins FEB 1st
James Humphrey Watercolor Seminar
James Spurlock workshops in March 2010
Jan Fabian Wallake workshop Sept. 22-25 in Granbury
Jan. & Feb. ZENTANGLE® Classes & Workshops
Jane E. Jones Watermedia Classes
Jane E. Jones Workshop: How To Use Design Language
Jane E. Jones workshops
Jane E. Jones Workshops and Critiques
Jane Jones 2013 Critique and Workshop Schedule
Jane Jones Color Workshop Oct. 21-23
Jane Jones Experimental Watermedia Workshop Feb. 5-7
Janet Rogers Workshop Sept. 16 - 18
Janet Takahashi's Secrets Of The Artful Journal Sketchbook A-Z
Janet Walsh watercolor workshop Apr. 19-21
Janet Walsh Workshop April 10-13
Janice Hamilton Oil & Pastel Workshop - Ingram, Texas
January & February at The Encaustic Center; special workshop notice and more!
January & February workshops at the Encaustic Center
January 2013 Texas Photo Classes
January at the Alchemy Group
Jason Mayr Workhop Sept. 18
Jayne Redman "Making Multiples" Workshop hosted by The Craft Guild
JC Harrell Glass Workshops in September at the Craft Guild
Jewelry workshop with Chris Nelson Nov. 30 - Dec. 2
Jill Carver Plein Air Workshop "Architecture in the Landscape"
Jim Humphrey Oil Class
Jo Moncrief Color and Textures Acrylic Workshop Jan. 26-27
Joel Sampson Digital Photography Workshop May 23-25
Joel Sampson Photo Workshop
John Marin at the Amon Carter: opening and workshop
John Potoschnik's Oil Workshop Oct. 28-30
Join National Geographic Traveler photographer Michael Melford
Joy of Calligraphy Classes
Joyce Hicks Watercolor Workshop April 16 - 20
Judi Betts Watercolor Workshop March 8-12, 2010
Judi Betts Watercolor Workshop Sept. 18-20
Judi Betts: More Fun and Creativity with Watercolor
Judith Carducci Portrait Workshop Jan. 26 - 30
Judith Carducci portrait workshop Jan. 5-9, 2011
Judy Gelfert Oil Painting Workshop Oct. 1 & 2
Judy Gelfert Oil Workshop July 14 & 15
Judy Gelfert Oil Workshop Sept. 19 - 21
Judy Mason's Workshop: Incorporating the Human Form Into An Abstract Painting
July One Day Watercolor Workshops
July & August at the Latino Cultural Center
July Classes at the Upstairs Gallery
Junanne Peck demo & workshop on Monotypes with a Pin Press & Akua Inks‏
Junanne Peck Monotype Workshops in April
June Creative Classes with
June Gigante Spectacularrrrrrrrr período de sesiones con Lucha Delores
June Zentangle and Creative Studio Night classes
Juneanne Peck classes for kids & adults at Eclectic Expressions
Kaligrafos Fabric Collage Workshop June 11 - 12
Kaligrafos Play Day June 13
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society Newbie Workshop
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society Newbie Workshop "Perspectives in Design"
Karen Cope Portrait Sculpting Apr. 9 & 10
Kat drawing & painting classes at ilume
Kaye Franklin Pastel Workshop Nov. 6-8
Kaye Franklin Pastel Workshop Nov. 6-9
Keiko Tanabe Workshop Mar. 13 - 15
Ken Hosmer workshop in Marshall May 8-12
Kenneth Porter Acrylic Classes
Kent Wallis Oil Workshop - rescheduled; Becky Parks Oil Workshop
Kent Wallis oil workshop February 2010
Kent Wallis Oil Workshop Nov. 9-11
Kessler Craftsman classes and events
Kessler Craftsman news
Kessler glass classes in August
Kicking Off the New Year with a Bronze and Copper Clay Workshop
Kids Korner — Saturday Workshops, Spring Break and Summer Camps
KidsArts Saturday School starts Oct. 7 in Irving
Koay Chinese Painting Classes
Kochan Acrylic Workshop Jan. 12-14
Kochan Yupo & Betsy Dillard Stroud workshops at Artisans
Koo Schadler Egg Tempera Painting Workshop May 23 - 27, 2011
Lakeview workshops Sept. 17 - 19
Landscape Painting Workshop with Niki Gulley Feb. 4
Laura Parks Creativity workshops Aug. 5 & 12
Laurie Doctor workshop March 8-9
Leaded Stained Glass Class starts Oct. 26
Learn calligraphy Mar. 28
Learn to draw this summer with Beverly Fuqua
Learn Zentangle in December
Learning to draw with Beverly Fuqua
Learning to Draw Workshops by Beverly Fuqua - Deadline to sign up now!
Learning to use your Camera
Leland Collage Workshop Mar. 22-25 plus bonus day
Leslie Frontz Watercolor:A Fresh Start Workshop
Leslie Talty watercolor classes in Hurst
LGAA fall workshops: Lana Grow & Nita Leland
LGAA workshops by Sitts & Carr
Life Drawing at the Artist's Loft with Debra Linker
Life Drawing Saturday Seminars
Life Drawing with Colleen Bozarth
Linda Arbuckle Majolica workshop Oct. 1-2
Linda Lucas Hardy colored pencil demo Apr. 28 & workshop May 7-9
Love Shrine Workshop
Lowrey Watercolor Workshops
LuminArte Hosts Paper for Water Origami Workshop Oct. 5
MacLaughlin Basic Figure Drawing June 23 & 24
Mahto Hogue "How to Draw a Portrait" July 30 & 31
Make a Plate Workshop
Make a Plate Workshop Sept. 10
Make Shop & Studio January Classes
Make Shop & Studio Summer Classes + Camps
Make Studio & Shop Classes, Summer Camps and Project Make!
Make your own Valentines
Mar. 26-27 workshop on Architectural Drawing & Painting
Marbling Workshop April 15
March Creative Classes from TxLAC
March Workshops at the Upstairs Gallery
Marie Renfro demo Mar. 29 & workshop Mar. 30 - Apr. 1
Marileigh Schulte oil figure workshop in March
Marilyn Bourbon workshop Oct. 27
Mark Mehaffey Workshop
Mary Ann Beckwith Workshop May 3 - 7
Mary Treadwell Watercolor Workshop & Classes
Maureen Brouillette acyrlic & mixed media
Maureen Brouillette Art Classes
Maureen Brouillette classes: Acrylic Painting Escapes
Maureen Brouillette Experimental Collage Weekend - Feb 25 & 26
May Comic Book Pinup session with Taffeta Darling May 6
May Creative Classes: Encaustic, Italic, Silk Painting, Zentangle
May events with special coupon at The Encaustic Center!
May lectures at the Amon Carter Museum
May Workshops at Oil & Cotton
McCracken's "Tips From A Pro" Dec. 8
McFarland classes at Eclectic Expressions
McKinney Artist and Writer Named to Ghost Ranch 2012 Teaching Staff
Meding Framing and Matting seminar Sept. 16
Mehaffey workshop Feb. 21 - 23
Memoryware Mosaic Workshop Apr. 12
Mentler Akron Drawing Workshop‏ Dec. 1-3
Mentler Carmel Drawing Workshops
Mentler Colorado Drawing Workshop June 10 - 12
Mentler Tuesday & Thrusday Portrait Sessions
Mentler's Figure & Form Workshop in Colorado Springs
Merry-Lee Rae workshop May 18-21 on Cloisonne enameling
Metal clay & italic calligraphy classes
Metal Sculpture Workshop July 12 - 13

Michael Chesley Johnson Oil Workshop Oct. 18-20, 2010
Michael Mentler's Figure & Form starts Jan. 8, 2013
Michael O'keefe "Drawing from Life - a Hard Look at the Basics" June 26-27
Michelle Van Etten scrapbooking classes this weekend
Microwave Glass Collages
Mike Mahon workshop in June - reminder
Mike Schroeder drawing & painting lessons
Mixed Media Collage with Maureen Brouillette
Mixed Media Collage Workshop with Maureen Brouillette Oct. 19-21
Mixed media workshop March 7
Mixed media workshops with Maureen Brouillette
Monday Night Oil Painting Class in Irving
Monoline Magic Feb. 10
Monotype Workshop at P.R.I.N.T. February 27-28
Monotypes Workshop Dec. 4 with Junanne Peck
Montague Institute of Art's Spring Art Workshop Schedule
Mosaic Workshop Oct. 1 & 4
Moya & Richardson workshops: drawing, still life, portraits & landscapes
Nancy Medina Floral Oil Workshops
Nancy Medina's Painting Flowers in Oils Workshops
Nancy Medina’s Painting Flowers in Oils Workshops
Nat GeoTraveler photo seminar Jan. 27
Nature Sketching Excursion – Antigua
Nature Walk and Sculpture Creation Nov. 17
NEED TO KNOW: About Art Law - FREE workshop Nov. 15
Needle Felted Surface Embellishment June 13
Netherwood workshop Apr. 4 & 5
New Classes at Mecca on Main!
New classes in Acrylic & Colored Pencil at Ecletic Expressions by Amanda Hutchison
New Day & Time for Playing with Color
New Studio Offers Painting and Glass Classes in Denton, Tx
Newbie Calligraphy Workshop Jan. 15
North Texas Woodcarvers Rally Sept. 26 - 30
Nov-Dec Zentangle
Nov.-Dec. Workshops at A Creative Art Studio
Nuno Felting at the Craft Guild
O'Keefe Figure Drawing Workshop May 21 & 22
October and November at The Encaustic Center
October Happenings at The Encaustic Center
October Workshop With Joyce Faulknor
October Workshops at The Craft Guild!
Oestreich: Soda Firing ceramics workshop Jan. 26 - 29, 2012
Oil & Cotton August Workshops & Kids Summer Camps
Oil & Cotton classes: Figure Drawinng & Printmaking
Oil & Cotton July Workshops & Kids Summer Camps
Oil & Cotton June Workshops & Camps
Oil & Cotton November Workshops & Events
Oil & drawing classes at 1330 Studio
Oil classes at the Pay Waymon Gallery in Hurst
Oil Painting classes in the Impressionistic Style with Judy Gelfert
Oil Painting Classes with Bonny
Oil Painting for the Very Beginner
Oil Painting Workshop with Judy Gelfert July 23 & 24
Oil Workshop by Janice Hamilton Oct.28-29-30
Old Masters Techniques taught by Lap Ngo
Olivette Hubler Oil demo Oct. 28 & workshop Oct. 29 & 30
Olivette Hubler Still Life Class March 9
On Location with Tina Bohlman: Taking Your Art To The Next Level!
On-going classes in Encaustic Wax Painting!
On-going encaustic wax classes
One Day Polyester Plate Workshop presented by Veronica Ceci
Online Art Instruction Guide
Open call - Residency in Tuscany
Oriental Art Workshops from TAO
Oriental Brush Painting Classes
Oriental painting workshop July 26
Oriental painting workshop Mar. 7 - 9
Oriental watercolor fall 2009 classes
Orientals Artists fall events and classes
Our Winter Class Schedule is Available!
OXIDE TEACHES - Jewelry & Cartoon Drawing
P.R.I.N.T. Announces Mezzotint Workshop by Lari Gibbons
P.R.I.N.T. offers Color Woodcut Printmaking Workshop presented by Nancy Palmeri
P.R.I.N.T. Press workshops
PAA Artwork Preparation and Zentangle Workshops
Padilla demos & workshop for SWA
Padilla workshop in Guatemala July 22-31
Padilla workshops at the DMA & the FW Botanic Garden
Paint-ins in Mesquite on 2nd Monday
Painting & Photo Workshop deadlines this week
Painting Along the Garden Path workshop May 21-22
Painting and Photography Workshop in Venice, Italy
Painting Classes at The Bonny Studio
Painting Classes with Bonny
Painting From The Masters (All Mediums)
Painting Night Scenes workshop Nov. 15
Painting on Silk Dec. 18
Painting the Forest: Natures Bounty An Outdoor Painting Workshop and Retreat
Painting the Light: Watercolor Workshop with Nel Byrd
Painting with Drama with Peter Quaid June 21 - 23
Palette Knife Painting Seminar Jan. 12 & 19
Paper Cowgirl Altered Art Retreat June 26-27
Paper Cowgirl classes Oct. 3
Paper Lanterns workshop Oct. 25
Paper Nerds: workshops and conservation
Paper Planet January classes
Paper Sculptures workshop Jan. 31 by Paper Nerds
Pastel Society of the Southwest 2012 Workshop
Pastel Workshops by Dina Gregory
Paul Jackson Watercolor Portrait Workshop May 2-5
Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop June 19-21
Paul Jackson workshop Mar. 18-20
Perrin Sparks Workshop
Photographing Your Art Sept. 16
Photography Class / Dallas Arboretum
Photography Instruction from Creative Concept Studios
Photography lessons from Trugeman
Photopolymer Plate Workshop
Photoshop community courses
Photoshop Elements workshop in June
Photoshop Workday Jan. 24
Playing with Color - Adult Art Classes
Playing with Color Classes
Plein Air in Venice!
Plein Air Painting & Photo Workshop in Greece
Plein Air Painting & Photo Workshop in Santa Fe
Plein Air Painting Antigua Mar. 6-15
Plein Air Painting or Photography Workshop - Santa Fe, NM
Plein Air Painting Workshop - Dallas Arboretum & White Rock Lake
PMC & Fused Glass Jewelry Worskhop Apr. 12
PMC Ring Workshop at The Alchemy Group in Arlington, TX
Polymer Clay workshop Oct. 24-25
Pop-up Book Workshop for Teachers Aug. 2
Portals To Creativity Workshop
Portrait & Figure Sessions at SOFA
Pottery Throwing Camp for Kids
Prima Acrylic Album Design Workshop Jan. 31
Printmaking Saturdays June 18 & 25
Printmaking Workshop with Junanne Peck Nov. 24 CANCELLED
Printmaking Workshop with Junanne Peck‏ Sept 22
Priscilla Krejci Workshop Sept. 25-26
RCAS Spring 2009 workshops
Rebecca Crowell Workshop Aug. 2-4
Recycled Mixed Media Workshop Nov. 10
Register for Art+Spirit - free sessions
Relaxing Saturday Art Classes at Lavendou with Becky Parks
Renaissance Painting Methods for Contemporary Painters Aug. 18-20
Retreat to Sedona in April!
Ric Dentinger Watercolor Workshop June 8 - 10
Robert Hagan Western/Figure Painting Workshop Jan. 22 - 24, 2013
Roxanne Jarvis workshop Oct. 18-19
Rusty Jones Plein Air Workshop Oct. 25-27
Sambararo book signing & critique session Sept. 5
San Miguel De Allende Workshop Mar. 17 - 24
Santa Fe Art Trek
Santa's Workshops at Oil and Cotton
Sarah Justison classes at Stamp Asylum Jan. 12
Saturday Kids Workshops Feb. 18 & 25
Saturday, August 21 from 9 am - 3 pm: Designing a Mural, Making a Community
Schindler Oil Workshop Oct. 30 & 31
Sculpture Workshop: The Head with Michael O'Keefe Feb. 12
September Creative Classes & Zentangle Workshops
Shankin pottery workshop Jan. 24-28 at the Craft Guild
Shell Forming Techniques for Jewelry Workshop April 13-15
Sign up Mar. 21 for Tim Holz Workshops on Apr. 21-22
Silk Painting - Creative Studio Night Dec. 1
Silk Painting Workshop in May by Roberta Ferguson
Silver Point Drawing Workshop Oct. 24 and Nov. 1
SiNaCa Studios July Glass events
SOFA life drawing
SOFA life drawing summer special
Sofey Acrylic Landscape Workshop Feb. 28
Soon Warren watercolor workshop Nov. 5
Soon Y Warren Watercolor Workshop Apr. 17-19 -- Sign up online!
Soon Y Warren Watercolor Workshop July 24, 25, & 26
Soon Y. Warren Workshop June 11-15
South Dallas Cultural Center Summer 2008 classes
Southwestern Watercolor Society 2011-11 Workshop Schedule
Special Mini Intro at the Encaustic Center and May Schedule!
Special SWA Workshop: “How to Organize and Manage Your Art”
Special: Kate Burridge Art Marketing Workshop April 9 - only $10
Spend Your Summer at the Craft Guild
Sponsor a young artist at Palmer Arts Village in Arlington
Spontaneous Combustion Oct. 20-21
Spontaneous Combustion Workshop Apr. 17 & 18
Spontaneous Combustion workshop Oct. 19-21
Spring 2009 Classes and Workshops
Spring 2010 Classes and Workshops
Spring 2011 Classes and Workshops
Spring Break Art Camps at Oil & Cotton
Stained Glass and Drawing Animals classes
Stained glass and painting classes in Denton
Stained Glass Class starts Sept. 14
Stained Glass Classes & Encaustic Monotypes Workshop (Denton)
Stamp Asylum classes for May & June
Stamp Asylum Fall 2009 classes
Sterling Edwards watercolor workshop July 12 - 16
Still Life One Day Workshop Feb. 10
Still Life Painting Workshop
Stroud workshop May 14-16 & Studio Tour at Artisan's Apr. 25-26
Suminagashi Marbling Workshop July 23
Summer 2007 Classes & Workshops
Summer 2008 Classes and Workshops
Summer 2009 Classes and Workshops
Summer 2010 Classes and Workshops
Summer 2011 Classes & Workshops
Summer 2011 watermedia classes at Artisan's Studio-Gallery
Summer Art Camp at the Craft Guild of Dallas
Summer Camp for Kids! Registration Open
Summer Camps At The Firehouse Gallery July 18 - 22 & Aug. 1 - 5
Summer classes at Artisan's
Surrealistic and abstract effects with imagery workshop, Feb. 26
SWA offers Eric Wiegardt Workshop Oct. 18-20 CANCELLED
SWS Fall 2012 Workshops
SWS Paint Out in Granbury Oct. 22-24
SWS Paintout in Salado Apr. 27-29
SWS workshops a great opportunity to learn!
SWS workshops for Spring 2011: Melancon and Pokrasso
Symposium on Latin American Art History Sept. 17
TAC Life Drawing Sessions
TAC workshops
TAC Workshops and Plein Air Group
TAC workshops for July & August
TAC workshops for November
TAC workshops for Sept & Oct
TAG Workshops in portrait drawing & painting
Tangle on Saturday - Lunch included
Tangle Time on Dec. 29
Tangled & Textured Art Paper Aug. 4 & 5
TAO ARTS Workshops & Events for 2010
TAO Brush Painting Workshops - updated
Taos painting seminar
Teacher's Workshop Denton June 21
Ted Nuttall watercolor workshop Mar. 14-18, 2011
Ted Nuttall watercolor workshop Sept. 22 - 25
Texas Artists Coalition August Workshops
Texas Artists Coalition news
Textured Letters Workshop Mar. 8 & 9; Calligraphy exhibit in Irving
The Art of Repousse - Metal Embossing 101
The Art of the Botanical classes
The Artists' Materials EXPO to be in Santa Fe Sept. 17-20
The Bonny Studio
The Bonny Studio -- Explore, Engage, Create!
The Business Side of Art Series begins Jan. 25
The Business Side of Art Series: The Ins and Outs of Giclées and Licensing Your Work
The Creative Art Center's New Spring Classes and Workshops!
The Encaustic Center proudly announces Sundays with Brett Dyer
The Expressive Figure in Clay class
The Fundamentals of Art Workshop by Chuck Gilliam
The Great Big Fantastic Yupo Workshop! Sat., Sept. 25
The Masters series at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas
The Maximum Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tour March 6
Thompson Screenprint Workshop Oct. 9-10
Three Day Encaustic Workshop with Miles Conrad Oct. 8, 9 and 10th
Thriving Minds June 7 - July 2
Thursday acrylic classes with Maureen Brouillette
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Artist Workshop July 14
Tom Lynch Watercolor Secrets Workshop
Tom Lynch Workshop Series at Asel March 1-4
Tom Lynch workshops at Asel Mar. 14-19, 2007
Tom Schaller Watercolor Workshop Oct. 22-25
Tony Saladino Critique Session
Tony Saladino Critique Sessions
Tony Saladino demo Jan. 26 & workshop Mar. 20
Torn Collage Workshop by Nancy Standlee June 2
Torn Paper Collage July 27 in Lubbock
Traci Hutton Cats & Bats Workshop Oct. 27
Trading Cards free workshop July 19
Traditions Art Education Curriculum
Traditions Paint seminar and workshops
Tres Milagros community mosaic workshop & talk
TSOFA classes
TSoFA Drawing & Painting Sessions
TSoFA Sessions Dec. 1 & 8
TSOFA Weekend Drawing Workshop
Turner oil classes
Turner workshop at Palo Duro Oct. 20-21
Tuscany Art Trek with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams
Tuscany Painting & Photography Workshop - Register by April 9th
TVAA Programs: Life Drawing And Plein Aire Painting
TWIGS Artist Software Workshop Nov. 3 - CANCELLED
Two Day Screenprint Workshop by Lynwood Kreneck Nov.7-8
Upcoming Workshops at the Craft Guild
Upcoming Workshops from WAA
UpStairs Gallery Fall Classes & Workshops
Upstairs Gallery Fall Workshops
Upstairs Gallery Summer 2011 classes
Upstairs Gallery Summer 2012 Classes
VAL artist Caperton Drawing Class
Valentine Art Workshops
Vangalis -- Free basic calligraphy class & exhibit in March
VAST Printmaking Workshop Jan. 6-8
VAST workshop July 24-26 with Kathy Liontas-Warren
Vaughan Plein Air Workshop
Vern Johnson Abstract Painting Class starts Wednesday
Vernon & Muezenmayer workshops Feb. 12-16 at Artists' Showplace
Vickie Howell leads free crafting program at Amon Carter Museum
Visual Art League of Lewisville ATC Workshop For The Troops May 14
Visual Art League of Lewisville Plein Air Workshop June 12
Visual Expressions Creative Art School art sessions & Paint from Life
Visual Expressions Creative Arts School
Visual Expressions New Art Sessions Starting October 27th
Walton workshop Sept. 18-22 in Marshall
Watercolor field sketching
Wax painting Nov. class special
Weekly Classes & Painting Groups at TAG
What's happening this fall at P.R.I.N.T Press?
Who Arted??? E Gallery Studios BYOB $30 Paint Class
Wimberley Artist Workshop with Julie Chapman November 5-7, 2012
Wimberley workshops: Anne Blair Brown & Michelle Torrez
Wimberley workshops: Morrison & Spooner
Winter 2008-2009 Classes and Workshops
Winter 2009-2010 Classes and Workshops
Winter 2010-2011 Classes and Workshops
Winter Break Kids Camp
Winter-Spring 2007 Workshops and Classes
Winter-Spring 2008 Classes and Workshops
Winter-Spring Classes at Artisan's Studio
Working with Wire with Mary Lee Hu Jan. 21-25 at the Craft Guild
Workshop for the arts on copyright law April 5th
Workshop on publicity for artists
Workshop schedule for spring/summer
Workshop schedule for summer
Workshop/Retreat - Antigua Fall '11: OCT 27 - NOV 5
Workshops and classes at Aurora Images, Allen
Workshops at the Fredericksburg Good Art Company
Xandra Zamora workshops on Pointed Pen and Preparing Your Art for Reproduction
Yellow Rose Chapter Cruise to the Caribbean
Yellow Rose Chapter workshops & paint-ins
Yellow Rose Cruise to the Caribbean
Yellow Rose Decorative Painters- classes, calendars & events
Yellow Rose seminar Oct.18 & 19
Yupo Workshop Feb. 20
Yupo Workshop Sept. 17 by Leibowitz & Gowens
Yupo Workshop with Bonny Sept. 29
Yupo workshops & demo by Pat Kochan
Zendala Art Dec. 27 & Tangled & Textured Canvas Jan. 16
Zentangle & Creative Studio Events
Zentangle & Creative Studio Night classes for March 2011
Zentangle & Monoline classes at Great American Scrapbook Convention
Zentangle at the Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival This Weekend!
Zentangle Class in Collin County
Zentangle comes to Denton Aug. 9 & 12
Zentangle workshop July 9 from Kaligrafos
Zentangle workshop with Suzanne McNeill-Sparks May 30 - June 1
“Conquering Cabin Fever”
“Plein Air Painting Landscapes” sponsored by the Dallas Arboretum with Niki Gulley

Competitions / Calls for Entries
25th Annual Art in the Metroplex Visual Arts Competition
Call for Artists - TVAA 3 - D Exhibition
"Brazilian Blowout" - Call for Women Artists!
"Dance of Life" Bras for Breast Cancer call for entries
"Fictional" entries due June 16
"Keller's Got Talent" call for artists
"Library Thoughts" entries due Mar. 15
"Remember When" entries deadline Oct. 15
"Shoes" entry deadline Jan. 30
'Poet-Tree' Call for Submissions
10th Annual Art Connection Members' Exhibition call for entries
125 Plano Show entry deadline March 27
12Buy12 deadline Nov. 2
17th Annual El Corazón call for entries
18th Annual El Corazon Exhibition entries due Jan. 2
2007 “I SEE A CHUCKLE ll“ entries due Dec. 1
2007 Art Connection Members' Show coming!
2007 Design Professionals entries due Jan. 15
2007 DeSoto Art Show Winners
2007 Hunting Art Prize call for entries
2007 International Portrait Competition deadline Mar. 9
2007 SWA Juried Exhibition entries due Jan. 26
2007 TVAA Citation Show entries now due Aug. 8
2008 Dallas 24 Hour Video Race Finals Results
2008 FWCAC Biennial entries due Mar. 4-6
2008 Hunting Art Prize entries due Nov. 30
2008 LGAA Spring Festival Of Art entries due May 10
2008 VAST Members Exhibit call for entries
2009 HCAF National entry deadline July 24
2009 Lone Star International Film Festival call for submissions
2009 Wildlife Art Show entries deadline Aug. 21
2010 500X Expo call for entries
2010 9 x 12 Works on Paper Show - call for entries
2010 Open Call for Texas Artists
2010 Wildlife Art Show entries deadline Aug. 17
2011 DeSoto Art League's Member's Only Art Show call for entries
2011 Pet Art and Wildlife Art Shows: deadlines July 31 & Aug. 15
2011 Texas Biennial call for artists
2012 9x12 Works on Paper call for entries
2012 Art Hop Call for Entries
2012 Columbus Folk Fest Art Contest
2012 Design on Wine call for entries
2012 Fall Festival of Art Juried Show & Sale deadline Sept. 6
2012 FWCAC Biennial entries due March 1-3
2012 RCAS Membership Show entries due Oct. 6
2013 Arts in the Square Poster Contest
2013 PAA Members Show entries due Feb. 19
2013 Texas Biennial OPEN CALL FOR ART
22nd Annual VideoFest- Announces CALL FOR ENTRIES
24-Hour Video Race looking for registrants...Race starts May 16...
24-Hour Video Race May 13; screenings May 17-19
24-Hour Video Race May 4-5
26th Annual Creative Summit conference and competition
35th Annual ECAC Juried Show deadline Nov. 2
3rd Annual Trinity River Photo Contest
43rd ANNUAL RIVER ROAD SHOW call for entries
44th Annual VAST National Visual Arts Exhibition call for entries
4th Annual IAA Wildlife Show Awards
4th Annual View…Enjoy…Celebrate Art Exhibit call for artists
50 Years of Peace Corps: A Photographic Exhibition -- call for photographs
50+ Show entries due Apr. 5
500X College Expo entries due Sept. 23
500X EXPO 2008 entries due Nov. 26
500X Expo 2009 entries due Dec. 1
500X EXPO: COLLEGE Countdown - 18 Days Left to Submit Work!
500X Gallery's Annual Community Art Exhibition call for entries
500X Gallery's Open Invitational entries due May 3 - 4
500X Open Show coming in October
500X's Expo 2011 entries due Jan. 28
500X's Expo 2013 deadline Feb. 1
500XPO deadline Jan. 31
5th Annual 'Keller's Got Talent' Call for Entries!
5th Annual VACH Art Exhibition Deadline Soon
6th Small Works Juried Art Show, April 7 - May 3
8th Annual Art Connection Members' Show call for entries
9 X 12 Works on Paper entries due Nov. 16
9 x 12 Works on Paper Show Nov. 15 deadline
A.R.T. Small Works Show call for entries
AARP Calendar Contest deadline May 31
ACA 2008 Annual Awards Show entries due Mar. 20
ACA Award Show entries due April 20
AENCT 20 Year Show
AJAS deadline Sept. 28
AMA Artist Showcase call for artists
AMA's Community Art Showcase call for entries
American Artist Cover Competition deadline Sept. 1, 2007
American Juried Art Salon entries due Aug. 28
Amon Carter Photo Contest ends Aug. 31
Announcing the United States Mint's 2009 Call for Artists!
Annual SWS Show call for entries
Antifaz entries due Feb. 22
Arboretum Garden Gallery entries due Jan. 29
Around Texas: More calls for entries
Art Connection entries due Aug. 3-4
Art Connection entries due July 21 & 22
Art Connection entry deadline July 25-26
Art Connection Members' Show call for artists
Art Goes Green entries due Nov. 19
Art in the Metroplex entries due June 30
Art in the Park, Lampasas call for entries - due Feb. 15
Art Interview deadline Sept. 30
Art is Ageless entries due March 31st
Art on the Edge (New Mexico) submissions due April 30
Art Show Tracker software
Art Splash 2008 entries due Mar. 1
Art With a View entries due Jan. 17
Art-Rageous 2010 opens July 11
Arte Caliente call for artists; Houston area workshops
Arte de America Hispana entries due by June 15
ARTFEST application deadline Jan. 30
ARTICLE 19: Call to Artists, Architects + Designers
Artist of the Month online competition
Artist's Magazine Art Competition deadline May 1
Artist's Magazine competition deadline May 1
Artistic Excellence call for entries
Artists Magazine All-Media Online Competition entries due Nov. 3
Artists Magazine competition entries due Nov. 3
Artists Magazine entries due May 15
Artists of Eastland County entries due Sept. 12
Artists of Texas Fall 2012 Juried Show call for entries
Artists' Showplace entry deadline Dec. 9 - extended to Dec. 16th
ArtOfficial entry deadline Sept. 15
Arts International Deadline July 26
Artwork due Oct. 16 for New & Emerging Artists Competition
Atlantic Works TRANS deadline Oct. 1
Austin Art Space "For the Love of Art" entries due Jan. 18
AVAA 31st Annual Show entries due Feb. 12
AVAA 37th Regional Juried Art Exhibit entries due Feb. 4
AVAA entries due Feb. 11
AVAA entries due Feb. 7, 2011
AVAA entries due Feb. 9
AVAA Juried Show entries due Feb. 8
AVAA Regional Juried Art Exhibit entries due Feb. 6, 2012
Awards for area artists in the Watermedia Showcase
Beaumont entries deadline Feb. 14
Best of Texas Clay call for entries
Blossom - Art of Flowers entry deadline Aug. 31
Bohlman wins Corsicana paint out
Bonham CAC Art Show call for entries
Bosque Arts Center Art Classic
Bosque Conservatory Art Classic entries due June 14
Breckenridge entries due Dec. 27
Breckenridge entries due July 1
Buzzworms in the Backyard - preregister by Dec. 29
CAC in Bonham entries due June 19
CAC Membership Exhibition entries due July 9
CAC Show Art & the City; fundraiser FocalPoint 2010
Call for artist: International Artist/Health Residencies, Ratot, Hungary 2012
Call for artists - Art & Jazz Festival in Downtown McKinney
Call for artists - Texas Regional Art Symposium Art Exhibit
Call for Artists - The 48th Annual Collin County Adult Art Show
Call for artists - The Sixties at F6 Gallery
Call for artists for May Flower Paint-Out at the Arboretum
Call for Artists Juried Art Exhibition
Call for Artists! – Salado Winery & Salado Wine Seller
Call For Artists- Latino Cultural Center
Call for Artists: 7th Annual Hecho en Dallas / Made in Dallas
Call for Artists: “Paint Historic Waxahachie!” Plein Air 2009
Call for colored pencil entries Sept. 1
Call for Dallas photographers - deadline Jan. 31
Call for Entries - 19th Annual El Corazón exhibition
Call for Entries - 2011 Dia de los Muertos exhibition
Call for Entries - 26th Annual Día de los Muertos exhibition
Call for Entries - Bath House's 30th Anniversary Exhibition
Call For Entries - Craighead Green Gallery’s New Texas Talent 2009
Call for Entries - Dia de los Muertos show, Bath House Cultural Center
CALL FOR ENTRIES - ECAA Plein-Aire "Paint Waxahachie"
Call for Entries - Embracing Our Differences - Cash Awards
Call for Entries - Fictional 2 exhibition, Bath House Cultural Center
Call for Entries - New Texas Talent XVI
Call for Entries - The Lady - Exhibition at the White Rock Lake Museum
Call for Entries - TONAL Watercolor 2012
Call for Entries - We Used to Swim Here exhibition
CALL FOR ENTRIES 9 X 12 Works - Budapest 2011
Call for entries for ATC show
Call for entries for Holiday Miniature Art Exhibition & Sale
Call for entries for the 21st DALLAS VIDEO FESTIVAL
Call for Entries from VACD: June 2007 Juried Photo Exhibition
Call for Entries from VACD: Tequila and Salt All Media Exhibition
Call for entries PCPC Arts Festival (update)
Call for entries Visual Art League of Lewisville deadline June 23 & 24
Call for Entries! "Keller's Got Talent"
Call for Entries: Día de los Muertos Exhibition
Call for entries: The Halls Are Alive With Art and Music"
Call for Entries: TVAA Gallery Nature & Wildlife
Call for Entries: Water and sustainability theme for “Water: More or Less” exhibit at Richland College‏
Call for Entries; 2011 9x12 Works on Paper Show
Call for Entry - wim·min (deadline Jan. 20)
Call for Entry Into The October "Autumn Themes" Show
Call for Fearless Film Festival entries
Call for Frisco photography show
Call for Oak Cliff Artists - deadline June 28
Call for sculpture
Call for Works: A Book About Death and Day of the Dead
Call to all High School Artists in Collin Co., TX
CALL TO ARTISTS - Austin Art Space
Call to Artists - Kathryn Heard-Craig Juried Art Exhibition
Call to Artists for "Lost Treasure/Found Art" Sculpture Exhibit & Art Show
Call to Artists for Embracing Our Difference 7th Annual Art Exhibit
Call to Artists from First Rowlett United Methodist Church
Call to Artists from the Woodlands - deadline Dec. 7
Call to Artists – Cash Awards – Juried Exhibit Embracing Our Differences
Call to Artists, Architects + Designers - Lab A.D.
Call to Artists: 3rd Annual View...Enjoy...Celebrate Art Exhibit at Grace UMC
Calls for entries - TVAA Gallery
Canadian WC show entries due May 15
Canvas by Canvas painting group wins awards
Canvas by Canvas wins award at PCPC
Catholic Foundation Plaza Artists Competition deadline Sept. 2
Cedar Creek Lake Festival of the Arts - Call for Entries
Cedar Hill Regional Art Exhibit entries due Apr. 1
Celebrate the Earth entries due March 12
Chelsea 2008 entries due Mar. 8
Chelsea Int. entries due Mar. 10
Citation 2011 entries due Sept. 30th
Citation 2012 deadline Oct. 8
CLICKS landscape photography deadline Mar. 4
Clifton show deadline June 9
CoCa Seattle entry deadline Nov. 15
Collage, Printmaking & Assemblage entries due Oct. 20
Colored Pencil deadline Mar. 31
Colored pencil entries due Oct. 1
Congressional call for entries for high school students
Conservatory Art Classic entry deadline June 13
Cowgirl Museum call for quilt blocks!
CraftTexas 2008 entry deadline Mar. 1
CraftTexas 2012 deadline March 15
Cut It Out - Cardboard Design Competition entries due April 1
DAL 2008 Art Show entries due May 27
DAL 2011 Annual Art Show entries due June 1
DAL Annual Show entries due May 26
DAL Art Show entries due May 30
DAL artwork entries due May 29
DAL call for entries
DAL Members Only Show entries due Dec. 1
DAL Members Show entries due Dec. 1
Dallas Arboretum’s 1st Fine Art Show and Sale: Artscape
Dallas Artists Networking Group show entries due Dec. 19
Dallas Center for Contemporary Art Legend Awards
Dallas Contemporary Members Show entries due June 10
Dallas Videofest submission deadline May 15
DARS Work Incentive Calendar 2011
Deadline Jan. 26 for Texas National in Nacogdoches
Deadline July 29: Aurora Images 2nd Annual Juried Exhibit
Deadline June 1 for "What Texas Means to Me"
Deep in the Art of Texas entries due June 22
DeSoto 2008 Show winners
DeSoto Art League 2006 Awards Art Show
DeSoto Art League 2006 Member Art Show winners
DeSoto Art League 2006 Member Show
DeSoto Art League call for entries
DeSoto Member's Only Art Show Call for Entries
Destinations deadline Oct. 9
Dia de los Muertos entries due Sept. 26
Digital Day Clinics for Texas & Neighbors Jan. 4 and Jan. 12
Diptych postcard exhibit call for entries at the Bath House
Distinguished Artist Veterans Exhibit
Duets show winners
Dutch Art Gallery call for artists
Earth Day Celebration call for artists
Eastside show entries due Oct. 2
ECAA Holiday Show winners
ECAC Members Show entries due Aug. 2
ECAC winners
Eclectic Expression's El Corazon entries due Jan. 8, 2011
El Corazon Juried Exhibition entries due Jan. 25
Embracing Our Differences: Call to Artists - Juriied - Cash Awards
Enter National Wildlife's 2009 Photo Contest
Enter the Small Town Charm event entries due Apr. 13-15
Entries due Apr. 7 for RCAS 50+ Show
Entries Due for Sticks & Stones Exhibit
Entries due Jan. 12 for the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies
Entries due July 22 for VAST Members Exhibition
Entries due March 12 for Collin County show
Entries due Nov. 10 for TVAA's Artwork that Makes You Smile exhibit
Entries due Nov. 15 9 x 12 Works on Paper Show
Entries due Nov. 15 for FWCAC's 9 x 12 Works on Paper Show
Entries due Nov. 20-21 in Weatherford miniature art show
Entries due Sept 20 for Artists of Eastland County show
Entries due Sept. 1 for Corsicana art show
Entries for mosaic art due Oct. 31
Entries for TCU's Annual Art in the Metroplex due July 20
Entry deadline extended to Sept. 15 for TVAA non-objective art
Entry deadline for American Artist extended to May 1
Exhibit Opportunity for TAC Members: All-In TAC Show
exhibit3 Announces Call for Artists for its Home Concepts Art Show in Deep Ellum
Expressions 2009 call for entries
Expressions 2009 call for entries
Fall 2008 Artist Deadlines
Fall 2009 Artist Deadlines
Fall 2010 Artist Deadlines
Fall paintout in Granbury - deadline Oct. 20
Farmers Branch-Carrollton Art Association entries due Oct. 22
FBCAA Medical City Sale Show entries due Sept. 16
Fellowship Creative Team Art Show, invites all DFW area artists
Fiber Arts at the TVAA Gallery - entries due Aug. 25
Fiber Arts Exhibit deadline Apr. 5
Fiber Arts exhibit deadline Mar. 15
Fictional Art Exhibition registration deadline May 18
Film Festival at the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival
First Frontier Collage Society slides due June 14
Flower Mound Independence Fest art entries due May 13
Flower Mound senior show call for artists
For the Love of Art entries due Jan. 18
Fort Worth Botanical Society show Sept. 5 - 7
Fresh Ideas 2007 entries due June 29-30
Fresh Ideas 2009 entries due June 28 & July 3
FRESH MEAT: 500X College Expo entries due Sept. 28
Frisco Art in the Atrium entries due Sept. 26
From Blues to Hip Hop entries due Jan. 24
From Dictatorship to Democracy Art Competition call for entries
FWCAC 9x12 Works on Paper entries due Nov. 15
FWCAC Biennial call for artists
Gallery 76102 call for entries
Garden Gallery exhibit entries due Feb. 3, 2012
Georgetown Art in the Square 2010 call for artists
Grace Art Exhibit call for artists
Granbury Paintout Oct 15 - 18; signup deadline Oct. 8
Grand Prairie art show deadline Aug. 15
Grand Prairie Arts Council Open Juried Art Show entires due Aug. 1
Grand Prairie Arts Council's 2012 Juried Art Show & Sale entries due Aug. 31
Grand Prairie entries due Aug. 18
Grand Prairie Farmers Market Juried Art Show entries due May 12
Grand Prairie Show & Sale entry deadline Aug. 18
Grand Prairie Show & Sale Entry Deadline Aug. 25
Grand Prairie Show & Sale entry deadline Aug. 30
Grand Prairie show call for entries
Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Anime, & Cartoons: Art As Story call for art
Great Escapes entries due June 25 & 26
Gulf South Regional Contemporary Art Exhibit entries due Dec. 11
GUMC entries due July 3rd
Half Price Books TVAA Member Exhibit
HAP entries due Feb. 19
HardWare: National Ceramics Exhibit call for entries
Harvest Moon paint out registration deadline Oct. 12
HCAC call for artists
Hecho en Dallas - call for artists
Hecho en Dallas / Made in Dallas entries due Apr. 22
Hecho en Dallas / Made in Dallas entries due May 18
Hecho en Dallas/Made in Dallas 2009 entries due Apr. 18
Hecho En Dallas/Made in Dallas entries due May 2
Henderson Art Project 2 deadline Feb. 18
Henderson County show entries due April 1
Hideout 2012 call for artists
Hill Country 2nd National Exhibition deadline extended to July 15
Hill Country entries due May 9
HMC deadline for international exhibit Jan. 30, 2012
Holiday Print Show entries due Nov. 22
Horizons Rockwall 2007 Fine Art & Gift Show & Sale deadline Nov. 5
Hunting Art Prize deadline Nov. 30
Hunting Art Prize entries due Nov. 30, 2008
IAA 2012 Annual Juried Show Deadline Mar. 26
IAA Annual Juried Show Deadline Mar. 1st
IAA Annual Juried Show Deadline Mar. 26
IAA Members Juried Show entries due Apr. 27
IAA Wildlife entries due Sept. 19
IAA Wildlife entries due Sept. 29
ImPRESS entries due Dec. 17
Independence Fest entries due May 14
International Call to Artists, Architects + Designers
Invitation to Submit Your Work to Looking Glass: Abstract Impressionism and Surrealism in Photography
Irving Arts Center's Art Connection Show entries due July 2nd & 5th
ISEA 2011 call for entries - deadline March 1st
Jan. 27 deadline for the Texas & Neighbors Competition
Juried Art Exhibit in Allen - deadline extended to Aug. 7
Kansas Watercolor Soc show deadline Aug. 3
Kettle Art Gallery juried show deadline Oct. 16
Kinsey Institute erotic art show deadline Feb. 5
La Virgen exhibit entry deadline Nov. 1
Lampasas Art In the Park deadline Apr. 14
Latino Arts Fest entries due Oct. 27
Lawndale's Big Show entries due June 25 & 26
Learn 2 Live Green call for artists
LGAA 2006 Fall Festival Of Art entries due Oct 7
LGAA 2007 Fall Festival of Art entries due Sept. 29
LGAA entries due Aug. 27
LGAA Fall Festival of Art entries due Aug. 16
LGAA Fall Festival of Art Juried Show entries due Aug. 15
LGAA Fall Juried Art Show and Sale-Call for Entries
LGAA photo show entries due June 23
Limited Edition entry deadline Nov. 1
Live Green Expo Art Exhibit entry deadline Mar. 18
LRTX's Site and Sound environmental installation call for artists
MAC Annual Members Show entries due July 31 - Aug. 1
MAC Members Show entries due July 24-25
MAC Membership Exhibiition call for entries
MAC Membership Exhibition call for entries
MAC Membership Exhibition entries due July 26 & 27
MAC show entries due July 29 & 30
Made in America deadline July 28
Make Space for Art -- Winner's Announcement & Panel Discussion
Make Space for Art: La Reunion architecture competiton
Materials Hard & Soft 2012 entry deadline Sept. 9
Materials Hard & Soft call for entries
Materials Hard & Soft deadline Sept. 11
Materials Hard & Soft entry deadline Sept. 8
Materials: Hard & Soft entries due Sept. 10
MCFA 23rd Show Award Winners
MCFA Annual Open Show call for entries
MCFA Members ONLY Judged Art Show entries due Nov. 1
MCFA Members Only Show call for entries
MCFA Members Show entries due Apr. 1
MCFA Member’s ONLY Judged Art Show THIS WEEK
MCFA Open Show call for entries
MCFA Show entries due April 1, 2009
Melting Pot Juried Exhibition Entries Due June 1
Mid Cities Fine Artist's Association entries due Aug. 10-11
Mid Cities Fine Artists Open Show entries due Aug. 20
Mid Cities Open Show entries due Aug. 21
Midland Arts Assocation deadline Jan. 18
Mineola art show entry deadline Apr. 27
Mineral Wells Art Association entries due Mar. 28
Morir es un Arte entry deadline Oct. 20
National Arts Club entries due July 3
National Congressional Art Competition
National Geo Photo Contest
National Geo photo entries due Oct. 31
National Geographic Photo Contest deadline Aug. 15
National Juried Art Show in Corsicana - entry deadline July 20
Navarro Council of the Arts National Juried Show call for entries
Navarro National Show deadline July 20
New Annual Art Awards Show, ‘What Texas Means To Me’
New Mexico Watercolor Society entries due Aug. 12
New Texas Talent deadline June 3
New Texas Talent deadline May 28
NEXUS in Texas 2012 - call for entries
Night Glow Art Show- Call To Artists
North Texas Printmakers Guild's El Corazon call for entries
Nostalgia - entries for TVAA show due May 23
Nostalgia entries due July 9 for Frisco venue
Nov. 13 deadline for entering the 2007 Deep Ellum Arts Festival
Oak Point Art Society Spring 2008 Art Show
Oil Painters of America call for entries
OPAS Fall 2008 Art Show call for entries
Open Call for Artists - The Open Show @ Art Hotel Gallery
Outside the Lines 7 entries due May 9
Outside the Lines 8 deadline May 20
Oxide Gallery call for artists (futuristic, fantasy or other worldly art)
Oxide Gallery call for artists - March & April theme shows
Oxide Gallery call for artists - Our Art Educators
PAA 7th Annual "125 Show" deadline Feb. 17
PAA invites you to enter the Juried Multicultural Art Exhibit
PAA Member's Show for 2011
PAA Members 2008 Show entries due Oct. 1
PAA Members Show entries due Jan. 17
PAA Show entries due Oct. 1
PAA's 125 Open Art Show entries due April 3
PAA's Annual 125 Show entry deadline Apr. 4
PAA's Multicultural Art Exhibit
Paint Corsicana 2010 Oct. 8 & 9
Paint Corsicana a Plein aire painting contest
Paint Downtown Frisco April 1
Paint Historic Terrell March 21-28
Paint Historic Waxahachie - Call for Entry
Paint Historic Waxahachie - call for plein air artists
Paint Historic Waxahachie - Plein Air 2010
Paint Historic Waxahachie call for artists
Paint the Glen paintout May 21 in Glen Rose
Paper Chase entries due Oct. 24
Pastel 100 Competition deadline Sept. 1
Pastel 100 entries due Sept. 1
Pastel entries due Sept. 19
Pastel show deadline Aug. 31
PCPC Art Festival Winners
PCPC Arts Festival 2008 call for entries
PCPC Arts Festival call for artists
PCPC Arts Festival call for entries
Peace Project Show at 29 Pieces call for entries
PEACH FEST ART SHOW AND SALE - entries due July 1-3
PEACH FESTIVAL ART SHOW & Sale 2008 call for entries
People's Choice Show call for entries
Pet Art Show call for entries - deadline July 19
Pet Art Show call for entries - reminder deadline June 15
Pet Art Show entries due July 16
Photographers Wanted for Exposure // Awarding $10,000 or 1-year Rent Free
Photography and digital art entries due Apr. 15
Planes, Trains & Automobiles - call for artists
Plano 125 mile show deadline Mar. 10
Plein Air Southwest 2011 application due July 1
Plein Air Texas 2007 entry deadline Nov. 1
Plein Air Texas 2008 entry application due Oct. 1
Portraits: Self and Other - call for entries
Posterservice Inc. art contest deadline Oct. 31
Prismacolor Art Competition deadline May 31
PSSW entries deadline extended to Sept. 14
PSSW entries due Aug. 15
PSSW Members Show entries due Jan. 25
PSSW Show entries due Sept 1
Quilters! Call for Entries for Dallas Quilt Celebration 2007
RCAS 2009 Regional Show call for entries - due Jan. 6 - reminder
RCAS 2011 Regional Show entries due Mar. 1
RCAS 2013 Regional entries due March 1
RCAS 50+ Show entries due Apr. 4
RCAS 50+ Show entries due Mar. 26
RCAS call for entries Oct. 7
RCAS entries due Oct. 6
RCAS Membership Show entries due Oct. 3
RCAS Membership Show entries due Oct. 4
RCAS Regional 2012 entries due March 1
RCAS Regional Juried Art Show deadline Jan. 8
RCAS Regional Juried Art Show deadline Jan. 8
RCAS Regional Show deadline March 1
RCAS Senior Show call for entries
Red Bull call for entries
Red River Valley entries due Jan.
Reminder: Mid Cities Fine Artists entries due Aug. 22-23
Reminder: Wildlife Art Show entries due Aug. 20
Ring of Fire: Call for entries at the Gallery at Casa Manana
Rio Brazos Art Exhibition entries due Aug. 1
Rio Brazos Art Show entries due Aug. 18
Rio Brazos entries due Aug. 1
Rio Brazos entry deadline Aug. 16
Rio Brazos entry deadline Aug. 17
RLBC Juried Arts Festival entries due Mar. 1-31
Rockwall art entries due Mar. 1
Rockwall Art League exhibit entry deadline Mar. 2
Rockwall Art League Fall Show
Rockwall Fine Art Gift Show reservation due Oct. 27
Rowlett entries due Nov. 1
Royal Lane Baptist Juried Art Festival Show
San Angelo outdoor sculpture deadline Sept 7
San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition 2006
Sculpture entries due April 6
Seasons online competition deadline Aug. 29
Self Portrait - call for entries
Sept. 26 deadline for Home & Family exhibit
Sherman art show entries due Sept. 5
Slides due Aug. 31 for PSSW
Small Works Show call for entries
Society of Watercolor Artists entries due Aug. 15
Society of Watercolor Artists entries due Jan. 26
SOHO2O Gallery Chelsea 16th Annual Juried Exhibition
Southern Open Biennial deadline Feb. 28
Southwest Black Fine Art Show
Southwestern Watercolor Society members exhibit entry deadline July 1
Space Art Contest deadline Apr. 1, 2012
Spring 2009 Artist Deadlines
Spring 2010 Artist Deadlines
Spring 2011 Artist Deadlines
State Fair Creative Arts entries due July 30
State Fair of Texas - Call To Outdoor Sculpture Artists
Suess-Inspired sculpture entries due Aug. 31
Summer 2008 Artist Deadlines
Summer 2009 Artist Deadlines
Summer 2010 Artist Deadlines
Summer 2011 Artist Deadlines
Sun Bowl entries due Sept. 21
Sustaining Artists & Their Environment - call for entries
SWA 2011 Members Show deadline Dec. 8
SWA 2012 entries due Feb. 20 & 25
SWA 2012 Members Show deadline extended to July 3
SWA 2013 International Juried Art Exhibition entries due Mar. 1
SWA call for entries
SWA entries due Jan. 27 - reminder
SWA International Juried Exhibition entries due Apr. 16
SWA Members Juried Show preregistration deadline Sept. 20
SWA Members Show call for entries
SWA members show entries due Aug. 18
Swells and Curves: Apr. 3-May 19
SWS 2012 Juried Members Show deadline June 4
SWS 43rd Annual Membership Exhibition
SWS Annual Exhibition slides due June 1
SWS Members Show deadline June 4
SWS Members show entry deadline June 1
SWS Membership Show entries due July 1
SWS Show entries due June 1
TAC entries deadline July 15
TAC Membership Exhibit call for entries
TAC Membership Show deadline June 26
TAC show entries due July 9
TAC's Annual Dealer Review
TACEF poster contest deadline Nov. 15 / art & crafts fair Dec. 1
TAG Amateur Artists Open Juried Show entries due Oct. 18
TAG 2011 Open Show entries due April 30 (digital) or May 17 (in person)
TAG 2012 Open Show entries due April 17
TAG Amateur Show entries due Nov. 17
TAG Juried Members entries due Dec. 18
TAG Juried Shows - call for entries
TAG Members Juried Show entries due Dec. 16
TAG Members Only Show entries due Dec. 16
TAG Members Show entries dropoff March 16
TAG Members Show entries due Dec. 21
TAG Members Show entries due Oct. 9
TAG New and Emerging Artist entries due Oct. 14
TAG Open Juried Competition entries due May 20
TAG Open Juried Show Entries due by April 26
Tarrant Co. artists: 897 Square deadline April 15
TCU's Annual Art in the Metroplex deadline July 14
Tequilla and Salt - entry deadline June 17
Terrell paintout early entry deadline Feb. 20
Texas & Neighbors 2012 entries due Feb. 1
Texas & Neighbors 2013 entries due Feb. 5
Texas & Neighbors entries due Feb. 1
Texas & Neighbors entries due March 2, 2010
Texas & Neighbors entry deadline Jan. 28 / Preview Night Feb.1
Texas A&M University North side Res Hall Artwork Competition: Call for Artists
Texas and Neighbors slides due Jan. 27
Texas Artists Coalition Show call for entries
Texas Flora, Fauna & Cowboys entries due July 27
Texas National 2009 deadline Jan. 30
Texas National 2010 entries due Feb. 1
Texas National 2012 call for entry
Texas Sculpture Association entry deadline Feb. 24
Texas State Fair Creative Arts entries due July 29
Texas Visual Arts Association Open Show Call for Entry
Texas Watercolor Society entries due Nov. 1
The Art of Self entries due Feb. 21
The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition
The Encaustic Center's "WAXY 100" Call for Entries!
The Navarro Council of the Arts Annual Juried Art Show entries due Sept. 9
The Rockwall Art League 2012 Fine Arts Show deadline Sept. 30
third coast national 2010 entries due July 31
Third Coast National deadline Aug. 1
Third Coast National Exhibition entries due July 14
Tiny Spokes deadline Dec. 5
Tis of Thee entries due June 1
TMFA call for fiber artists
Trinity Arts Guild demo & call for entries
Trinity Arts Guild show entries accepted May 22
TSA entries due May 18
TSA Show call for entries
TVAA 2009 Citation Show entries due June 30
TVAA Annual Membership Exhibition entries due May 5
TVAA Citation 2008 show entries due Aug. 1
TVAA Citation deadline Aug. 1; Multicultural Show deadline extended to Aug. 5
TVAA Citation Show entry deadline Aug. 29
TVAA entries due May 10
TVAA exhibit: Connected to the Written Word
TVAA exhibition deadlines
TVAA Membership Show at Medical City entries due on May 5
TVAA Membership Show deadline May 2
TVAA Membership Show entries due May 21
TVAA Multicultural Show entries due July 15
TVAA New Members Show entries due Dec. 15
TVAA Non Objective Show entries due July 15
TVAA Open Juried Gallery Exhibition - call for entries
TVAA Photography & Digital Exhibition deadline Jan. 22
TVAA Works on Paper call for entries
TVAA's Non-Objectives entries due July 26
TVAA's Sacredness of Death show, October 2010
U.S. House art contest for high school students - deadlines in Mar. & Apr.
UnScene National Project: DECORAZON gallery call for artists
VACD All Media Art Exhibition call for artists
VACD call for entries - deadline Apr. 14
VACD call for entries deadline Feb. 18
VACH Art Exhibit call for artists - deadline April 2
VAGF Fall Member Show: art'em
VAGF Juried Photography Show call for entries
VAGF Members Show entries due Jan. 30
VAGF Spring Member Show dropoff on Feb. 28
VAGF's Iconic Love deadline Jan. 29
VAL Fresh Ideas entries due June 28 & 29 and July 5
VAL Masquerade winners
VAL's Fresh Ideas 2011 Juried Show Call for Entries
VALA exhibit entries deadline extended to Oct. 28 & 29
VAST 125-mile entries due June 1
VAST 125-Mile entries due May 31
VAST 125-Mile Exhibit entries due May 15
VAST 125-Mile show call for entries - deadline May 15
VAST 42nd Show entries due Dec. 31, 2009
VAST Annual Visual Arts entries due Dec 31
VAST Annual Visual Arts Exhibition deadline Dec. 21
VAST entries due Dec. 1 for national competition
VAST entries due July 13-14
VAST members exhibit entries due July 29 & 30
VAST members show deadline July 22
VAST Members show deadline July 23 & 24
VAST national show entries due Jan 2, 2009 - reminder
Vertu 2010 entry deadline May 1
Vertu Art Exhibit Call for Entries
Vertu: An Exhibit for Emerging Artists - Call for entries deadline April 30
Vertu: An Exhibit for Emerging Artists: Deadline April 7
Visual Artists of Cedar Hill (VACH) Entries Due March 20
Visual Artists of Cedar Hill Judged Exhibit - Entry Form and Fees Due by Mar. 20, 2008
Visual Arts Society of Texas 125 Mile Visual Arts Exhibition!
Visual Language of North Texas entries due Feb. 25
Voices Against Violence Art and Film Contest
WAA Peach Festival Art Show call for artists
WAA Peach Festival Art Show entries due June 30 & July 1-2
WAA Peach Festival Show & Sale - enter June 29 - July 1
WAAS Gallery call for artists
WAS-H entry deadline Jan. 5
Water Works at Buchanan in Galveston - call for entries
Watercolor deadlines
Watermedia Showcase deadline Aug. 1
Weatherford Art Assoc. at the Historic Firehouse Art Gallery
Weatherford's Western Art Show entries due Jan. 25
Weird Art Expo at the Spot for Art June 13 - call for entries
What Texas Means to Me - call for entries
What Would Andy Do? Luminarte Gallery call for artists
Wildlife Art Show Entries Due Aug. 20
Wildlife Digital Night Aug. 5
Win a Solo Show at the Casa Manana Gallery
Winners of "Light and Shadow" in Lewisville
Winners of the 125-Mile Visual Arts Exhibition
Winners of the 2007 Associated Creative Artists Show
Winners of the 2007 SWA show
Winners of the Associated Creative Artists Show
Winners of the Coalition of Allen Visual Artists Competition
Winners of the Colored Pencil Art Show
Winners of the FBCAA Manske Library Show
Winners of the FBCAA Show at the Manske Library
Winners of the Irving Art Association Annual Award Show
Winners of the Irving Art Association show
Winners of the PSSW Open Show
Winners of the Texas & Neighbors Exhibit
Winners of the TVAA Citation Show
Winners of Visual Arts League of Lewisville show
Winter 2008-2009 Artist Deadlines
Winter 2009-2010 Artist Deadlines
Winter 2010-2011 Artist Deadlines
Wise Earth: Art
Zentangle Exhibit reception Jan. 6
Zentangle-inspired entries due Dec. 30
ZENTANGLE® ART EXHIBIT entries due Dec. 22
“Dance of Life” - Bras for Breast Cancer deadline Sept. 24
“Plein Air on the Paluxy” June 5
¡Encantada! entry deadline Sept. 1

Exhibits / Events
Sugar and Wood, New Paintings by Anna Membrino & Omar Rodriguez-Graham, June 23rd 6-8pm
"A Tribute to Veterans and Art" in November
"DEFINITELY DALLAS" Ribbon Cutting at the new Omni Dallas Hotel
"Opposites Attract" & Dot Blalock open Jan. 29 with reception Feb. 5
"Pieces of Eight" UNT Studio Artist Exhibit/Reception/Gallery Talks
'A Study of Water' and 'What Once Was a Forest' at Gallery 76102
'Bonnies Brush and Canvas Babes' in Keller
'Paintings from the Heart of Texas' reception Aug. 9
24th Annual VideoFest Sept. 21-25
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton
A Creative Art STUDIO Hot HOT HOT Summer Art Show - Denton
ArtSeen Studio Tour, Oct. 20 & 21
Bunnies&Dinosaurs Reception Aug. 20
East Meets West Quilt Show 2010
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio March 2
Friday Night Lights and Shadows Exhibition
Irving Black Arts Council exhibit in Feb.
"A Talk on Evolution of an Idea" by Morton Rachofsky May 20
"Abstract August" Keller Public Art Show
"ACME" works by Christopher Rabb at Mokah Art Gallery
"Across the Ages" opens Feb. 4; reception Feb. 11
"Arlington Collects" at the AMA
"Art Pop-Up Shop" Art Auction Dec. 10
"art, beats + lyrics" Sept. 30 at the Palladium
"Big Chief, You da Prettiest" Exhibition Sept. 22 - Nov. 6
"Birds, Beasts and Beauty" reception Aug. 3
"Blues Chapel" Exhibition Nov. 22 - Jan. 6
"buckets17" Alternative Photography Exhibit opening Aug. 2
"Color Pictures," FWCA Reception April 5.
"Constructive Spirit" at Amon Carter - Opens June 26
"Couples Who Create" Exhibition Sept. 10 -Oct. 30
"ctrl.alt.P Alternative Portraiture and Other Musings"
"Deep in the Art of Texas"
"Designing for Collections" symposium May 9
"Destiny" The Art of Frank Sowells, Jr.
"emerging" opens Apr. 22 at thegallery8680 in Frisco
"Enigmata" by Pamela VanLaanen opens Oct. 23
"Everything's Coming Up Roses in Farmers Branch"
"Fall, Gracefully" open Sept. 18 in Waxahachie
"Fictional" opening July 10 at the Bath House
"Figure Riddles" by Cleo Boone opening Jan. 4
"Four " opens Mar. 6 at the VACD
"From Here to There" and "Duets" open Dec. 6 at VAL Gallery
"Gatherings" by Charley Mitcherson opening Dec. 17
"Go" by Kyle Evans opens Dec. 22
"Graphic Novels, Comics, Anime, & Toons: Art As Story"
"Gumbo Girl" collages
"Hands on an Art Body" reception May 19
"Heaven on Earth" The Glass on Enamel Artwork of Wha S. Paek
"Honor for All" Veterans Memorial Dedication
"I See A Chuckle IV" and "Plumes and Blooms"
"Inspired By" and "Vestiges" opens Aug. 23
"It's all in the Photograph"
"It's Only Human..." opens Jan. 29 at VACD
"Let's Do the Kandinsky"
"Lost Treasure/Found Art" Sculpture Exhibit & Art Show
"Lucky 13" solo gallery exhibit
"Made in Italy" opens Sept. 19; reception Sept. 25
"Made You Look" opens April 14
"Multi-Media" with Artists Clayton Lee Bailey, Jim Frederick & Deborah Lightfoot Opens August 6
"Nurturing the Artist Within " Lecture for Artists on June 24
"Object": Mixed media exhibit at UT Dallas
"Paint the Glen" Paintout May 19 in Glen Rose
"Parallels" by Frances Bagley opening Nov. 17
"Reflections" MFA Exhibition by Sarina Fuhrmann
"Roads Traveled" Art Show
"Selfless. Selfish. Selfiness." opens Sept. 9 at brand 10
"Sky Water Leaves Grass" works by Heidi Lingamfelter & Winter Rusiloski
"Solas of the Reformation" reception
"Storybook Quilts" Exhibition Nov. 22 - Jan. 8
"Stranger Companions" opening June 22
"Symbiotic Structure" Exhibition
"The Child in Me" opens Sept. 12 in Waxahachie
"The Lay of the Land" opens Apr. 1 at the Pearce Museum
"Think" for the week of August 10
"Til We Meet Again at the Bath House
"Tis of Thee" Reception and Exhibition opens
"Transmission," Opening Saturday April 21, 6-8 pm
"ungrown" and Mechanical Womb exhibits at Life in Deep Ellum
"We Used to Swim Here" opening July 10
"When Kodachrome was King" Mid-Show Reception Nov. 14
"Why So Serious?" Gallery Talk/Mid-Show Reception
'It's All in the Photograph'
'Make Space for Art' Winner's Announcement Party Mar. 1
'Memories in Watercolor' opens Sept. 4; reception Sept.13
'Messages with a Code' Opening July 10
'Tis the Season for Paintouts!
'Tis the Season for Paintouts!
10/30 Art & Music Festival in Midlothian
10th Annual Wildlife Art Show: Awards Reception Oct. 16
125 Show Awards Apr. 21 & PAA exhibit at the VACD through Apr. 28
16th Annual El Corazón art exhibition opens Feb. 6
16th Annual White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour Oct. 18 & 19
16th Deep Ellum Arts Festival April 2-4
17th Annual El Corazón opens Jan. 29
17th Annual White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour Oct. 17 - 18
1st Year Anniversary Party - Gallery Night Event (Anniversary Party and Opening Art Reception)
2 Reeds Show Reception, Fri., 12 August, 6-9 PM
2-COLOR QUILTS opens Sept. 11 in Denton
200 Years of African American Art: The Arthur Primas Collection
2007 Awards to Artists at the DMA
2007 VAST Gala Jan. 19
2009 Spring Art Mart Apr. 24-26 at the Bathhouse
2010 Dallas Art Fair Feb. 5-7
2010 Distinguished Texas Artist Award: Martin Delabano
2010 Spring Art Fests
2010 TAG Members’ Only Juried Show Winners
2011 500X EXPO opening Feb. 12
2011 Cross Timbers Studio Tour Nov. 11 -13
2011 Fort Worth Quilt Guild Show
2011 Keller's Got Talent
2011 McKinney Art Studio Tour Nov. 12-13
2011 Painted Violins for the FWSO - Auction Feb. 24
2011 Spring ArtMart at Bath House Cultural Center April 15-17
2011 Western Artists of America Show & Sale in Corsicana
2011 Winter Art Mart and Silent Auction Nov. 18-20
2012 Fine Art in Dallas Kick Off Party! Nov. 18
2012 Peach Festival Art Show & Sale July 14
2012 Pet Art Traveling Exhibit
2012 Spring Art Mart at the Bath House April 27-29
2012 SWS Members Show Winners
2012 SWS Spring Paint Out in Denton May 18 - 19
2012 Wildlife Art Traveling Exhibit
2012 Winter Art Mart and Silent Auction
20th Anniversary of Office of Cultural Affairs: Free Open Houses at Dallas Cultural Centers
23rd Annual VideoFest Presented by the Video Association of Dallas
23rd Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition
24 Hour Video Race screenings May 8 - 10
24-Hour Video Race starts May 14
24th Annual Materials Hard and Soft opens Feb. 4
25th Anniversary TSA Celebration and Symposium
26th Annual Sherman Arts Festival Sept. 20
2nd Anniversary Celebration at A Creative Art Studio Nov. 19
2nd Annual Art Film, Discussion, Art Auction Jan. 8
2nd Annual Art Law Colloquium June 19
2nd Annual Jingle Bash! on November 21st
2nd Annual McKinney Art Studio Tour (MAST) Nov. 13 & 14
2nd Annual MOTA 8x8
2nd Annual Southwest Black Fine Art Show April 8-10
2nd Floor Gallery opening reception Aug. 24
2nd Saturday on Southside
2nd Saturday on Southside
3 "market" festivals in East Dallas in Nov.
3 Exhibitions - reception at the CAC May 17
3 to Tango Art Exhibit opening June 26 & reception July 10
3 Under 30 Gallery Talk
38th Annual Plano Art Association Members Show
3rd Annual All About Uptown Festival: A Celebration of Art and Living
3rd Annual Geometric Gala Nov. 18
3rd Annual Spring Bash Artists Announced!
3rd Collin College Student Show opens June 8
4 W S Group & Best of the Year Artwork
4th Annual View Enjoy Celebrate Art Exhibit
4th Wall Gallery Grand Opening May 21
50 Days until Dallas Art Dealer Association's 25th Anniversary Event
500X Annual Member's Show opening Sept. 10
500X EXPO: College opening Oct. 16
500X Gallery Opening Dec. 1
500X Holiday Sale & Exhibits
500X Members Show opening Sept. 11
500X OPENING Nov. 6 - Nate Glaspie and Tiffany Wolf
500X opening Nov. 7
500X Opening: May 1, 7-10pm
500X openings March 5th
500X opens Fall season Sept. 12
500X's College EXPO opens Sept. 23
500XPO opening Feb. 18
54th Annual Gem and Mineral Show Sept. 3 & 4
5th Annual Franklin Park Art Show April 30
5th Hecho en Dallas / Made in Dallas opens July 24th
6th Annual Hecho en Dallas Exhibit opens July 2 at the LCC
6th Annual Wish! Auction Feb. 3
7 On The Edge presents: Wabi Sabi
7th Annual Hecho en Dallas Exhibition
897 Square opens June 14
897 Square opens June 9 at Gallery 76102
8th Annual Holiday Presence Show
92nd Annual National Watercolor Society Traveling Exhibit visits Grapevine in 2012
9th Anniversary Celebration Dec. 3rd for Artists' Showplace
9TH Annual Hecho en Dallas Opening Reception on Friday, June 29, 2012
9th Annual Pottery in the Park Sale Oct. 9 & 10
A Creative Art Studio 1st Anniversary Art Show Nov. 13
A Creative Art Studio First Friday Denton
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton Aug. 5
A Creative Art Studio First Friday Denton June 3
A Creative Art STUDIO First Friday Denton on Dec. 2
A Creative Art Studio First Friday Denton on Nov. 5
A New Creation opens May 14
A Passion for Art -- The Blues/Jazz Experience: Paintings by Benton & Wallace
A Walk with C.S. Lewis, 5x5 and AVAA Winners Exhibits at the AMA
A World of Enchantment in Keller
A.R.T. Mardi Gras Membership Party Feb. 22
Absurdity at the Bath House May 5-26
ACA Annual Awards Show Awards May 6
Academia: Pushing the Boundary opens at the MAC June 27
Academy Studio Silent Art Auction May 7
Acevedo's Keys of Light opens Dec. 9 at the LLC
Advent Show at LLUMC's Art Reach Gallery opening Dec. 5
AF Panel Discussion about Issues Raised by Impact of Museum Tower on the Nasher Sept. 8 at DMA
AFI DALLAS 2009 International Film Festival opens Mar. 26
African American Museum 26th Gala June 4
African American Museum: Lassiter Emporium Grand Opening Jan. 21
African Cultural Festival May 16
AFRICAN UNITY FESTIVAL 2009 Apr. 18 - May 17
African-American art exhibit in Irving
AIA Tour of Homes Dallas Nov. 6-7
Air museum paintout in Terrell Oct. 18
Akamatsu, Fenci & Francis opening June 18 at Ro2
Alchemy Groups Christmasfest
Alchemy Inventory Reduction Sale Jan. 16
Alchemy of Encaustic exhibit
Alison Jardine: PixelNation opens Dec. 2
All About Uptown Festival Sept. 13
All That Glitters! reception Dec. 15
All The World’s A Stage: Anita Lobel opens Nov. 19
All Things 3 - D opens August 7
Allegro a Color opens May 19
Allen Coalition art exhibit Sept 2-29
Allen Mondells' WAGING PEACE world premiere June 21
Alley's Annual Art Auction benefit March 6
Alley's House Art Auction Feb. 7
Altered book display at the Bath House
AMA Reception Dec. 14 for local artists
AMA Spring Gala: An Affair of the HeART Feb. 18
AMA StarShine Feb. 7
AMA's Valenshine Art Auction and Gala Feb. 3
American Impressionist Society Paint Out and Sale Oct. 21-22
Amon Carter celebrates 50 Fest Aug. 13
Amon Carter Hosts Free Panel Discussion on May 12
Amon Carter Museum Acquires Anna Hyatt Huntington’s The Team and Jean Xceron’s White and Gray, no. 256
Amon Carter Museum Gallery Talk on Sheeler Works
Amon Carter Museum Presents Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision
Amon Carter Museum Presents Video Installation by Artist Mary Lucier Nov. 15 - Feb. 15
An Exhibition of Works by artist Willie Baronet
An Industrial American Dirge opening March 24
And the Winner is.....Keller's Got Talent Chooses "Best in Show"
Andelon Gallery opening Jan. 27th
Andrade's Ruined State(s) opens Aug. 9
Andrea L. Davis opens July 30 at Marshall-McPhail Gallery
ANDREW DeCAEN: Meal Time opens April 28 at Norwood Flynn
Andrew Young at the CAC in Bonham
Animal Attraction Exhibit at HCAF
Anita Wilson Arts & Crafts Sale Sept. 15 - 16
Ann Hardy 'Best Two Dimensional Work' at American Women Artists National Exhibition
Ann Hardy exhibit reception January 14 in Keller
Ann Hardy Spring exhibits
Ann Hardy wins in Missoula and Graham
Ann Hardy's art news
Anne Hardy: receptions March 24th in Fort Worth
Annual Contemporary Art Show & Sale Nov. 4 - 7
Annual South Dallas Art Fest March 31
Annual Student Show at Artists' Showplace
Another Dog and Pony Show opens Jan. 14 at 500X
anti (Formula) & Wishful opens Dec. 5 (also Holiday Bazaar)
Antifaz opens March 17 at the Bath House
Applause & Accolades Reception Friday, April 8, 2011, 6-9 PM
April 18 DADA Spring Gallery Walk (& Deep Ellum too)
April 21: Carnevale de Venezia-New Mixed Media Series by Jeanette Korab
April ?, 2013 Southwest Black Fine Art Show
April exhibits by VAL members
April is La Reunion Month
Arcadia Salon Discussion Series Dec. 6
Arcadia Salon Discussion Series Jan. 6
Arcadia Salon rescheduled for June 21
Archie Scott Gobber Opening Reception, This Sat. Nov. 17
Architectural photographer Timothy Hursley to speak Dec. 8
Architecture for the Arts at One Arts Plaza
Architecture for the Arts: lecture & signings by Laura Wilson
Arlington Collects and Out of Abstraction exhibits at the AMA
Arlington Museum of Art - Dungeon of Doom 2007
Around the World in Eighty Years with Virginia Jenkins
Art & Coffee June 8 from ArtLoveMagic
Art & Wine Stroll Oct. 27 & 28 at Vitruvian Park
Art + Object opening this Sat. 6-8pm at Marty Walker Gallery
Art Adventure Fest Mar. 28
Art After 5 - artwork of Clayton Lee Bailey Jan. 18
Art After 5 - Best of Sustaining Artists May 17
Art After 5 - Frankie Garcia III May 8
Art After 5 - Ted Houston June 26
Art After 5 at Daniel Padilla Gallery Nov. 17
Art After 5 at Martin Lawrence Gallery July 27
Art After 5 at the CAC Bowl Glazing Prty Jan. 28
Art After 5 holds Fund Distribution Event on Aug. 11
Art After 5 invite to the Garden Gallery Mar. 11
Art After 5 invites you to the 4th Wall Jan. 7
Art After 5 invites you to the AA5 2012 Fall Signature Event Oct. 21
Art After 5 presents Meet The Artist June 22 (FIVE SERIES IN PAPER)
Art After 5 visits Southwest Gallery May 10
Art After 5 visits Trimble Studios
Art After 5: KeLaine Kvale July 23
Art After 5: meet artists Colley, Portolano & Wohlfield Aug. 30
Art and Wine at The Village at Fairview eaturing the Andean Nations/Central America Art Expo on Sept. 15
Art at the Chinese Community Center
Art at the State Fair of Texas
Art at the State Fair of Texas
ART AUCTION Aug. 1 & 2 and online
Art Auction Benefit Sept. 17 in East Dallas
Art by the Lake exhibit in Aubrey
Art Chic@s Open House and Reception Oct. 29
Art Chicas Unidas returns Nov. 8 to LRTX Gallery in Dallas
Art Con 7 - the Ransom Note
Art Connection Reception Aug. 9
Art Connection Reception July 29
Art Conspiracy 8 Fundraiser on Nov. 10
Art Conspiracy Charity Auction Dec. 9
Art Conspiracy hosts SEED on July 16
Art Conspiracy is Turning Five
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note - Aug. 7 fundraiser
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note - Dec. 12 Fundraiser
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note December 6, 2008
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note July 2010 - SEED on July 16
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note March 2009 - Art Con Photo Show Apr. 9
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note October 23rd
Art Conspiracy’s fundraiser June 21
Art Exhibit "Genograffic" January 15, 2011 7pm-10pm
Art Exhibit Coming to Galleria Dallas: The Art of Can
Art exhibits at the SDCC (Huckaby & masks by Kimbell students)
Art Festival: Stations of the Cross April 10
Art Focus XC reception Nov. 25
Art for Christmas by James Haddock
Art for Christmas from Upstairs Gallery - pottery, paintings, gifts!
Art for Darfur Sept. 13
Art for Peace & Justice exhibition opens Sept. 8 &15 at Artizen in Dallas
Art from the Loom reception Sept. 15 in Mesquite
Art Fusion 2010 June 13
ART HAPPENING at Eisenbergs Oct. 10
Art Heist Aug. 23
Art Heist Oct. 30
Art Here Lately #7
ART HOP benfit auction at Starbucks Apr. 12
Art in June at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center
Art in October celebration in the Dallas Arts District
Art in the District Fair Feb. 5-7
Art in the Garden Sept. 7-9
Art in the Garden Sept. 9 - 11
Art in the Hood Feb. 6
Art in the Hood Studio Tour Feb. 7
Art is in the Air: Spring fests - updated
Art Leaders Forum Oct. 7: An Informative and Fun Event!
Art Market at Underworld Art Gallery Aug. 11
Art of the Print exhibit
Art Reception March 5th in Bonham
Art Show @ DMS Architects Oct. 3
Art Show and Wine Tasting for Charity Dec. 3 - also artist opportunity!
Art show in Terrell Texas starting Nov. 5 to 11th for fallen soldiers in Terrell
ART SHOW | Expressionistic Portraiture| Carolyn Schlam reception May 21
Art Show-Birthday Party July 24
Art Social at CADD Art Lab Feb. 12
Art Therapy conference coming up
Art This Week Fundraiser: May 20, 7-9pm
Art This Week in DFW Dec. 14-20
Art to Heart Reception Feb. 10
Art Tour No More! on Mar. 20
Art With a Cause Art Show and Sale Mar. 24
Art With A Cause show / sale Mar. 5
Art with a View at the Belmont
Art with a View at The Belmont Hotel with Randy Gonzales
Art with My Valentine
Art+Sprit Series
Art, Science and Sustainable Community Symposium Jan. 30
Art-Hunger reception Oct. 5 and opportunity Oct. 6
Artafaire at the Upstairs Nov. 18 & 19
ArtCentre of Plano's Haute Arte Gala Nov. 18
Artcycletx Exchange 3 Oct. 3
Artcycletx Green Swap -Live Green Expo Apr. 16
artes alley Nov. 5
ArtFest 2009 May 22-24
ArtFest at Addison Circle May 25-28
Artfest May 23 - 25 at Fair Park
ARTFEST, two outdoor films, culinary area, kids fun and more Memorial Day weekend at CityArts Festival
Artful Designs at the Granville
Artful Designs exhibit at the Granville
Artful Designs June exhibit
Artisan Style Art Happy Hour June 17
Artisan Style's Opening Reception for Jim Frederick's Show: "a la cARTe. art. jewelry. fashion."
Artisan's Collective Grand Opening Sept. 22
Artisan's Monday Paint Group Exhibit through June 26
Artisans from Oaxaca at the LCC Oct. 6
Artist Ann Hardy April 2011 news
Artist Housing in Dallas? Tell us what you think -- Sept. 27 @ 7 p.m.
Artist opportunity at PODS for PAWS Feb. 24
Artist Reception & Show for Ron Stephens Mar. 17
Artist Reception Dec. 12 at Eclectic Expressions
Artist's Showcase 2011 opens Oct. 28 at the AMA
Artist's Talk by Brent Kollock THIS Saturday, January 23
Artistic Expressions by Toni Wengler in April at Keller Town Hall
Artistically Denton: Celebrating Our Place April 10
Artists 'Round Texas
Artists Against Aids Art Auction Oct. 23
Artists Against AIDS Art Gala and Auction Oct. 15
Artists in Heat: benefit for SiNaCa Studios June 30
Artists with a Vision Sept. 21
Artists' Invitational Reception, Fri., 11 March, 6-9 PM
Artists' Showplace 5th Year Celebration!
Artists' Showplace Associate Artists exhibit
Artists' Showplace presents Confident Color Oct. 10
Artists' Showplace Presents Gene Gregory
Artists' Showplace reception & workshop
Artists' Showplace reception Dec. 4th
Artists' Showplace Reception Oct. 8
Artists’ Invitational Exhibition to Open April 13
Artists’ Showplace December Show Celebrates 10th Birthday
artlovemagic girlShow:Brilliance July 23
ArtLoveMagic coming Jan. 30th
ArtLoveMagic offers Art & Coffee
ArtLoveMagic past & future
ArtLoveMagic presents This Is True collaboration between poets & artists
ArtLoveMagic presents Underground Jan.27 and Feb. 11
ArtLoveMagic presents Underground on Feb. 11
ArtLoveMagic upcoming events
ArtLoveMagic: Celebrate!
ARTNITE at ilume GALLERIE to benefit The Dallas Public Library Oak Lawn Branch Sept. 28
Artopia benefits the MasterMind Awards on Nov. 13
ArtQuest auction fundraiser Nov. 13 & call for entries
Arts & Letters Live for February
Arts & Wonder at the Latino Cultural Center July 17-18
Arts Goggle at DMS Architects Mar. 27
Arts Goggle festival Oct. 3 in Fort Worth
Arts Guild of Denton 2010 TAG Auction for the Arts Nov. 13
Arts Guild of Denton Annual Auction gala Nov. 12
Arts League’s Shining Stars Luncheon & Art Auction Oct. 2
ArtScape at the Arboretum Sept. 22-23
Artscape at the Arboretum March 20-21
ArtScape at the Arboretum Sept. 20 & 21
Artscape Mar. 21 & 22
Artscape March 18 - 20
Artseen Studio Tour Oct. 15 & 16 in Frisco
ArtsGoggle in Fort Worth Oct. 13
ArtsGoggle is May 19 in Fort Worth
ArtSlam June 24
ARTsPARK at NorthPark Center Oct. 2
ArtSpirit hosts Styrofoam Art Exhibition beginning Oct. 6
Artsy Gifts from Studio 2600
Art_After_5 at Scott + Cooner and Conduit Gallery Feb. 19
Art_After_5 Breakfast with Arts Sept. 25
Asel Art Supply Art Materials Expo Feb. 18 (and product workshops)
Asher Feehan opening Aug. 3
Asian American Heritage Fesitval
Associated Creative Artists Award Show in May
Associated Creative Artists' Annual Award Show Reception June 8
ATA show in Nov.
Aug. 19 Reception at VECAS
August Artcast
August at Arlington Museum of Art
August at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center
August Events at the Visual Art League of Lewisville
Aurora 2011 the sensory experience Oct. 28
Aurora Gallery Grand Opening Celebration
Aurora Images Art Gallery hosts Melissa Anderson Exhibit
Aurora Images Gallery opens Sat., February 11
Aurora Images Student Art Exhibit
Author of The Concrete Dragon: China's Urban Revolution to speak Thursday in Dallas
Autobahn Noctures by Sallie McIlheran opens Nov. 10
Autumn de Forest exhibit opens Oct. 19 & 20
AVAA Regional Show Reception Feb. 13
Avenue of Light Grand Lighting Ceremony June 25
Award winners at the 2009 SWS Show
Award winners for "Nostalgia" at TVAA Downtown Gallery
Award winners for the 2011 VAST Members & 125-Mile Exhibitions
Award Winners of the VAGF Juried Photography Show
Awards Dinner hosted, Dallas Chapter - Texas Fine Arts Association
AWS Travel Show in Mt. Pleasant Nov. 19 - Dec. 10
AWS Traveling Exhibtion in Waco July 5-Aug. 13
Azernaya's Spirit of Wine
Bagby opening Mar. 13 at Artists' Showplace
Barbara Elam Opening at SOSU
Bartlett's A Journey with Tao Te Ching reception June 25
Baryoum's "Analogical Content" opening May 8th
Bath House Art Mart Nov. 20-22
Bath House Winter Market
Bath House's 2008 Spring Art Mart Apr. 18 - 20
BCD Black Men's Film Festival & Queer Film Series in May
Bead Fest Oct. 1- 3 in Arlington
Beam Signing Party for the Dallas Contemporary Sept. 30
Beatriz Ezban exhibit opens Sept. 12 at the LCC
Becky Park's Open Studio Oct. 24
Becky Parks "Open Studio" Dec. 3
Becky Parks oil exhibit at wine tasting July 25
Becky Parks studio sale Nov. 20
Bedford's Inaugural Cultural Crawl Oct. 6
Bell and McConnell exhibit: "Red Hats and Red Rocks"
Belmont Hotel - New venue for art
Benefit Art Auction for Parkinson's Jan. 11
Benefit for ArtSpirit
Benton exhibit opens Nov. 21 in Fort Worth
Bernard Bortnick exhibit opens Sept. 2; reception Sept. 9
Bernardo Cantu Artist Conversation August 22
Bernardo Cantu M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition: Interdimensional Relics from the Barrio
Beverly Fuqua wins NDEAM poster competition
Big Bend lecture at the AMA Dec. 3
Big Fall season kicks off at FWCA and Moudy galleries this month
Black and White: An Exhibition of Paintings and Flowers reception Jan. 13
Black History exhibit in DeSoto
Black Women's Film Festival
Blackland Prairie Festival
Blalock reception at the Remington June 9
Blandford b&w photo exhibit in McKinney
Bling celebration Dec. 31 at the AMA
Blissful Blues and Pointillism Purples: Susan Mapes Kemper opens Nov. 19
Blue Yule @ the Mac Dec. 4
Blue Yule Dec. 5 & call for artists
Blues for Youth Benefit Day July 16
Bob Nunn and Melodee Martin Ramirez: Naturally
Body Image Art Auction on June 22
Bogard exhibit at Oak Lawn Branch Library during May
Bonham's Creative Arts Center Exhibits & Classes
Bonham's Off the Wall Reception Sept. 9
Bonny Leibowitz at Rising Gallery Friday, Sept. 30th
Book discussion and signing for Uncovered Jan. 9
Booker T. Washington 2010 Juried Senior Show opens April 10th
Bortnick's Windows of My Mind opening Nov. 25
Bountiful Harvest at Studio 2600
Bowl Glazing Party Jan. 24
Bowman & Bowman opens June 1; Reception June 17
Bowman & Howell at the Bathhouse in June
Brenda Howell Exhibition at Pearce Museum
Bret Slater Exhibition Opening Reception Thurs May 10, 6-8pm
Brett Dyer encaustic exhibit opens Oct. 24
Brian MACKAY-LYONS, Hon. FAIA lecture Oct. 11
Bright Black Lines at White Space - Reception Nov. 29
Brookhaven College Spring Art Club Sale May 5 & 6
Brookhaven Student Art Sale Dec. 5 & 6
Brookhaven Student Art Sale May 2 & 3
Brotherton exhibit opens Sept. 5 in Palestine
Brouillette and Sampson exhibit and demos
Brouillette Mixed Media Collage Weekend July 14 & 15
BURKE BURNS Exhibit in DeSoto City Hall
Burma@161 on May 28
Burnley-Schol and Giese open Oct. 13 at Norwood Flynn
C.A.V.A. and Aurora Images host sculpture by Thompson and children's book art by Foote
CAC 2011 Membership Show
CAC Adult Art Contest a Huge Success!
CAC Hosts unseenamerica Exhibits
CAC opening May 21 at the Cedars
CAC Opens New Works Instructor Show Aug. 25
CAC Show opens Oct. 1
CAC's 3rd annual Costume Art Ball Oct. 22
CAC's HeART and Soul at the Bathhouse Feb. 7 - Mar. 7
CAD Bus Tour Oct. 13
CADD 12 Days of Art
CADD Announces Mystery Destination Dinner
CADD Art Bus Tour in Denton Nov. 10
CADD Art Bus Tour Jan. 19
CADD Art Bus Tour March 17
CADD Art Fair 2008 May 30 - June 1
CADD Art Social Dec. 4
CADD August Events & Openings
CADD August Events & Openings
CADD August openings & on view
CADD Bus Tour #3 Feb. 12
CADD Bus Tour #4 April 23
CADD Bus Tours
CADD December Events & Openings
CADD Evening Bus Tour Sat. Feb. 11
CADD events for Oct.
CADD July Openings and Events
CADD openings and East Dallas Gallery Day
CADD Openings this Weekend and Next
CADD opens new nonprofit gallery in Dallas
CADD's new exhibit More Than This
Calhoun's "The Art of the Bow Tie" opening July 20
CALLING ALL AMON CARTER PHOTOGRAPHY FANS: Nov. 15 lecture on Larry Sultan's Homeland
Calling all Conspirators to KXT's Summer Cut
Campbell Bosworth at Southside May 3 - 31
Cannings show opens Feb. 16 at PanAmerican
Canvas by Canvas at La Cima
Canvas by Canvas opens at the Upstairs Gallery July 19
Canvas by Canvas opens Sept. 6 in Fort Worth
Capturing Beauty opens Aug. 3 in Denton
Cardinal Points/Puntos Cardinales
Caribbean cruise for painters Jan. 2010
Carmen's Wish - Pennington installation
Carmic Tango opens Sept. 19 at Eclectic Expressions
Carroll Collier exhibit opens Aug. 31 in Forney
Caryl Gordon opening Feb. 19 at the Encaustic Center
Catherine Small opens May 2 at Eclectic Expressions
CAVA Annual Juried Art Exhibit.
Cecilia Thurman Studio Tour July 28
Cecy Turner and Students Watercolor Exhibit at Aurora Images
Cecy Turner Christmas Exhibit 2007
Cecy Turner Christmas Exhibit Dec. 12
Cecy Turner Christmas Exhibit Dec. 14
Cecy Turner Christmas Studio Sale Dec. 9
Cecy Turner Fall Art Calendar
Cecy Turner Open Studio Dec. 11
Cecy Turner's Christmas Exhibit Dec. 1
Cedar Hill - new website & monthly art project
Cedar Springs Art Festival April 28
Cedars Open Studios Tour Nov. 17
Cedars Open Studios Tour Nov. 19
Cedars Open Studios Tour Nov. 21st, 2009
Cedars Open Studios Tour Nov. 22
Celebrate Kwanzaa at the SDCC Dec. 31
Celebrate Mayfest May 5-8
Celebrating Black artistry in February
Celebrating The Creative Sisters of Dallas: girlShow
Celebration of Glass Nov. 22 in Grapevine
Central Track Opening April 1
Cerulean Deals With Surface Tension
Cerulean Gallery Features Co-Author of Bestselling Book
Cerulean Gallery Features “Correlation”
Cerulean Gallery Features “Uncommon Composites”
Cerulean Gallery Inspires a “Vivid Imagination” at Upcoming Exhibition
Cerulean Gallery Relocates Outside Dallas
Cerulean Gallery’s Exhibition “Transient Beauty” Partners with Autism Treatment Center
CGB Open Studios Nov. 11 & 12
Chad Evans Current Works at AMS Pictures Spark Gallery
Chains on the Brain Photography Exhibit
Chandler in the Red River show
Charlotte Smith exhibit at the PanAmerican
Chicano art talk Feb. 7
Children's Book Writers & Illustrators conference Oct. 24
CHIT CHAT with Sour Grapes May 18
Chris Lattanzio free lecture Mar. 11
Christmas Art & Coffee Dec. 7
Christmasfest Dec. 10-12
Christopher Bingham opening May 27 at Norwood Flynn
Christopher Bingham's Art with a View at BarBelmont opens Sept. 7
Cirque de la Musique party for 2013 Fine Art in Dallas
Citation 2011 opens Nov. 3, Reception Nov. 19
Citation 2012 reception Nov. 24
City Arts Festival May 7-9
City Living Tour Dallas Oct. 29 - Nov. 7
CityArtCal 2010 Book Preview Party Nov. 6
CityARTcal 2011 Fine Art in Dallas opening Sept. 10
cityArtcal Exhibit from TVAA
CityArtCal preview party Nov. 13
CityArtCal Reception Dec. 2 at Artists' Showplace
CityArtCal: Extradordinary Experience at Luminarte May 5
CityArts Celebration June 13 - 15
CityArts Festival May 27-29
Clark and Ibanex - Monochrome exhibit at 500X
Clay in Keller in September
Clicks: Photography Exhibition
Clique Gallery Anniversary Wine Reception Dec. 3
Clique Grand Opening Feb. 12
Clique Heart instead of Head reception April 2
Collaborage Exhibit reception Sept. 9 at the Eisemann Center
Collaborage II at PFAMILY ARTS in Plano
Collecting Art 101: A Panel Discussion on July 11
Collector's Workshop 7 March‏
College Art Association Conference Feb. 20 - 23
Colleyville Culture Fest & Art Exhibition Extravaganza Thursday July 27
Collin College Student Artist Pottery Sale Dec. 5
Collin College Student Artist Pottery Sale May 2
Collin College Student Artist Pottery SALE May 4
Collin College Student Artist Pottery SALE Nov. 30 & Dec. 1
Collin College Student Artist Pottery SALE Nov. 30 & Dec. 1
Collin County Art Day March 26
Collins opening at VACD Feb. 21
Color Pictures exhibit at TCU's FW Contemporary Arts
Color the Exhibition reception July 6
Colored Pencil Society of America Exhibition & Convention
Colourfourma opens April 23 at Ro2 Art
Come to Slide Night on Feb. 3
Community Arts Recognition Awards (CARA) Feb. 25
Concrete Roses opens Feb. 3 in Oak Cliff
Connecting through time, place and atmosphere
Contemporary and Abstract Pop Art Paintings
Contemporary Neo-Surrealism opens May 20 at Luminarte
Contemporary Texas landscapes at White Rock Lake
Content show opening at Gallery 414 Oct. 22
Continental Gin Building Annual Spring Open Art Studios April 28-29
Continental Gin Building Spring 2012 Open Studios April 20 & 21
Continental Gin Open Studios April 15 & 16
Continental Gin Open Studios Nov. 13 & 14
Continental Gin Open Studios Nov. 2-3
Convergent Revolutions Opening Reception Friday, May 6, 2011
Cool Waters 3 at the Kessler Aug. 13
Cornelius painting "Outside" Installed at Medical City
Cottonwood Art Festival May 1 & 2
Cottonwood Art Festival Oct. 4-5
Cottonwood Art Festival Oct. 6-7
Cottonwood Art Festival Oct. 6-7, 2012 to Feature 240 Top Artists
Cottonwood Art Festival Oct. 7 & 8
Cottonwood Art Festival returns Oct. 3 & 4
Cottonwood Art Festival Selects Emerging Artists
Cottonwood Festival Oct. 2-3 in Richardson features 240+ artists
Cowtown Indie Bazaar Oct. 15
Cowtown Indie Bazaar Sept. 4
Craft Guild of Dallas Contemporary Art Show & Sale Nov. 3-6
Craft Guild of Dallas Spring Show & Sale May 4-6
Craft Guild Show & Sale Nov. 6 - 9
Craft Party August 24
Crazy Water Festival and Crazy Art & Wine Walk in Mineral Wells Oct. 7 & 8
Creative Arts Center Costume Art Ball Oct. 23
Creative Arts Center exhibit at Studio 2600
Creative Arts Center of Dallas’ Fundraiser Sept. 24
Creative Arts Center's Membership Show opens Sept. 6
Creative Kids Artshow Gala 2011
Creative Space@310 Group Art Show opening May 19
CreativeSquat at Dos Gringos Aug. 28
CreativeSquat at the Bone July 12
Creativity Test exhibit at UT Arlington/Fort Worth
Crier's My Wonderful World opens June 23
CrissCrossingCorridors at Gallery at MIDTOWN
Critique sessions at the Visual Art League of Lewisville
Cross Timbers Annual Artists' Studio Tour Nov. 10 & 11 (reception Nov. 9)
Cross Timbers Artist Studio Tour Nov. 7-9
Cross Timbers Artists Gallery Opening!!!!!!
Cross Timbers Artists' Studio Tour Nov. 7
Crossroads for 3 solos Reception May 3
Cultural Arts Center Membership Show reception Aug. 4
Cultural Excursions - Kiln Glass Feb. 20 & Encaustics Feb. 21
Curious George at the Mesquite Arts Center
Cushing Atalier Student Exhibition
Custom made Jewelry Sale - Gems of Love
Cut & Paste: works by Gordon Young and Enrique Fernandez Cervantes at Haggerty art Gallery
Cut Copy Paste Paint Reception July 16
DADA 2010 Spring Gallery Walk, Panel Discussions and After Party on April 17
DADA Fall Gallery Walk :: Sept. 25, 2010
DADA Fall Gallery Walk After Party Sept. 25
DADA Fall Gallery Walk and 25th Anniversary :: September 25, 2010
DADA Fall Gallery Walk Sept. 12
DADA Fall Gallery Walk Sept. 13 (also DEEP Art Walk) - reminder
DADA Fall Gallery Walk Sept. 22
DADA Fall Gallery Walk, Panel Discussions, Artists Gathering Sept. 24, 2011
DADA Gallery Walk & Symposium Apr. 21
DADA Gallery Walk, Panel Discussions & Party Sept. 15
DADA January Art Happenings
DADA Spring Gallery Walk & Events Apr. 19
DADA Spring Gallery Walk & Panel Discussions on Saturday, April 16
DADA Spring Gallery Walk April 21 and Panel Discussions
DADA's 25th Anniversary & Spring Gallery Walk
DADA's April 17 Panel Discussions discuss legal rights of visual artists‏
DADA's Fall Gallery Walk Panel Discussions Sept. 12
DAF April events-Deb Mitchell April 8, Design Symposium April 17, 365 Modern Home tour April 21, Texas Regionalism April 30‏
DAFA Members Show opens April 3; reception April 23
Daily Painters of Texas exhibit at the Dutch Art Gallery
DAL Winners
Dallas 2008 Quilt Celebration Mar. 14 -16
Dallas Arboretum holds Artscape: Art Show & Sale, Sept 23 & 24
Dallas architecture events
Dallas Architecture Forum 2010-11 Season
Dallas Architecture Forum Annual Rose Family Lecture: Juhani Pallasmaa April 9, 2009
Dallas Architecture Forum April events
Dallas Architecture Forum for March
Dallas Architecture Forum free Panel Discussions begin Oct. 2
Dallas Architecture Forum Jan/Feb events
Dallas Architecture Forum lecture Dec. 13 - architect Wendell Burnette at Magnolia
Dallas Architecture Forum Lecture with Alberto Kalach Oct. 27
Dallas Architecture Forum November Newsletter
Dallas Architecture Forum opens new season of lectures Oct. 15 with Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Blair Kamin
Dallas Architecture Forum presents DalyGenik lecture Nov. 6 and panel discussion Nov. 11
Dallas Architecture Forum presents FREE panel with Julie Cohn Mar. 9
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Free Panel with Thomas Feulmer
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Gordon Gill on Feb. 18
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Rafael Vinoly May 13
Dallas Architecture Forum presents Robert Hammond Feb. 7
Dallas Architecture Forum presents Scott Johnson Apr. 9
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Two Lectures and One Panel Discussion in February 2012
Dallas Architecture Forum Screening of "Visual Acoustics" Oct. 1
Dallas Architecture Forum: Gary Cunningham "The Design of Sustainability – Science and Sensibility”
 Feb. 8
Dallas Architecture news
Dallas Architecture Panel "Inspirations" Apr. 7
Dallas Art Cast’s February/March ‘08 edition
Dallas Art City screens on Oct. 10
Dallas Art Dealers Association Events This Week
Dallas Art Dealers Association Fall Gallery Walk Sept. 24
Dallas Art Dealers Association Presents Panel Discussions Apr. 16
Dallas Art Fair - participating museums
Dallas Art Fair April 12 - 15
Dallas Art Fair Event Schedule
Dallas Art Fair events Feb. 4 - 7
Dallas Art Fair Preview Gala April 7
Dallas Art Openings - October 16 - October 20
Dallas Art Openings - October 18 - October 22
Dallas Art Openings : April 11 - April 17
Dallas Art Openings : April 13 - April 15
Dallas Art Openings : April 18 - April 24
Dallas Art Openings : April 26 - April 29
Dallas Art Openings : April 26 - May 1
Dallas Art Openings : April 5 - April 7
Dallas Art Openings : April 6 - April 10
Dallas Art Openings : August 11 - August 13
Dallas Art Openings : August 17 - August 18
Dallas Art Openings : August 17 - August 20
Dallas Art Openings : August 23 - August 25
Dallas Art Openings : August 24 - August 28
Dallas Art Openings : August 30 - September 1
Dallas Art Openings : August 31 - September 3‏
Dallas Art Openings : August 4‏
Dallas Art Openings : August 6 - August 7
Dallas Art Openings : August 9 - August 12
Dallas Art Openings : Dec. 6 - 12
Dallas Art Openings : December 12 - December 16
Dallas Art Openings : December 15 - 18
Dallas Art Openings : December 15 - 17
Dallas Art Openings : December 18
Dallas Art Openings : December 30
Dallas Art Openings : December 30 - January 1
Dallas Art Openings : December 5 - December 9
Dallas Art Openings : December 7 - December 11
Dallas Art Openings : February 16 - February 18
Dallas Art Openings : February 2 - February 5
Dallas Art Openings : February 22 - February 26
Dallas Art Openings : February 23 - February 25
Dallas Art Openings : February 3 - 6
Dallas Art Openings : February 7 - February 12‏
Dallas Art Openings : February 8 - 13
Dallas Art Openings : January 10 - 15
Dallas Art Openings : January 11 - January 14
Dallas Art Openings : January 19 - January 21
Dallas Art Openings : January 25 - 29
Dallas Art Openings : January 26 - January 28
Dallas Art Openings : January 4 - 5, 2013
Dallas Art Openings : January 6 - 9
Dallas Art Openings : January 6 - January 7
Dallas Art Openings : July 12 - July 14
Dallas Art Openings : July 12 - July 16
Dallas Art Openings : July 20 - July 23‏
Dallas Art Openings : July 23 - July 28
Dallas Art Openings : July 27 - July 29
Dallas Art Openings : July 6 - July 7
Dallas Art Openings : June 1 - June 3‏
Dallas Art Openings : June 14 - June 16
Dallas Art Openings : June 15 - June 18
Dallas Art Openings : June 21 - June 23
Dallas Art Openings : June 22 - June 25
Dallas Art Openings : June 27 - June 30
Dallas Art Openings : June 30 - July 3
Dallas Art Openings : June 4 - June 5
Dallas Art Openings : June 7 - June 9
Dallas Art Openings : June 9 - June 12
Dallas Art Openings : March 16 - March 17
Dallas Art Openings : March 17 - March 20
Dallas Art Openings : March 22 - March 26
Dallas Art Openings : March 30 - April 2
Dallas Art Openings : March 30 - March 31
Dallas Art Openings : March 8 - March 12
Dallas Art Openings : May 12 - May 15
Dallas Art Openings : May 17 - May 19
Dallas Art Openings : May 18 - May 21
Dallas Art Openings : May 20 - May 23
Dallas Art Openings : May 23 - May 29
Dallas Art Openings : May 3 - May 6
Dallas Art Openings : May 4 - May 8
Dallas Art Openings : May 7 - May 13
Dallas Art Openings : Nov. 30 - Dec. 5
Dallas Art Openings : Nov. 4 - 6
Dallas Art Openings : Nov.17 - 21
Dallas Art Openings : November 10 - 14
Dallas Art Openings : November 11 - November 12
Dallas Art Openings : November 16 - November 18
Dallas Art Openings : November 16 - November 20
Dallas Art Openings : November 2 - November 6
Dallas Art Openings : November 23 - November 24
Dallas Art Openings : November 30 - December 2
Dallas Art Openings : November 30 - December 3‏
Dallas Art Openings : November 5 - November 10
Dallas Art Openings : October 12 - October 14
Dallas Art Openings : October 13 - October 16
Dallas Art Openings : October 15 - 17 & White Rock Lake Artist's Studio Tour - October 16
Dallas Art Openings : October 19 - 24
Dallas Art Openings : October 25 - October 27‏
Dallas Art Openings : October 27 - 31
Dallas Art Openings : October 27 - October 29
Dallas Art Openings : October 30 - November 4
Dallas Art Openings : October 4 - October 6
Dallas Art Openings : October 6 - 9
Dallas Art Openings : October 6 - October 9‏
Dallas Art Openings : Sep. 29 - Oct. 3
Dallas Art Openings : Sept. 22 - 26
Dallas Art Openings : September 13 - September 15
Dallas Art Openings : September 14 - September 17‏
Dallas Art Openings : September 18 - September 22
Dallas Art Openings : September 20 - September 24
Dallas Art Openings : September 27 - September 29
Dallas Art Openings : September 29 - October 2
Dallas Art Openings : September 6 - September 9
Dallas Art Openings : September 7 - September 10‏
Dallas Art Openings May 24 - May 27
Dallas Art Openings: July 9 - July 10
Dallas Art Openings: March 20 - March 24
Dallas ArtCast for Nov. 2007
Dallas ArtCast October Issue No.10!!
Dallas ArtCast's April edition
Dallas artist Chapman Kelley's "Chicago Wildflower Works 1984 - 2004" to be discussed in Rome, Italy, May 2012
Dallas Artist Featured on HGTV Property Brothers Show
Dallas Arts Advocacy Day Aug. 20
Dallas Arts Revue at the Bath House
Dallas Arts Revue gets FIERCE
Dallas Bead Market Sept. 22-23
Dallas Biennale openings April 13
Dallas CityArts Festival June 12-14
Dallas CityArts Festival June 9-11
Dallas Contemporary Inaugural Opening Feb. 6
Dallas Contemporary Legends Awards & Opening Sept. 16
Dallas Contemporary Legends event Sept. 4
Dallas Contemporary Legends fest on Sept. 17
Dallas Contemporary opening Jan. 8 at 161 Glass Street
Dallas Contemporary postpones opening its doors
DALLAS CONTEMPORARY presents international photographers
Dallas Contemporary Presents Viewfinder: New Images by Texas Artists
Dallas Contemporary prints
Dallas Contemporary Wish! Auction Jan. 29 & 31
Dallas Contemporary: Jablonowski talk & Pruitt opening
Dallas Contemporary: SHOP here December 7, 8 and 9
Dallas Design Symposium Apr. 17
Dallas Designing Dreams
Dallas gallery walk Sept. 16
Dallas Museum of Art Late Night Aug 17
Dallas Museum of Art Presents Its 2010 Awards to Artists
Dallas Nomads Art Collective in Deep Ellum Sept. 19
Dallas Observer's Artopia 2011 on Dec.3
Dallas Pottery Invitational
Dallas Quilt Celebration 2007
Dallas Video Festival Sept. 26 - 30 at the DMA
Dallas Video Festival series on Art&Seek Blog
Dallas VideoFest 25th Anniversary Bash!
Dallas Videofest to be Nov. 5-8, 2009
Dallas Wax: Fusion opens Feb. 6 at PFAMILY ARTS
DallasArtsRevue Member Show Oct. 28
Dan Blagg to lead tour of the Andy Warhol: The Last Decade Exhibition
Dan Flake exhibit at Blue Anjou Studio
Dan Lattimore - VAL Artist of the Month
Dan Wood lecture Nov. 3
DANG's Joy of Expression Exhibition Reception Jan. 31
Dara Mark: Chi Gong
Darla Bostick reception Oct. 22
David Dike Fine Art 13th annual Texas Art Auction Oct. 18
David Leonard opens in Art with a View at BarBelmont in the Belmont Hotel Nov. 30
David Logue stained glass exhibit in Allen
David Tate opens photography gallery
David Tripp Exhibit Reception Sept. 10
Day in Fort Worth Cultural District Sept. 25
Day of the Dead Celebrations at the LCC Nov. 1 & 2 - Retablos exhibit
DCA Drum & Bugle Corps Competition / Exhibition June 28
DCM Halloween Sale! Oct. 2
Dead Photographers Society
Dean Corbitt reception April 10 at the Mesquite Arts Center
Dear Clark Art Show Aug. 23
Deborah Aschheim: Method of Loci opens March 10
Deborah Kapoor "Sensorium" reception/talk Mar. 9 at the Encaustic Center
Dec. 10 Reception at artspace111
Dec. 12 at the Arlington Museum of Art
December 3rd openings at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center
December at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center
December Events for the Visual Art League of Lewisville
Deep Ellum Art Walk April 17 & Afterparty
Deep Ellum Art Walk Sept. 19
Deep Ellum Art Walk Sept. 24
Deep Ellum Arts Festival Apr. 3-5
Deep Ellum Arts Festival April 1-3
Deep Ellum Gallery Walk Sept. 22
Deep in the Art of Texas Nov. 9
Demolicious July 30
Denison 2006 Fall Fine Art Tour Nov. 4-5
Denison Fall Fine Art Tour Nov. 1 & 2
Denison Spring Fine Art Tour Mar. 28-29
Denison Spring Fine Art Tour Mar. 31-Apr. 1
Denison Spring Fine Art Tour- Mar. 29-30
Denton Risting Artists at LuminArte 7pm-11pm Oct. 23
Derivatives: Origins in Geometry Juried Show Opens July 15, 5:30 - 8:00 at the Geometric MADI Museum
Design District Gallery Day July 28
Design Guide Social Sept. 22
Design on Dragon returns Nov. 5
Design on Dragon returns Nov. 7
Design Symposium with Christo Feb. 27: Tickets on Sale Now
Designing and Downsizing Panel Dec. 13
DeSoto Art League Art Exhibits: Brotherton & Wester
DeSoto Art League exhibits
DeSoto Art League for September
DeSoto Art League March & April Exhibits
DeSoto Art League Sept. exhibits & meeting
DeSoto Arts and Film Indie Fest Sept 23 & 24
DeSoto Plein Air Paint Out April 28
DeSoto Plein Aire Paint Out at Nance Farm Oct. 1
DFW Fiber Fest April 9-11
DFW International Airport – Art Tour
Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead Art Exhibition reception Oct. 14
Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead reception Oct. 17
Día De Los Muertos Miniweek at the Latino Cultural Center
Día de los Muertos Oct. 29 at the LCC
Dia de los Muertos reception Oct. 16 at the Bath House
Dia de Los Ninos opens March 22 in Oak Cliff
Dia del Nino Festival April 25
Día del Niño Saturday, April 23, 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Diaries of an Enlistment at the Bath House
Dichos opens Mar. 26 at the LCC
Did you miss the Speed Bump Tour for 2009? How about CityArts?
Digital III at the TVAA Gallery in March
Dining by Design Dallas 2008 fundraiser
Disaster Planning for Museums and Collectors at the Nasher Sculpture Center
Discover new works at Cerulean Gallery’s exhibition “Unearthed”
Disquiet and Past & Present open Sept. 4 at the Bathhouse
DJ Chiecchi Pathway & Promises Exhibition
DMA Arts & Letters Live 2012 Season
DMA Late Nights - Summer Block Party June 17
Documentation Series: An exhibition by Diane Walker Gladney
Dog Days of Summer
Donor matching at La Reunion
Dorothy Aderholt: the Arlington Museum of Art Pays Tribute
Doss Art Exhibit for Weatherford Art Association Members opens Sept. 6
Double Entendre - Mixed-Media by Maureen Brouillette & Joel Sampson
Double Take -- Sampson & Brouillette open at the Garret July 11
Downtown Arlington Open House - Nov. 14
Downtown Front and Center event April 28 in Arlington
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Feb. 6
Dragon Street art stroll Nov. 3
Drama in Black & White April - May 2008
Drama in Black and White exhibit
Dream Magazine Christmas Event Dec. 12 at W.A.A.S.
Dreams and Delusions at Upstairs Gallery
Dungeon of Doom at the Arlington Museum of Art
Dutch Art Gallery reception Sept. 12 and Trunk Show
Earliest Recollections - VAL's 30th birthday party Jan. 27
Earth Amma Series opens May 14
Earth and Fire
Earth to Art sale Apr. 30
Earthly Delights
Earthquake & tsunami benefit / Las Horas Serenas reception March 19
EASL benefit "Art Heist" April 28
East Fork Gallery opens Nov. 21
East Side Creative Arts exhibit through Nov. 27
Eastside Club exhibits in Hurst
ECAA Annual Membership Show Winners
ECAA presents new members exhibit
ECAC Juried Show Winners
ECAC Members Show winners
Eclectic art exhibition honors a Latin American religious icon
Eclectic Expressions December news
Eclectic Expressions holiday sales
Eclectic Expressions January events
Eclectic Expressions opens Feb. 21 in Arlington at Palmer House
Eclectic Expressions presents "Natural Perspectives" June 6 - July 4
Eclectic Expressions salon with Willis Davic Apr. 11
Eclectic Expressions Sept. 2009 schedule
Eclectic Expresssions presents Dreamtime & participates in Art Goggle & FWADA Spring Gallery Night
Eclectic Visions Aug. 4 - Sept. 30 at the AMA
Edith Baker Art Scholarship Award Ceremony Sept. 21
Edith Baker Art Scholarship Finalists Reception Sept. 9
Edith Baker Art Scholarship Opening Reception Sept. 24
Edith Kramer opens Nov. 19
Egyptian lecture & seminar Mar. 21-22
Eighth Annual Cedars Open Studios Tour Set For Nov. 20, 2010.
El Corazon at the Bath House
EL CORAZÓN at the Bathhouse Feb. 7 - Mar. 7
El Dia de los Muertos - Guest Curated by Bernardo Cantu and Angelita Rodriguez
El Ojo Fino/The Exquisite Eye and Morelos: Estampas de la Independencia open Sept. 11 at the LCC
El Viaje – The Journey: Latin American Jewish Artists and Poets
Elva Robinson & Geraldine Brettman exhibit
Emerging Young Artists Art Gallery Show Aug. 15 Dallas
Emotions of a King: Art by J. Taylor opening Oct. 7
Empty Bowls 2011 - An Artful Taste To End Hunger Feb. 18
Emswiler opens Nov. 2 at Richland
En Plein-air Artists of TAG at FWCAC April 1-21
Enlaces reception Dec. 14 at the LCC
Enrique Chavarría: Surrealism and the Fantastic at the LCC
Epner & McClure open April 16th at the Encaustic Center
Ernie Benton Solo Exhibit reception Nov. 7
Ernie Benton’s Original Painting “Quaker Town” Published in New Book
Ernie's reception Dec. 10
Erwin Wurm, Zoe Crosher and the Dallas Biennale open at the Dallas Contemporary April 13
Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q Trunk Show May 18
ETSY Dallas Craft Party June 18 & Supplies Sale June 26
Etsy Dallas is happy to launch our 2012 SHOP HOP: The Jammie Bash
Etsy Dallas Member Online Sales and Giveaways
Etsy Dallas Spring Bash May 1
Etsy Dallas Spring Bash May 16
Etsy Dallas Spring Bash May 5
Etsy Dallas Valentine's Day Trunk Show Feb. 9
Etsy Dallas Weekend Gulde: Aug. 21-23
Etsy Dallas' Spring Bash May 5
Etsy Dallas: 3rd Annual Spring Bash Apr. 30
Etsy Denton Barn Sale Oct. 30
Etsy Denton Handmade Harvest Nov. 3
Etsy Denton Summer Bazaar June 4
Etsy Dllas Craft Party June 10 & Art Supply Sale June 25
Etsy Fort Worth Announces Spring Show – Spring Into Handmade Mar. 19
Etsy Fort Worth at Arts Goggle
Evening of Art & Entertainment with Mosaic Nov. 6th
Events at Stephanie Ward Gallery
Evidence-Based Art April 12
Exhibitions at the Bath House celebrate fresh talent and family connections
Exhibits & art lectures at SMU Meadows
Exhibits & art lectures at SMU Meadows
Exhibits & symposia at SMU museums
Exhibits schedule for spring/summer
Exhilaration of Acceleration by Pat Brown
Experience “Wanderlust” at Cerulean Gallery
Exploring Watercolor opens Aug. 23 in Farmers Branch
Exquisite Creatures 2: May 8 - 22, 2010
Eye Facets open May 7 at VACD
Eyes of the Heart reception Oct. 28
Eyes Wide Shut-Art & Movement Benefit July 17
F6 presents Art Bowl at Lincoln Square Feb. 3- 5
FACE TO FACE reception Dec. 14
Faces of Frisco: Scanlan exhibit in July
Faces of India: Photographs by Hugh Adams - reception May 23
Fair Delights for Spring Abound (at local 2007 art festivals)
Fair Delights for Spring Abound (at local art festivals)
Faith Artists Exhibit at Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Faith Artists present Truth & Hope; reception July 14
Faith Guides Us opens April 5 at Oxide
Faith Scott Jessup & Todd Ford reception Nov. 11
Fall 2006 Exhibits
Fall 2007 Art Festivals and Special Events
Fall 2007 Exhibits & Receptions
Fall 2008 Art Festivals and Special Events
Fall 2008 Exhibits & Receptions
Fall 2009 Art Festivals and Special Events
Fall 2009 Exhibits and Receptions
Fall 2010 Art Festivals and Special Events
Fall 2010 Exhibits and Receptions
Fall 2010 Exhibits and Receptions con't
Fall Arts Festival in Forney Nov. 3 & 4
Fall Family Day at the Arlington Museum of Art Sept. 30
Fall for Arts Art Walk Sept. 3 at Watters Creek
Fall Gallery Night in Fort Worth Sept. 10
Fall happenings at DeSoto Art League
Fall Show and Sale at the Craft Guild of Dallas Nov. 1 - 4
Family Experiences at the DMA
Family Funday & Art in the Garden Oct. 8 in Irving Arts Center
Farmers Branch-Carrollton Art Association Events
Farmers Branch-Carrollton Art Assoc. Membership Show
Farmers Branch-Carrollton Art Association Exhibit
Fashion Benefit Youth Artists fashion show May 14
Favorite Treasures reception Jan. 8 at Artists' Showplace
FBCAA Show opens Sept. 21 at Medical City
FBCAA Show reception Oct. 1
FBCAA Spring 2008 shows
February at RO2 Art
February Events for the Visual Art League of Lewisville
Feel the Love: The Little Big Men of Vivero Boxing Gym
Fiber Art Exhibit opens June 1
Fiber show at El Centro
Fictional 2 & White Rock Lake at the Bath House
Fictional 3 opens July 7 at the Bath House
Fiesta Cultural Zacatecana March 26
Fifth Annual Catholic Foundation Plaza Artists Competition Winner Unveiling/Dedication Ceremony
FilmMatters 2012 - Symposium Nov. 3
FilmMatters Movie Screenings DIFF
Finding Her Voice: A Celebration of Women Artists
First Annual BooksmART Festival June 11
First Friday Art Walk in uptown Dallas
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art STUDIO
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio Feb. 3
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art Studio May 4
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art STUDIO Nov. 2
First Friday Denton at A Creative Art STUDIO Sept. 7
First Friday Denton Jan. 4
First Friday Denton May 7
First Friday Denton Sept. 7
First Friday in Denton Oct. 5
First Impressions: The Monotype ~ Reception Nov. 13
First Thursdays on Dragon Street
Flags, UFO's and Bad Weather opens June 9
Fleeting Inevitability: the art of Awadh Baryoum
Flora et Lux: Sandra Freeman Nov 11
Flow: Dalton Maroney 1982 - 2011 at the AMA
Flower Power collage project - update
Flower Power Festival Mar. 15 in Frisco
Fluke - film screening Oct. 16
Fluxus Art Show opens July 1; reception July 10 at UTA
Focal Point opens Sept. 22
For the Love of Art - Sale & Studio Open House Feb. 12 & 13
For the Love of Art Gala May 8 at ArtCentre of Plano
Forney Arts Council Member Show reception Dec. 8
Forney reception April 20
Fort Worth 15 and more...
Fort Worth Abstract opens Aug. 12 at Gallery 76102
Fort Worth Circle Artists at the Amon Carter - exhibit & lecture Feb. 16
Fort Worth Community Arts Center February exhibits
Fort Worth Cultural Arts Center April Events
Fort Worth Day in the District Sept. 22
Fort Worth Day in the District Sept. 24
Fort Worth Fall Gallery Night & Party Sept. 8
Fort Worth Fall Gallery Night Sept. 11
Fort Worth Fall Gallery Night Sept. 12
Fort Worth First Fridays
Fort Worth Imagination Celebration
Fort Worth Library art exhibit opens July 13
Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival April 19-22
Fort Worth Public Art March events
Fort Worth Spring 2011 Gallery Night March 26
Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night Mar. 27
Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night Mar. 28
Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night Mar. 29
Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night March 24
Found Object Art Reception March 24
Found Object Art Reception May 14
Found Objects Open Studio Feb. 13
FRAMED at Mokah Art Gallery
Frank Lloyd Wright's Samara opens Dec. 1 at the AMA
Frank Sowells Presents Perspectives Art Exhibit at Kennedy Gallery
Franz Mayer talk on architectural art glass & mosaics Nov. 17
Frederick SOTA Show
FREE 4 All - Samplers/Panels 12/30/12, Noon-5pm
FREE 4 ALL May 22 at Found Objects Studio
Free Film Screening and Discussion Nov. 18
Free Gallery Talk at the Amon Carter on July 21: Capturing Nightlife: Early Twentieth-Century Watercolors
FREE Gallery Talks: "Visual Distillation: The Art of the Logo" May 23
Free lecture May 26 on Hudson River School painting Kindred Spirits
French Fest Oct. 22 at Banks Fine Art
Fresh Faces 2X2 exhibition reception Dec. 3
Fresh Ideas 2010 opening July 10
Fresh Ideas opens July 11 & other Lewsivlle art events
Frisco Arts in the Square March 5 & 6
Frisco Arts presents 'Texas Goes to France' by Moya & Richardson
Frisco in the map for international artists
Frisco's 2010 Arts in the Square Festival Mar. 6-7
Fritz and Bain reception June 8 in Forney
From Blues to Hip Hop at the TVAA Downtown Gallery
Front Street Festival Sept. 29
Full Circle opens Sept. 28
Full Moon in the Pottery
Funky Finds A Holiday Experience Nov. 10 & 11
Funky Finds artisan showcase Apr. 25
Funky Finds Experience Nov. 6 & 7
Funky Finds Spring Fling Mar. 13
Fuqua-Koehler & Benton exhibit in Farmers Branch
FWADA Selections 2012
FWCAC April Events
FWCAC Artists' Opening Receptions January 4, 6-9pm
FWCAC August Opening & Events
FWCAC June Events
FWCAC March events
FWCAC openings & art sales July 11
FWCAC openings April 8; YArt Sale April 9
FWCAC openings Jan. 7
FWCAC openings May 6th
FWCAC: December Events
FWCAC: January Events
FWCAC: March 2012 Events
FWCAC: May 2012 Events
FWCAC: November Events
FWCAC: November Events
FWCAC: November in the Arts Center
FWCAC: October Events
FWCAC: October Exhibits in the Arts Center
FWCAC: Receptions for new exhibits Aug. 6
FWCAC: September Events
Gala events for the Creative Arts Center in Bonham
Galería de la Rosa Art exhibits & call for artists
Galleri Urbane Dallas invite on June 23
Galleria Pierra exhibit
Gallery 76102 celebrates on Dec. 16th
Gallery 76102: Reception for Betsy Williamson, April 7
Gallery 76102: Reception for Melba Northum "Broken Sugar" Aug. 11
Gallery Bomb presents: BrickHouse Bandits art exhibition & block party Sept. 10
Gallery Night - Tuesday, August 3rd - Wild Wild West
Gallery Night Art Opening Reception: "Wax on, Wax off" April 7
Gallery Night Artafair March 27-28
Gallery Night at JazzXpressions-Whimseez Sept. 11
Gallery Night in Fort Worth on Mar. 31
Gallery of the Arts in Forney Grand Opening Jan. 28
Gallery Opening Reception: Flights of Fancy June 7
Gallery Talk and Meet & Greet with James Surls Nov. 13
Gallery Talk Back at the Amon Carter Nov. 29
Gallery Talk: Destinos by Michelle Murillo Jan. 23
Gallery Talk: Surrealistic Perspectives in Mexican Art Oct. 6
Gallery VIII Artists & Friends Studio Tour: Nov. 6 & 7
Gallery VIII Artists and Friends Studio Tour: Nov. 7 & 8
Gallery VIII Studio Tour Nov. 11-12
Gallery VIII Studio Tour Nov. 3 & 4
Gallery76102 reception Jan. 27th for Timothy Harding
Garden Gallery at the Arboretum
Garden Gallery at the Arboretum March 6
Garden Gallery favorites selected
Garland Artist Accepted into Major Exhibition
Gay Anderson Watercolor Exhibit in June 2008
Geometric Artists Circle the Globe at the Madi Museum
Geometric Gala Dec. 4
Geometric Gala Oct. 12
Georgia O'Keeffe Lecture at the Amon Carter Aug. 25
Get it Appraised Feb. 21
Get on the bus with CADD for a tour of contemporary art in Dallas
Get on the Bus with CADD Nov. 12
Ghost Story Exhibit @ Art Hotel Gallery
Giddens Gallery Grand Opening Oct. 26 - 28
Gillespie and Guzman open Sept. 15 at the SDCC
Gingerbread Trail Arts and Crafts Fair June 5 & 6
girlShow 2012 Oct. 20
Glass art at Grapefest Sept. 12
Glenn Comtois Opening Reception July 11
Global Positions photography exhibit opens March 3
Go Underground Feb. 12
Goodrich Gallery Exhibit
Gossett's There's No Sun Shining Through opens Feb. 9
Graduate student exhibit at UNT opens July 14
Grammy Award Winner Brave Combo to Headline Cottonwood Art Festival May 5
Grand Opening of the Oak Cliff Cultural Center Aug. 12
Grand Prairie art show opening Sept. 12
Grand Prairie Arts Council Art Show opening Sept. 11
Grand Prairie Juried Show opens Sept. 14
Grand Prairie, My Hometown opens Sept. 13
Grand Re-Opening of the Icehouse Gallery July 1
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival -- classes & more
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival Jan. 8 & 9
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival July 14 & 15
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival July 15-17
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival July 17 & 18
Grapevine Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival July 19 & 20
Grapevine Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival Jan. 6 & 7
Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington June 5-7
Great American Scrapbook Convention June 1 - 4
Great American Scrapbook Convention June 3-5
Great American Scrapbook Convention June 4-6
Great Escapes opening July 6
Gregory Horndeski: The First Thirty Years opens February 11
Gutmann exhibit in Frisco
h'ART Attack Feb 11, 7-9pm
Haddock at Your Private Collection in Granbury
Hamilton in the Hi-Gloss Initiative opening May 26; reception June 7
Handley Art Benefit & Gala May 19
Handmade + Vintage Gifts at IndieGenius
Handmade Holidays Arts, Crafts & Vintage Marketplace Dec. 8-9
Handwoven Arts opens Sept. 1 at Mesquite Arts Center
Hanging with Boys and Little Cloths opens Sept. 12 at LCC
Happy Holidays Gift Market - Handcrafted & Vintage Finds Dec. 7 & 8
Harding & Jones open Nov. 14 at
Haugen exhibit in Lewisville
HCAF National Show now on display
HeARTbeat Invitational Art Exhibit reception Aug. 17
Hecho en Dallas / Made in Dallas 2007
Helen Bailey at Image on the Square
Henderson CAC Art Show awards
Herd Photographs exhibit
Herod and Herman opening May 12 at the SDCC
Hetterich Reception Aug 6th, Artists' Showplace
Hidden Artists: Those Who Teach
Hidden Talents Art Show May 18
HIDEOUT Reception Aug. 11
Hill Country and Layerists exhibits at Artists' Showplace
Hill Country Friday Painters Reception Sept. 7
Hinojosa: Remnants of the Plains at the Pearce Museum
His&Hers: Collection of Recent Artwork by Ken and Maureen Womack
Hispanic Women's Network of TX Latina Art Show Sept. 25
Historic Mansfield Art Festival June 6
History Made Modern exhibit Mar. 30-May 4
HMC Film Screening at the MAC Oct. 4
Holiday Art Show and Sale (Southlake) Nov. 30
Holiday Artist Market in Hendersonville
Holiday Bazaar at the Art Hotel Gallery Dec. 10
Holiday Bazaar at The Encaustic Center Dec. 1
Holiday Bazaar at the Encaustic Center Dec. 13
Holiday Bazaar at The Encaustic Center Dec. 3
Holiday Bazaar at The Encaustic Center Saturday, December 4th: 11 am - 5 pm
Holiday Gala 2010 – Old World Christmas
Holiday Open House: A Celtic Christmas Dec. 5
Holocaust Remembrance Exhibition at TVAA Gallery
Hope is Never Silent reception Sept. 14
Huffhines Art Trails Festival Oct. 27 & 28
Hungarian film screening Apr. 12
I See A Chuckle exhibit in January
I See A Chuckle III reception Jan. 10
IAA 2012 Annual Juried Show Reception May 6
IAA 2012 Winter Exhibit at the West Irving Library - Reception Jan. 14
IAA Artists Studio Home Tours Nov. 4-5
IAA Members Juried Show Reception May 2
IAA Members Juried Show Reception May 4
IAA's Juried Pet Art Exhibit announces winners
IAC Art Connection Reception Oct. 30
Ice House Reflections opens Aug. 14; reception Aug. 22
Illuminating Scripture: FAITH Artists Exhibitions
Illumination opens May 11 in Ingram
Illusory and Prose & Poetry opens June 18 with an Artists' Reception from 6-8
Imagination Celebration's Art For Life Art Opening August 5, 2009‏
import: Eric Eley, John Frost, & Ryder Richards - Reception Aug13
imPRESS Printmaking reception Jan. 9 in Frisco
In the Mind's Eye opens Nov. 2 at Oxide
IN-TRANSIT video art exhibitions launch July 20
Inaugural "Dallas Art Fair" Feb. 5-8
Inaugural David Dillon Symposium “Criticism Today” April 26-27, 2012
Inaugural North Texas Printmakers Guild Members Show
Incidental Transformations opens March 7 at Richland College
Incrementum II - alley's house 8th Annual Art Auction Feb. 4
Indiegenius Bazaar Oct. 22 & 23 and vendor opportunities
IndieGenius presents {LOVE}LY Feb. 10
IndieGenius winter sale
IndieGeniusBazaar | 80 Vendors Handmade & Vintage | April 9 & 10
Inez & Vidoodh and K8 Hardy opening Sept. 22
Infini Entendre Solo Art Exhibit Ray Albarez Dec. 3, 2011
Influence opening July 15 in Oak Cliff
INFLUX: University of Dallas Ceramics
Inner Section at the Cerulean
Inquisitive Eye at the Mesquite Arts Center
Inspire 2012 CEPH event at the Dallas Design Center
Interior Constructs
International Artist Day Oct. 25
Introductions North exhibit
Invitation from Gisa Elwazir
Invitational Student Show reception July 14 at Collin Spring Branch
iPhonography: Images Along the White Rock Creek Trail opens July 7
Irma Ward reception Dec. 5
Irving Art Association's 50th - May 7
Irving Arts Center celebrates openings & Family Funday Aug. 10
Irving Arts Center Christmas Arts
Irving Arts Center exhibition combines sound and style
Irving Black Arts Council exhibit: The Forgotten Soldier
Irving exhibits: VET's encaustics and Tuesday Painters
Irving Holiday Open House Dec. 7 and Saturday Family Fundays
Irving Main Street Event Sept. 10
Irving Quilt Guild Show June 8-9
Isabelle du Toit at the PanAmerican May 10 - June 14.
it's going to be LEGENDARY (we promise).‏
J.U.L. presents 'FLOOD OF EMOTION'/Artists Healing JAPAN Fundraiser
Jacquet and Hornish at Norwood Flynn
Jamaica Me Crazy For Art ! Oct. 15
Jan. 2008 Dallas ArtCast
January 17 Clean-Up Day at the La Reunion Site in Oak Cliff
January Architecture events
January Art Exhibition at Art Spirit
January scrapbooking conventions
Japanese Garden Festival April 24 & 25
Jardine's Intermittent Light opening April 9
Jason Ice - Ro2 Art - Downtown - Opening May 13
Jason Ice installation for NBA All-Star Weekend Party
JazzXpressions - new gallery opening Dec. 11
Jerry E. Smith: "In the Spirit of the Moment: a Mixed Media Installation
Jessica Gottschalk's Art Expose Feb. 10
Jill Magid - presentation on computer art March 7
Jingle Bash Nov. 19
Jingle Bash Nov. 19 - get the Bash Pass
Jingle Bash Nov. 21
Jingle Bash opportunity Nov. 20
JINGLE BELLS BAZAAR in Bishop Arts Dec. 8
Jingle Bells on Bishop Dec. 2 - 4
Joe Blanford exhibit in DeSoto
Joey Seeman opens Oct. 13 at the Magnolia
John Carpenter Artist Fine Art Exhibition opens Sept. 1
Join Ann Hardy on June 3
Join Art After 5 at the DeGolyer Mar. 9
Join us in honoring Bevery Fuqua on April 11 - receptions for Fuqua & Tate
Join Us Thursday - A Celebration of Art and Architecture - Euclid Art House by Ro2
Join world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass in Dallas
Jones & Minter reception Oct. 9
Joseph Havel opens Sept. 5 at the Dallas Contemporary
Josh Trefethen, World Photographer
Journey: The Art, Music and Words of Grant Halliburton
Joyce Pike at Weiler House June 25
Juan Melé & Arte Concreto - Invención reception April 20
Juergen Strunck/Gisela-Heidi Strunck reception June 9
Julia Liou reception Jan. 31
Julie McNair: Earthly Patterns opens Oct. 22
July at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center
July events at the FWCAC
July Podcast at Dallas ArtCast
Junanne Peck and Sharon Giles exhibits at the West Irving Library
June Exhibit at the MAC
Kaligrafos Texas ABC Exhibit and Book
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society presents "In Celebration of Calligraphy"
Karen Blessen and upcoming girlShow 2011
Karen Cope talk on sculpting April 8
Karin Michele Anderson opening June 12
Keens glass exhibit opening July 11 at the AMA
Keller Gallery Walk
Keller's Got Talent
Kennedale Art in the Park Festival Apr. 16-18
KERA airs Art in the Twenty-First Century & Craft in America II
KERA Think and CEO Rundown – Week of 5/24/10
KERA Think Rundown - Week of 8/17/09
KERA Think Rundown – Week of 10/05/09
KERA “Think” Rundown – Week of 7/12/10
KERA/THINK/CEO: Beat poets, Good eats, Guest Hosts and More! - Week of June 21 on KERA-FM, KERA-TV and KERA.ORG
KERA/THINK/CEO: Guest rundown for the week of July 26 on KERA-FM, KERA-TV and KERA.ORG
KERA/THINK/CEO: Holiday schedule for week of 12/28 on KERA-FM and KERA-TV
KERA/THINk/CEO: Week of August 23, 2010
KERA/THINK: George Carlin, Jack London and Japanese-American Relations - Week of 7/19 on KERA
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KERA/THINK: Guest rundown for the week of August 16, 2010
KERA/THINK: Guest rundown for the week of August 9, 2010
KERA/THINK: Katherine Wagner/NTBCA, UNT Prof on jazz improv and African American culture and P.J. O'Rourke among the guests - week of 8/31 on KERA
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KERA/THINK: Sustainability in residential housing and artist James Magee - Friday, 10/22 on KERA TV
KERA/THINK: Week of July 5, 2010 on KERA-FM, KERA-TV and KERA.ORG
Kerry Boutell & George Fowler opening May 27 at Eclectic Expressions
KEVIN RENNER in "Mind Body & Spirit: Sculpture & Paintings" opening Sept. 10
Kick Off Spring With the 3rd Annual Funky Finds Spring Fling Mar. 12 & 13
Kid's Wildlife Safari Oct. 3; Wildlife Art Reception Oct. 4
Kids Wildlife Safari Oct. 5
KiKi Curry Studio Opening
Kimbell activities for Nov. & Dec.
Kinetic art meets nature at the Bath House
Kingerlee opens Oct. 13 at Alan Barnes
Klyde Warren Park Grand Opening Oct. 27-28
Komarica opening Dec. 4
Krendick's Elevated: Landscapes of the Southwest at the New Gallery
Kringle: An Art & Crafts Show Dec. 11
KXT 91.7 FM Begins Broadcasting November 9
l WISH! Save the Date 5.15.2010
La Gente de la Revolución opens Nov. 13 in Oak Cliff
La Reunion 2nd Annual Tree Carving Event and Open House Feb. 7
La Reunion 3rd Annual Open House Feb. 27
La Reunion Fall 2008 Events & Inaugural Fundraising Campaign
La Reunion news - 2011 summary & coming in 2012
La Reunion Open House Nov. 14
La Reunion Open House Sept. 27
La Reunion TX offers space to The Stewpot for art exhibition March 28
La Reunion: new artist residency group
La Virgen de Guadalupe opens at the OCCC Dec. 10
Ladybugs 36th Annual Christmas Collection
Lake Ray Hubbard Artists Studio tour 2006
Lakeside Fall For The Arts Wine and Cheese event Oct. 1
Lakewood Summer Arts Faire Sept. 6 & 7
Lancaster Art Club Exhibit
Lance Jay Brown lecture Dec. 13 for Dallas Architecture Forum
Landscapes & Different Points of Contact opens March 10
Landscapes & Vistas reception Apr. 5
Language of Myth opening Oct. 30 at Norwood Flynn
Lantern Light 2012 on Dec. 1
Larry Carey opening Dec. 19
Lass Blumen Sprechen (Let Flowers Speak) reception Oct. 14
Late Nights at the DMA - Nov. 19
Late Nights at the DMA and Nasher
Latest issue of moderndallas.artnews
Latin America in Músicarte de Fort Worth Oct. 3-4
Latino Arts Festival call for artists
Latino Cultural Center openings Jan. 20: photos of the Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge and the Trinity Riever
Launch of Dallas Solstice 2013 on June 30
Laurel Hill Artists Sale Dec. 1 & 2
Laurel Hill Artists' Holiday Sale
LCC presents Faith and Devotion & Models of Public Art openings Sept. 8
LCC presents Young Architects from Spain opening Nov. 11
Lecture on Charles M. Russell Feb. 23 at the Amon Carter
Lecture on Russian Icons exhibit Dec. 16
Lecture on Thomas Cole of the Hudson River School at the Amon Carter Mar. 24
Lecture series at the LCC on Latino art and culture
Lecture: Rising Up: Hale Woodruff’s Murals from Talladega College by Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite Jan. 12
Lee Hill and Martha Howell at Eclectic Expressions
Let Art Talk opens Aug. 1
Let There Be Light Opening Gala Feb. 19
Let There Be Light opens Feb. 19
LGAA Benefit Sept. 18
Like Father, Like Son: The Art of Henry Howard Sr. & Jr. in the Arthello Beck Gallery
Limbo opens at W.A.A.S. Gallery Nov. 16
Lindsey / Davenport exhibit at VAL
Linear Thinking opens Feb. 19
LINK opens Oct. 23 at HCG
Live animals at the Wildlife Show; animal art class for children Sept. 30
Living in the Art of Uptown
Local Art Headlines for this week
Local Artist Showcase opens Feb. 21 at the Dutch Art Gallery
Local arts & crafts for holiday gifts
Lois Weber Film Festival July 24-30
Lone Star Film Society's Classics Series
Los Cubanos opens June 21 at the PanAmerican
Los Méxicos de Mariana Yampolsky: Ritos y Regocijos - April 1 - June 28
LOS SEIS DE AMERICA at the Bath House
Lost in Scotland opens Oct. 30
Loteria at the Bath House; April 30 reception
Love Come Down opening Oct. 15
Luckenbach, Texas sweethearts T-Roy & Candace Miller coming to VAL Nov. 3
LuminArte Gallery hosts Open House for LuminArte Gallery Artists Studios
LuminArte Gallery International Artists Exhibition “Imagine” closing reception Oct. 26
LuminArte Gallery Presents "Texas: Bold and Abstract" Sept. 9
LuminArte Gallery Presents "ZENITH" opening July 14
LuminArte Gallery's Under 200 Show opening Dec. 3
Luminarte Gallery: Under $500 opens March 5th
Lyrical Passage
M Street Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour 2006
MAC celebrates Blue Yule on Dec. 6
MAC Opening Reception Nov. 3
MAC's Trolley Stop Market June 18
MADE IN AMERICA reception Sept. 8
Madi Gras 2012 Feb. 25
MADI Museum reveals the geometry of paper
MADI: A Geometric Symphony at the Latino Cultural Center
MADI: Arcadia Salon for Geometric Showcase Nov. 1
Madison Rhea opening at MSR Contemporary
Maestros Tejanos Exhibition opening May 12
Maestros Tejanos: Benito Huerta
Maetros Tejanos honors Tina Fuentes
Magical Experiences in 2011!
MAIN ST. and FWISD put Art on Tour
MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival Apr. 17-20
Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival April 14 - 17
MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival April 16-19
MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival April 8-11
Make Space for Art reception, book signing & exhibit
Make Space for Artists - Panel Discussion Jan. 29
Make Space for Artists: Design-A-Studio launches Nov. 6 at Dallas Museum of Art with La Reunion TX
Make's Urban Street Bazaar Oct. 2 & 3
Manes at PanAmerican
Mar. 12, 13 & 14 - Dallas Quilt Celebration
March at CADD Art Lab
Marek and Ilan at UT DALLAS
Maria Shieh exhibition of Oriental art
Marian Hirsch exhibit
Marilyn Chandler memorial exhibit reception Feb. 6
Mark Crow & Marisa Williamson open Nov. 20 at the Arthello Beck gallery
Mark Renner "The Deserters"
Mark Your Calendars for the SSAT Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Show
Marshall-McPhail Gallery holds Artist Reception for Toni Wengler Oct. 27
Marvels of modernism in landscape Feb. 5
Master Glass 2012 celebrates glass art
Master GLass 2012 Invitational opening June 16
Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation dinner Jan. 15
Material Traces opens June 18 at the MAC
Materials Hard & Soft 2008
Matt White at La Reunion June 5
Mattioli reception Apr. 5
Maximum Mini Art Show July 9 for Williams & Rodriguez
May Celebrations at Rose Marine Theater
May Events of the Visual Art League of Lewisville
May Schedule of Events for the Visual Art League of Lewisville
McCoo & Crouch open at the SDCC
MCFA 2009 Open Show winners
McKinney Art Studio Tour Nov. 14 & 15
McKinney Artist Studio Tour: Nov. 10 & 11
Meadows Forum for Art and Urban Engagement Nov. 30
MELTDOWN opens July 11
Melting Pot - Best of Show Overall
Melting Pot Exhibition opens June 23; reception July 7
Melting Pot opens June 11
Meninas at the 14th Street Gallery
Merging Visions Exhibitions open April 9
Merging Visions reception Apr. 4
Mesquite History Exhibit
Mesquite Illuminated Columns & Kinetic Sculpture
MetalMorphosis opens Jan. 26
Metrocare Meal for the Minds features art auction Sept. 15
Mexican Masters exhibit at Artizen
Michael Bales - demos, exhibit & award
Michael Bales Solo Show and Visual Art League of Lewisville Exhibit, "Anything Goes"
Michel Verjux Downtown Project Feb. 19
Michelle Belto show at The Encaustic Center, April 15
Michelle Ruvalcaba opening July 16
Microcosm Art Exhibition: APT Member Exhibition
Mining My Sketchbooks: NEW WORKS OF ART BY David L. Mask
Mirtha Aertker exhibit MioSolo
Misty And Misty Adventures Sept. 15
Misty Oliver-Foster 50/50 opening Sept 21
Mod Shop exhibit opening Feb. 21 Gallery - "Linear Harmony" opens Sept. 5 Gallery : "Subroutine" by Gary Perrone opens Aug. 15 Gallery presents Dallas Artist Nancy Brown presents ARTS 1317 exhibit opening July 25
MODART Show opening Oct. 14
Moderndallas.aRTnews May edition presents Twelve acclaimed local Jewish artists for a dazzling Uptown exhibition on May 2 // 12-6pm
Mokah Art Gallery presents "Strata"
Mokah Art Gallery presents Alight: paintings by David Anthony Harman
Mokah Art Gallery presents GLITTER IN THE AIR works by Jennifer Gassiraro
Mokah Art Gallery presents recent works by Gisela-Heidi Strunck
Mokah Art Gallery presents ROYGBIV
Molas exhibit opens Nov. 1 at LCC as part of Quiltmania II
Mola’s: From the Kuna Indians of Panama & Colombia January 14 — March 15, 2009
Moni's Kids Benefit and Up Close & Personal Art Exhibition
Monica Araoz opening at Stephanie Ward Gallery
Monstrous Coupling opens Oct. 12 at UT Dallas
Moran show opens Sept. 6 at the PanAmerican
More on the Sculpture at the State Fair from Lottie Minnick
Moroles Presents Lecture at the LCC Feb. 3rd
Mosaic and Wide Spectrum open Nov. 19 at the AMA
Moskowitz opens Feb. 20 and other SMU Meadows art news
Mother and Son Art Show
Motions and Emotions benefit June 15
Murielle White & Mark Collop opening Dec. 9 at the Dallas Contempororay
Mylan Nguyen at the Public Trust
Mystery and Discovery Art reception June 5
N'Kele Exhibit at the Carillion
Nancy Standlee & Canvas by Canvas exhibits
Naomi Brotherton's Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings
NASA | Art opens Sept. 27
National Scrapbooking Day May 5
National Scrapbooking Day May 5 at Googly Eyes
Native American art reception Nov. 9
Native American craft exhibit at the Women's Museum
NATURA OBSCURA Michelle Pryor and Teri Lueders June 17th, 6 to 9 pm! Demos at 8
Natural Attraction opens April 13 at Artes de la Rosa
Natural Impressions opens at the TVAA Gallery
Natural State Art Show at the Artclub; Warhol style party Aug. 11
Nature's Beauty by Sharon Giles
Nel Dorn Byrd Watercolor Exhibition opens Sept. 12 in McKinney
NETFAA Annual Member Show & Reception
New Alchemy: Andrew K. Currey Feb. 1-28
New art group in Cedar Hill
New Artists at TVAA Downtown Gallery
New Exhibition at Amon Carter Museum
New exhibits for March in Irving: Hornish and Ferguson
New gallery for TVAA at the Plaza of the Americas
New Horizons in Fiber 2008
New Mexico Photography Workshop 18 opening June 8
New Paintings by Dion Johnson at Marty Walker
New Sculpture at Kidd Springs Park
New sculpture in Mesquite
New Shows, New Events from the Visual Art League of Lewisville
New Texas Talent 2009 opens July 25
New Work By Joyce Chambers at Gallery Art Cafe
Next up for Art Love Magic - Lakeside Market July 31
Nicholas Wood opens Oct. 7 at Gallery 76102
Night Song: Light Sculpture dedication Aug. 26
No Parking Any Time opens Feb. 4 at Mokah
No Rhyme or Reason opens Aug. 21
Nomad Arts charity auction Nov. 7
Nomad Arts Halloween Party Oct. 29
Nomad Arts Halloween The Wake Party Oct. 31
Nomad Arts Masquerade Ball Jan. 28
Nomad Arts' The Halloween Party Oct. 27
Nomad hosts Halloween Wake Party Oct. 30 & Art of Skateboarding Nov. 6
Norman Rockwell Exhibit Opens Jan. 7 in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area
North Dallas Artist Studio Tour April 24 & 25
North Dallas Artist Studio Tour April 28-29
North Dallas Artist Studio Tour April 29-30
North Dallas Artist Studio Tour April 30 & May 1
North Lake Student Photography Exhibit
North Texas Art Educators exhibit opening May 4 at the Oxide
North Texas Art League Exhibition Jan. 19
North Texas Plein Air on exhibit
Norwood Flynn Gallery to Host the TVAA Signature Show May 28-June 11, 2011
Norwood Flynn Holiday Show opens Nov. 14
Norword Flynn Summer Show
Nostalgia reception July 24 in Frisco
Nostalgia reception June 6 at the TVAA Downtown Gallery
Nov. TVAA Events
November Architecture Events
November Events at the Visual Art League of Lewisville
November exhibits at the Arlington Museum of Art
Nowicki drawings at Inwood Starbucks
Oak Cliff Art Crawl Apr. 10 & 11
Oak Cliff Art Divaz sale Aug. 15
Oak Cliff Artisans Fall Sale Nov. 15-16
Oak Cliff Speed Bump Tour June 13
Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Art Tour 2011 on May 14
Oak Cliff Visual Speed Bump Art Tour May 19
Objects of Desire II opening Oct. 19
Objects of Desire opening April 8
Oct 13: Art Dedication and Unveiling in Dallas Arts District
Oct. 27-29 A.R.T.S. Show & Auction in Southlake
Oct.10th garage & art sale at Eclectic Expressions
Of the Heart at the Bath House
Oil & Cotton: 2nd Annual Holiday Mercantile Dec. 10 & Print Happening with Moveable Type Dec. 12
Oktoberfest in McKinney Sept. 28 - 29
On A Paper Screen: an exhibit by Dean Corbitt
On My Own Time - NTBCA program
On Stage, Upstairs at 500x Nov. 5
Once upon a the Art Hotel Gallery Nov. 6
One Dream Colored - Reception Apr. 27
One Letter at a Time
Ooo, La, La! Denton arts fundraiser Nov. 8
Open Lab & Gifts at Found Objects Studio Dec. 19
Open Studios at Continental Gin Nov. 9 & 10
Open Studios at the Continental Gin Building Nov. 10-11
Open Terrain Nov. 1-23 at 500X
Opening at the Bath House on May 9
Opening Dec. 10 at the LCC
Opening Feb. 6: Eric Mack & Valerie Gillespie
OPENING January 15 - Imprints: Three Generations of 500X curated by Leslie Murrell, Scott Hilton, and Bernardo Cantu
Opening March 7 at 500X
OPENING May 7, 7-10pm 500X GALLERY Day Old Donut: Matt D. Clark, Clayton Hurt and Joel Lynn Kiser
OPENING Nov 5: Matt Clark, Bruce Monroe, Tim Best & Tom Leininger
Opening Reception for Art with a View Series at the Belmont Hotel
Opening Reception for Graphic Alchemy & Latino Artists Nov. 9
Opening Sat April 7- Joel Kiser, Courtney Brown, Crash Collective, Diane McGurren, Tiffany Wolf, and Kerry Pacillio
Opening Sat May 5- Christine Bisetto, Tiffany Wolf, Trish Igo and Jill O'Brien at 500X
Opening Sat., March 10 at 500X
OPENING Sept 8, 7-10PM - 500X Annual Member's Show
Openings at the Bath House Cultural Center Dec. 4
Openings at the UNT Art Galleries
Openings at UT Dallas Aug. 10
Openings June 4 at the FWCAC
Opposites Attract opens Jan. 16
Oriental art & floral exhibit opens Jan. 11 in Irving
Oriental art exhibit in January
Oriental Art Exhibit opens Jan. 9 in Irving
Oriental Art exhibits in June
Oriental Artists and Sharon Giles exhibits in Irving
Oriental Arts reception and demo June 13
Ortiz, Carter & English spring exhibits at the Bath House
Our Architecture: Arts & Humanities DFW photography exhibition
OUR WISH! CAME TRUE (May 13 & 15 at the Dallas Contemporary) & Online Auction
Outside the Lines
OUTSIDE THE LINES 7 at the Bath House
Oxide @ Banter reception Jan. 20
OXIDE at Carino's Italian Restaurant - Aug. 31 & Sept. 1
Oxide Gallery 2nd Anniversary Oct. 5
Oxide Gallery Christmas Ornaments Show
Oxide Gallery March 2nd Opening
Oxide Gallery moving!
Oxide Gallery Night
Oxide Gallery Night Dec. 3
Oxide Gallery Night July 9
Oxide Gallery Night June 2
Oxide Gallery opening Feb. 1 for Faith Scott Jessup & North Texas artists
Oxide Gallery opening Feb. 2
Oxide Gallery opening Sept. 7
Oxide Gallery reopens Sept. 4
Oxide hosts Holiday Dinner Nov. 16
OXIDE Opening Art Reception & 3rd Anniversary party Oct. 1
OXIDE Preview to the Artistically Denton Event April 10
OXIDE@banter - Opening Art Reception Mar. 16
P.A.I.N.T. at Artists' Showplace opening Nov. 9
P.A.I.N.T. at Stage West and Corsicana's Warehouse Living Arts Center
P.A.I.N.T. at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens Restaurant
P.A.I.N.T. at the Lancaster Art Gallery
P.A.I.N.T., Professional Artists in North Texas reception Sept. 9 in Keller
P.R.I.N.T Press Exhibit Open House Nov. 8
PAA at the VACD in April
PAA Members Show Reception Jan. 21
PAA Multicultural Exhibit Reception Sep. 19
PAA sponsors Trash to Treasure Feb. 20 - Mar. 31
PAA's 125 Show Opening Reception March 21
PAA's 125 Show Opening Reception May 4
PAA's Multicultural Art Exhibit Sept. 1 - Oct. 1 & Reception Sept. 14
Pace and Wood at the Dutch Art Gallery Sept. 12-30
Pacesetters in American Art and Culture March 25
Padgett & Kelly at Eclectic Expressions
Padilla & friends botanical exhibit in Sept. at the Bradshaw
PADILLA GALLERY Holiday Market Show Dec. 8
Paint Bowls @ CAC for Empty Bowls Jan. 3
PAINT Celebrates Life opens May 4
PAINT Celebrates Texas
PAINT opens March 24 at Dow Art Gallery
Paint the Cowtown reception Oct. 4
Paint-out at the Heritage House in Irving
Paint-out at the Jaycee Park in Irving on June 25
Painted Bra Art Project for breast cancer Oct. 4
Painted Ladies, Hunting Finalists Kids Art Camp & more
Painting as a Metaphor: Artist Talk by Brent Kollock on Feb. 4
Painting as a Metaphor: Artist Talk by Brent Kollock on Feb. 4
Painting God's House and Vanishing Dallas open Dec. 1 at the Bath House
Palette to Palate benefit - Art | Wine | Food on August 25
Palo Duro art exhibits in Canyon
Paloduro Ranch exhibit
Pan American Art Projects presents Ted Larsen opening Oct. 18
PanAmerican ArtProjects presents art by Paul Hunter Dec. 1-29
Panel discussions during DADA Fall Gallery Walk focus on the Art of Oak Cliff
Panels announced for April 18 DADA Spring Gallery Walk
Paper Arts Holiday Sale Dec. 15 - 22
Parade of Giants coming March 3
PARALLELS AND CONTRASTS reception July 20 at the Madi
Paris Opera House exhibition Feb. 18-March 24
Passion, Art, Community: Denton, Texas, in Word and Image opens Aug. 30
Pastel exhibit at the Thompson July 7-29
Pastel show at the Goodrich in May
Pastel Show Nov. 2-29 & Workshop Nov. 9-11
Pastel show reception Nov. 7
Pastel Society of the Southwest Reception and Awards Ceremony Oct. 30
Pastel Society reception Nov. 12
Pat Arnold Exhibit Reception Aug. 12
Pat Brown reception April 28 at Eclectic Expressions
Patterns & Pieces Opens Saturday, April 24
Paula Mitchell "Spirits Alive" Reception Oct. 22
PCPC Arts Festival 2008 Apr. 5 - 25
PCPC Arts Festival 2010
PCPC Arts Festival opening Apr. 25
PEEK ticket info!
People's Choice Art Exhibit in Allen
Perspectives exhibit at the Cerulean Gallery Dec. 14-Jan. 23
Pet Art Auction -- art fundraiser
Pet Art Reception & Awards Sept. 13
Pet Art Reception & Awards Sept. 9
Pet Art Show reception & awards Sept. 11
Philip Van Keuren exhibit opens at Hawn Gallery Oct. 29
Photographer Sturges presentation March 8 at Richland
Photography & Digital Art Exhibition
Pie in the Sky Fundraiser Oct 25 in Ingram
Pin Show Feb. 26 - expo for local designers
Piranha Bear Art with the Y.A.T. Gallery
Plano Art Association Members Show Reception Oct. 24
Plano Gallery Night "TrickAartTreat" Oct. 27
Plasticity opens Nov. 6th at FWCAC
Please join Art After 5 at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas Oct. 8
Please join LRTX and the Giants June 19th
Plein Air at Bloomin and Boomin' Festival June 26
Plein air exhibit in Nov.
Plein Air Southwest 2009
Plein Air Southwest 2009 Exhibit
Plein Air Southwest Salon 2012 reception April 7
Plein Air Texas 2006
Plein Air Texas 2007 Apr. 15-21
Plein Aire Paintout in Desoto June 12
Poetry Art Show Sept. 29
Poets and Cattle with Ray-Mel Cornelius opens Sept. 24
Polarity opens Sept. 28 in Lewisville; reception Oct. 6
Polymer Beads & Zentangle classes
POST-NOW, group exhibition opens Saturday June 19
Pottery & sculpture sale July 10 - 11
Pottery and Texas art sales July 6-7 at the FWCAC
Pottery in the Park Festival Oct. 8 & 9
Power Grid opening at Gallery 76102 Aug. 9
Prashe 2013 Collection preview Nov. 30
Prepare for Valentine's Day with "Gems of Love" Jewelery Reception February 9
Preservation is the Art of the City reception Sept. 8
Press Jury Symposium May 28
Preview Night Feb. 1 for Texas & Neighbors; PSSW & Stephens exhibits
Printmaking workshop series at P.R.I.N.T.
Printmaking, Collage, & Assemblage Show Reception Nov. 18
Private Collections II opens Sept. 17 at UTA
Professional Artists in North Texas (PAINT) Show reception Feb. 3
Project 7x7 opening June 1
PSSW winners; Bob Rohm demo Nov. 8
Public Meets Art: A lecture by Gordon Huether May 20
Pursuit of Excellence. An Exhibition of Rising Artists opens Feb. 17
Quality of Life Mayoral Forum: Focusing on the Arts & Historic Preservation
Question of Balance and more at Eclectic Expressions
Quilt Celebration 2009 March 13-15
Quilt Mania II starts in September
Quilt Plano 2011 - Quilt Show
Quilts: 2012 Dallas Quilt Celebration "In Full Bloom" March 9-11
R.C. Hunt, Wildlife Art
Radials and Receptors opening Jan. 9
Rahul Vyas Solo Art Reception, Fri., 8 July, 6-9 PM
Ramino Burr lecture May 24
Randy Brodnax and Friends Christmas Show Dec. 7-9
Rathbun Art Party March 21
Raul Gonzalez' "Inside a City" opens Dec. 1
RCAS 40th Annual Regional Juried Show
RCAS Membership Show, demos & workshops for Fall 2010
RCAS Paint-Out Oct. 16
RCAS winners at VACD
RCAS Young People's Show opens Jan. 12
Rebecca Howdeshell Exhibit opening March 27; reception April 3
Rebirth Show opens March 8
Reception Apr. 16 for Liz Bogar
Reception at ArtSpace at Metropolitan Press April 19
Reception at Tierney's Feb. 2
Reception Feb. 17 for AVAA Regional Show
Reception for 'water' and Lavinia Aug. 5 at thegallery8680
Reception for Artist Showcase: Justin Allen, Lucy Kirkman & Paul Windle
Reception for Bob Voges & Herb Reed Sept. 14
Reception for DAL Open Show May 28
Reception for Gary Kelly July 12
Reception for Lisa & D. Arthur Wilson Sept. 13
Reception for Ron Stephens on June 3
Reception for the Texas & Neighbors Exhibit Apr. 22
Reception Nov 6 for 4th Annual Art Chicas
Reception Sept. 13 for John Penny "Slow Measure: for Cornelius"
Recollection opens Nov. 21 at Cerulean
Recurrence Relation - Reception Dec. 3 at 500X
Recycle Art Show Aug. 25
RED - opening at thegallery8680 Feb. 3
Red Hills Art Exhibition: Made You Look opens April 14
Red, White & Blue Show opening July 11
Regionalism in the 21st Century: a panel discussion on May 7
Relationships: The Artwork of Collette Jones and Marjorie Ross
Rembrandt etchings open June 9th at the AMA
Reminder: Dallas Video Festival begins this Saturday, July 26 at Conduit Gallery in Design District of Dallas
Renegade Artists group at the FWCAC
Renegade Artists reception Nov. 19
Renowned Photographer Mitch Dobrowner to Speak at Richland College Oct. 25
Reserve Space now! (Apr. 19)
Resonance: Watercolors by Billie Giese and Birdsong: New Oils by Shari Hornish, opening Aug. 21
Retablos and Maquettes opening Sept. 8 at the LCC
Ribbons of Time at the AMA
Richard Cybulski Trunk Show June 21
Richardson Summer Show Ending
Richardson’s Cottonwood Art Festival May 7-8
Richland Annual Student Art Exhibition
Richland Art Faculty @ LCC opens Mar. 5
Richland College: Student Digital Media and Photo Exhibitions
Rising Stars New Artists opening Aug. 26
Ro2 Art 2nd Annual Photography Show opening June 24
Ro2 Art is Home for The Holidays
Ro2 Art Presents Kevin Lewis Fougerousse: Memoirs
Ro2 Art presents Two Downtown Exhibitions Nov. 19
Ro2 Art Third Annual Photography Show
ROAD TRIP: CHARLOTTE SEIFERT opens Saturday, February 12, 2011 with an Artist's Reception from 6-8:00pm
Robert Hodge and Melyssah Jade at the SDCC
Robert McCormack's Reductions opens Dec. 30; reception Jan. 7
Roberta Ferguson's art sale
Roberts and Mariel opening March 12 at SDCC
Rockwall Member Fine Art Gift Show & Sale
Rolando Diaz explores the lives of vagabonds Dec. 3-28
Ron Adams: Works on Paper reception & artist talk Feb. 11
Roots and Dreams opening Jan. 8th
Roxy Art Fest to Showcase Art, Music, Food and Fun Sept. 22
Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Show ~ Mesquite, TX ~ Jan. 14 & 15
Russell Farm - Colburn sculpture & Thursday Painting Group
Russian, Ukrainian & Soviet Era Fine Art Exhibit
Ruvalcaba's Splash of Color at the Janette Kennedy Gallery
Ryan Obermeyer exhibit in Irving July 29-Aug. 25
Ryder Richards: Trajectory - opening Aug. 7
Sale of Art Collection Containing over Ninety Works by Early 20th Century Artists at McKinney Avenue Contemporary
Salon du Fit 4 at the Bath House
Salon du Fit 5 opens July 12 at the Bathhouse
Salon Series on Government Funding of the Visual Arts June 1
Salon Summer June 4 at the Wit Gallery
SANDRA GRIMLAND opening at Upstairs Gallery July 16
Sarah Williams + Barry Anderson Opening Sat. Jan. 7th, 6-8 pm
Saturday Date Night! Sultry Summer Eve Bus Tour June 30
Save the date of Sept. 24 for DADA Fall Gallery Walk and panel discussions re Oak Clif
Schurba opening June 30 at the Gallery at Oldfield Davis
Scrapbooking & paper arts conventions Jan. 9-11 & 17-18
Scrapbooking -- 2 Conventions in January
Scrapbooking convention in Arlington June 6-9
Scrapbooking events in Jan. 2008
Scrapbooking Festivals coming in January 2013
Scrappy Garage Sale Apr. 8 & 9
Screenings of the 24-Hour Video Race Winners
Sculptors Open House Sept. 29
Sculpture and Creative Arts grace the State Fair of Texas
Sculpture at the Animal Adoption Center
Sculpture in the Fall Garden in Fair Pair
Sculpture show at the State Fair of Texas
SDCC - Sanders opening March 10 & Black Women's Film Festival March 16-17
SDCC exhibits May & June
SDCC presents Works from the Private Collections of Vicki Meek & Anthony Hopkins
Searching from Memory at Gallery76102
Seasonal Treasures reception Dec. 9 and Glasswork & Classes by Larry Pile
Second Annual Ultra Extra Arts Mix Feb. 29
See a Live Bronze Casting! Tour with CADD
Seedlings opens June 17
Self Portrait reception Jan. 12
Sense of Celebration opens May 5
September activities at the Visual Art League of Lewisville
September Events for the Visual Art League of Lewisville
September Exhibits for the Visual Art League of Lewisville
September is Hispanic Heritage Month
September Podcast lineup
Seriality opens Aug. 14 at VACD
Sheba Art Exhibit at Blue Square Art Gallery
SHEBA ART SHOW by Steve Tate Apr. 25-26
Sheep, Sharks & Nightlights opens Feb. 6
Sherman Arts Festival Sept. 20
Shifting opens April 3 at 500X
Shining Stars events Sept. 25 and Oct. 24
Shop Local this "Black Friday" in the Bishop Arts District from 2-7pm
Shoppers Invited To Cast Their Vote
Show & Tell Art Festival April 15-17 in Fort Worth
Show Pony Show Aug. 17
Siggers opening July 30 at Oliver Francis Gallery
Signing Dec. 10 for CityARTCal at TVAA Gallery
Sigudarson & Ferrari at the PanAmerican opens April 5
Sikes, Ghost Town Arts & Spolans at 500X Feb. 7 - Mar. 1
SiNaCa Studios: School of Glass / Vitro Modo
Sit Down to Stand Up for Kids on Oc.13
Sizzling Summer Art Show opens July 24
Sketches from a Solo by Bobby Chitwood opens June 2 in Mesquite
Slide Preview for Texas & Neighbors Exhibit Feb. 2
Slide Preview Party Aug. 6
Slocum Street Style 2010 on Oct. 14
Slocum Street Style Night Oct. 18
Slocum Street Style Night Oct. 2
Slocum Street Style Oct. 13
Small Breaths: Recent Works by Cat Snapp opens June 15
Small Business Saturday Nov. 24
Small on the Wall at Artplace Gallery
Small Works, 2011 Holiday show extended until Jan. 28, 2012
SMU Community Forum: Arts Markets and Management Research Initiatives
SMU Conference on Urban Engagement & Creativity April 9
SMU exhibits: Velaquez, Gongora/Picasso opens and more
SMU museum openings and exhibits
Society of Watercolor Artists Exhibit March 6 - April 18
Society of Watercolor Artists Show opens April 2
SoDeVis Opening Reception July 5
Solange Mariel and Matt Esparza reception Aug. 9
Sonic Architecture opens Jan. 27
Sons and Daughters of the Sun and Star opens June 16
Sour Grapes & David Willburn opening Feb. 12
South Dallas Cultural Center: Dallas Jazz photographs & summer arts
Southern Artisans Market Oct. 10 & 11
Southlake's Art in the Square, Apr. 25 - 27
SouthSide on Lamar: Creative Works and Cedars Open Studio Tour
Southwest Black Fine Art Show April 9-11
Southwestern Watercolor Society show opens Aug. 29
Spirit of Texas Show opening Nov. 5
Spirits of Gratitude‏: the holidays at Eclectic Expressions
Spring & Fall workshop schedule for Artisan's
Spring 2009 Art Festivals and Special Events
Spring 2009 Exhibits & Receptions
Spring 2010 Art Festivals and Special Events
Spring 2010 Exhibits and Receptions
Spring 2011 Art Festivals and Special Events
Spring 2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups A - I)
Spring 2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups J - P)
Spring 2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups Q - Z)
Spring Art Mart and Silent Auction at the Bath House Cultural Center
Spring Art Show at A Creative Art Studio March 31
Spring Art Show Opening March 26 (Denton)
Spring Arts Goggle Mar. 27
Spring Festival in the Japanese Garden Apr. 16-17
Spring Fling 2008 April 5
Spring Fling at the Irving Arts Center Mar. 31
Spring for Art Studio & Gallery Tour May 13
Springtown Music and Art in the Park May 7
Stamp Asylum Free Make and Take Dec. 13
StampScrapArtTour Jan. 20-21
Star Harbor Watercolor Society opening June 11
Start Gallery opening April 30
State Fair of Texas outdoor sculpture show
State of the Arts Conference Jan. 31-Feb.1 & Arts Advocacy Day Feb. 2
Steven J. Miller Paintings & Clay Sculpture opens Sept. 11
Stewpot Art Gallery Show and Sell Sept. 25
Still Life opening Aug. 5 at TCC Northwest
Stitches in Time photography gallery talk April 26
Stitches to Strokes The Works of Sara Miller
String of Pearls fundraiser Nov. 14
Strip opens June 29
students@work2011 reception June 10 at thegallery8680
Studio 2600: Women for Women Fundraiser & Mother/Daughter Art Exhibit
Studio Art Show reception June 4 at Upstairs Gallery
Studio Rummagio this coming weekend
Sublime & Surreal: concrete, color, resin & clay
Suite Art Fair April 8 - 10 at the Belmont
Summer 2007 Exhibits
Summer 2008 Art Festivals and Special Events
Summer 2008 Exhibits & Receptions
Summer 2009 Art Festivals and Special Events
Summer 2009 Exhibits and Receptions
Summer 2010 Art Festivals and Special Events
Summer 2010 Exhibits and Receptions
Summer 2011 Art Festival and Special Events
Summer 2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups A - L)
Summer 2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups M - Z)
SUMMER BUS TOUR #1 | tour of contemporary art in DallaS | July 9
Summer Celebration of Fine Art Aug. 9
Summer Designs Aug. 10
Summer Sale at Clique Gallery/Boutique - Am I Sexy Exhibit extended
Super Heroes Exhibit in Denison
Surf and Turf exhibit at Studio 2600; reception June 22
Surface Tension and Joey Fauerso exhibits at the AMA
Suzanne McNeil1 Warehouse Moving Sale Dec. 29
SW 2012 Fall Paint-out Oct. 19-21
SW Field Trip for Dale Chihuly’s Glassworks Oct. 18
SWA 2010 Members’ Juried Show Awards
SWA 2012 Internationl Exhibition Reception May 6 and other SWA news
SWA Exhibit Awards
SWA Fall "Plein Air" Session Nov. 9
SWA International Show June 5-30, Reception June 11
SWA reception Oct. 24; submission deadline Jan. 22; Oct 19 meeting
SWA Show opens April 5th; reception April 2tth
SWA Show Reception Sept. 11 & Meeting Sept. 20
SWA Spring Paintout at Fort Worth Nature Center May 23
SWA Spring Paintout at Lake Weatherford
SWA watercolor show awards reception Oct. 25
Sweet Acrobatics and Space II at the Bath House
SWS Annual Members Exhibition Show
SWS at VACD Exhibition & Opening Reception
SWS Denison 2011 Fall Paint-Out Art Exhibit
SWS Exhibit Reception Sept. 25
SWS Fall Paint Out Nov. 18 - 19 in Denison
SWS FALL PAINT OUT Weatherford Nov. 7-9
SWS Fall Paint-out in Archer City Oct. 9 - 11
SWS Fall Paintout Nov. 2-4
SWS Members Show at pFAMily Arts
SWS Paint Out at White Rock Lake Apr. 10
SWS Paint Out May 1 in McKinney
SWS Pleine Air Painters opening July 10 at Garret Art Gallery
SWS Show Reception on Sept. 26
SWS Slide Show Preview June 8
SWS Spring Paint - Out Mar. 27-29
SWS Spring Paint-Out in Tyler
SWS Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Spring Paint Out May 13 & 14
Symposium on Early Texas Art Apr. 12 - 13
SYNCLINES opening reception July 23
SYNERGY at FWCAC - Tosca & Alan Engisch
TAA gets Artrageous
TAC Featured Artist: Canvas by Canvas June 6 - Aug 30
TAG Amateur Artist Show Winners
Talty Show in Grand Prairie Apr. 2008
TAO Annual Art Show Pursuing the Wind Jan. 6 - 28
TAO's the Year of the Tiger reception Jan. 10
TCU Gallery openings: July 24 and August
TCU's MFA Thesis Exhibitions
TEDxSMU SculptCAD Rapid Artists Salon + Exhibit Opening
Terra Nova at Decorazon Gallery
Texan collectors/patrons attending Aspen's ArtCrush Gala, August 1-3
Texas & Neighbors 2012 Reception & Awards April 22
Texas & Neighbors entries due Jan. 27, 2009
Texas & Neighbors Exhibition opening May 23
Texas & Neighbors Juror Talk & Critique March 19
Texas & Neighbors Preview Night on Feb.19
Texas & Neighbors Reception Apr. 17
Texas & Neighbors Reception April 27
Texas abstraction & Arlington collectors exhibits at the AMA Sept. 30-Dec. 16
Texas Art opens Nov. 7 in Pilot Point
Texas Artists Coalition - exhibits, workshops and more
Texas Artists Coalition Juried Membership Show
Texas Artists Coalition Newsletter June 2012
Texas Artists Today book signing on Nov. 19
Texas Black Film Festival Feb. 5 - 7
Texas Contemporary Art Fair Proudly Announces Exhibitors, Programming and Expanding List of Partners
Texas Flora, Fauna & Cowboys reception at TVAA Oct. 7
Texas Goes to France
Texas goes to France to represent the United States!
Texas Painter Alexandre Hogue
Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild Show and Sale Nov. 9 & 10
Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild's 22nd Annual Holiday Sale Nov. 6
Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild's Sizzling Summer Sale July 8-9.
Texas Regional Art Symposium Oct. 10
Texas Regional Art Symposium Oct. 9, 2010
Texas Sculpture Assn Show opens Sept. 22 with reception Sept 29
Texas Sculpture Assn Show reception Nov. 9 at the OCC
Texas Sculpture Association 2012 Members Show opening May 18
Texas Sculpture Association at the Arboretum and around town
Texas Sculpture Association celebrates 50th Anniversary
Texas Sculpture Association reception July 23
Texas Sculpture Association show opens June 25
Texas Sculpture show June 11-25
Texas Wildflowers opens May 14th in Ingram
Texas women artists exhibit Nov. 3 - Jan. 28
Texas/WAX Exhibition in Deep Ellum Feb. 20 - Mar. 16
Texican Neo-Tribalismo - opens August 7
Texturama II by Sally Meding reception June 19
The "ARTISTS" show-Volume One - reception Aug. 14
The (almost) Forgotten Narrative - Photographs by Enrique Fernández Cervantes
The 2011 Fresh Ideas Juried Member Show Reception
The 2012 Edith Baker Art Scholarship Is awarded to Fernando Johnson
THE AMATEUR BIRDER'S JOURNAL - Photographs by J R Compton
The Annual Maestros Tejanos Exhibition Features Celia Alvarez Muñoz in A Toda Madre! y Padre!: Manchas y Marcas (Stains and Marks)
The Architecture of Community July 28 & City Shaping Aug. 16
The Art Hotel Gallery Conversations Art Exhibit will start people talking
The Art Kids At Brookhaven Are gearing up for their Biggest Art Sale of the year!
The Art Kids At Brookhaven Are Gearing Up For Their Biggest Sale Of The Year!
The Art Kids At Brookhaven Are Very Excited! (show & sale Dec. 2 & 3)
The art of calligraphy presented by Kaligrafos
The Art of Christmas Giving reception Dec. 4
The Art of Collecting, Saturday, April 22
The Art of Nature: Mad Hatter's Tea benefit April 12
The Art of Self
The Art, Music and Words of Grant Halliburton
The Artist Manifesto and Creating Art Opportunities in Dallas
The ARTISTS show - Volume Two Oct. 23 at the Icehouse
The arts in Frisco
The Association of Oriental Arts and Fort Worth Ikebana, Chapter 38 Come to Keller
The Bath House Bunch - Nature Art Show
The Bath House celebrates its 30th Anniversary in September
The Belmont Hotel and La Reunion present 'Art With A View'
The Bigger You Exhibit reception June 4 at CLIQUE
The Body Art Exhibit opening June 23
The Bonny Studio Big Student Art Show Oct. 22
The Bonny Studio BIG Student Art Show October 20th
The Changing Face of Patronage Sept. 6
The City of Irving Water Utilities Department 2006 Water Festival!
The Color of Spirit
The Craft Guild of Dallas Announces Spring Show and Sale May 4-6
The Craft Guild of Dallas is having a fundraiser August 10th
The Craft Guild of Dallas' Annual Fall Sale and Fund Raiser Nov. 6-8
The Craft Guild of Dallas’ Annual Contemporary Art Show & Sale
The Craft Mafia strikes again!
The Dallas Woman’s Forum “Antiques at the Alexander: Lectures & Appraisals in the Historic Alexander Mansion” March 3
The Encaustic Center presents the work of Gwendolyn Plunkett 2/20/2011
The Encaustic Center proudly presents Nancy Ferro Sept. 17
The first fine art Gallery to open in Historic Downtown Frisco.
The Frontiers of Flight Museum presents Vectors: Abstractions in Aviation Art June 15
The Gallery at Casa Manana Grand Opening Mar. 24
The Generosity of Water opens Nov. 20 at UD
The Global Artistry of Leo and Diane Dillon: A Retrospective
The Greater Denton Arts Council presents Ekphrasis: A Collaboration Among the Arts, October 11-13, 2012
The Halls Are Alive reception Sept. 18
The Heart of Art - beyond the Valentine
The Henderson Art Project - Vote Now!
The Illustration Show opens Feb. 6 at TCU's Moudy Gallery
The Innovative Eye opens April 5 in Arlington
The Latino Cultural Center proudly announces its newest exhibition, Sam Coronado and the People of Paper
The LCC announces its exhibit lineup
The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico
The Lone Star International Film Festival
The MAC Membership show opens Aug. 1
The MAC's Annual Membership Show opens August 6
The Mystery of the Mask opens Oct. 3; reception Oct. 29
The North Dallas Artist Studio Tour Apr. 26 - 27
The Oak Cliff Art Divaz 2009 Holiday Retail Therapy Event
The old Frisco water tower 'shows up' in Venezuela and Chile!
The Open Show at the Art Hotel Collective Oct. 21
The Opening of Connections
The Poem and the Image talk with Roberto Tejada May 10
The Renegade Group reception Nov. 15
The Renfros and the Fuquas exhibit in Irving this month
The Sacredness of Death
The Shape of Things by Parrish
The SWS Show Reception Sept. 22 & Demo Schedule
The University of Dallas Art and Art History Department Faculty Exhibition
The Unsilent Night Comes To Dallas Dec. 22
The Upstairs Gallery - Art Gifts for Christmas 2010
The UPSTAIRS GALLERY Super Art Show & Vern Johnson Show
The Visual Art League of Lewisville invites the community to the “On the Move” Show and Reception
The Visual Arts Society of Texas 43rd Annual Visual Arts Exhibition opens April 28
The Waxy 100 encaustic exhibit opening Aug. 14
The Wizards of Pop: Sabuda & Reinhart opens Nov. 19
Theater design opening July 11 at the Bathhouse
thegallery8680 "celebrating women artists" Feb. 11
thegallery8680 - black and white Reception Oct. 28
Theo Ponchaveli opens Sept. 29 at Southside on Lamar
Think for the week of October 12, 2009
THINK/CEO: Guest Lineup for the week of 12/21 on KERA-FM and KERA-TV‏
This Week at R02 Art
Three Fridas Exhibit Reception Sept. 3
Three new shows for P.A.I.N.T.
Three Texas Women reception March 24
Three Watercolor Exhibits open May 18 in Grapevine
Through the Artist's Eyes: Three Decades of Art from Pat Kochan
Through the Eyes of Emma Art Exhibition opening April 2
tickets are selling out for WISH!
Tim Best, Eric Blake, and Jennifer Jones: Opening April 4, 6-10pm at 500X
Tiny Spokes opens May 1 at the OCCC
Toast of the Town Gala Dec. 3
Toast of the Town Jan. 2
Tobolowsky sculpture opening Feb. 23
Todd Gutmann "The Art of the Bicycle" opens June 20
Todd Thomas at the Granville Apr. 1 - June 30
Todd Thomas exhibits at Hillcrest & Godard galleries
Tony Wengler at the Garden Cafe
Top Award winners exhibit for Niki Gulley & Josh Trefehen - Frisco, TX
Tour Cowboys Stadium including Art!
TPSG Pottery Sale July 6
TPSG Sizzling Summer Sale July 2 & 3
Traditions Are Alive – The Art of Sharon Brening
Tranquil Blue reception Aug. 16
Tranquility at Cerulean
Translation in Time: 40 Years of Weaving
Trashing Our Treasure at the White Rock Lake Museum
Tree of LIfe Arts Festival Sept. 17
Trinity Arts Conference June 11-14
Trinity Perspectives opens Sept. 5; reception Sept. 12
TSA Annual Membership Exhibition opens Feb. 4; reception Feb. 12
TSA at Artscape this weekend
Tuchman and Garcia exhibits at PanAmerican
Tuesday Evenings at the Modern
Tuesday Painters exhibit in Irving July 1-28
TVAA "Autumn Themes" Exhibition reception Oct. 4
TVAA "Best of 2009" Exhibition
TVAA "Best of 2009" travels to Visual Image
TVAA "New Members" Exhibition & "Zane Steadman: Pencil & Paint"
TVAA "Nonobjective Invitational" and "The Fused Artistry of Donna Sarafis"
TVAA "Sculpture & 3-D"
TVAA 2011 New Members show Winners
TVAA Gallery's "Those Bloomin' Flowers (and weeds as well)"
TVAA High School Art Competition Show
TVAA Holiday Bazaar
TVAA Members Show opens May 2
TVAA Multicultural Exhibition
TVAA New Members Exhibition
TVAA New Members Exhibition
TVAA New Members Show Feb. 2-27, 2009
TVAA news for June & July
TVAA Non-Objective Show reception Aug. 9
TVAA Open Show Reception Sat., March 6th
TVAA Presents Nonobjective Artwork Sept. 1 - Oct. 29
TVAA Self Portrait Exibition opens Aug. 31; reception Sept. 12
TVAA Signature Exhibition Feb. 16 - Mar. 16 in Denison
TVAA Signature Show opening May 28 & reception June 4
TVAA Volunteer Appreciation Show opens Oct. 5
TVAA's busy exhibition schedule
TVAA's Citation 2010 opens Oct. 2 in Plano
TVAA's Digital Art Exhibition
TVAA's new year 2008 calendar
TVAA's Photography & Digital Show
Twelve Artists Paint Spring opening April 2
Twilight Legacy receptions Jan. 5 and 12
Two Great Exhibitions in One Local Venue
Two truly passionate shows opening at the Bath House Cultural Center
Two Way Street opens Oct. 9 at the Artists' Showplace
TWU Graduate Open Studios Nov. 15
TX 11 - the Texas Biennial in North Texas
Tyler Davis Block Party Aug. 13
Tyra & Herschel Reception Sept. 15
UD ceramics Sale May 1
Ultra Xtra Arts Mix Mar. 26
Un-Ordinary Horizons
Uncommon Ground opens March 12
Unconditional Love Pet Art Auction Dec. 6
Under New Management: 500X Members Show
Under the Influence of Water opens Nov. 20
Unique Abstracts by Yael VanGruber
University of Dallas presents "Barometer" works by John Adelman
UNT Art Gallery openings
UNT Galleries in September
UNT on the Square opens Oct. 21 to highlight the arts
UNT presents art exhibitions, events in Fall 2010
Until We Have Faces - R. J. Poe reception Jan. 17
Up Close and Far Away: Photographs by Bert Klein
Upcoming Exhibition to Discuss the Cultural and Economic Changes in Oak Cliff
UPSTAIRS GALLERY - Student Art Show Reception May 8
Upstairs Gallery 40th Anniversary
Upstairs Gallery Nov.-Dec. shows
Upstairs Gallery presents Mario Garcia "Magic Realism" July 17
Upstairs Gallery Spring Show
Upstairs Gallery Student Show opens May 9
Upstairs Gallery: fall exhibit opens Sept. 10 & new fall classes
Uptown Dallas Festival Sept. 26
URBAN IMPACT: Public Art in Downtown Fort Worth, Apr. 20
Urban Street Bazaar
Urban Street Bazaar April 10 & 11
Urban Street Bazaar April 14-15
Urban Street Bazaar this weekend
UT Dallas Student Art Spring Festival May 3-12
UTA Gallery 76102 opening June 10 for UTA Photography Faculty
UTD and CentralTrak openings May 25 & 26
V. Wells, Sports Artist exhibit in February in Keller
VACD fundraiser Dec. 12 for Vladimir Gorsky
VACD June 2007 Photo Exhibition June 8 - June 29: Reception June 15
VACD June/July 2009 Summer Exhibition
VACD March Exhibit
VACD Mixed Media Exhibit
VACD Summer Show opens June 27
VACH Artists Reception Dec. 17
VACH exhibit: Theresa Brooks
VACH Member ARTSHOW and Sale Dec 7th thru the 19th
VAD fundraiser: Oldham speaks on collaboration May 15
VAGF Photography Show opens July 15; awards July 23
VAGF shows at Frisco Square
VAL "Anything Goes" Exhibit winners
VAL - Oct. 7 demo artist Haywood & reception for McCambly Oct. 11
VAL artist Dan Flake
VAL artist Jackie Haugen
VAL artists at Tierney's
VAL artists at Tierney's and Starbucks in June & July
VAL artists Dan Flake & David Kreinberg
VAL artists exhibiting in December
VAL artists exhibits for February
VAL artists exhibits in August
VAL artists launch exhibits in July
VAL Artists Michael Bales and R'Lene Winters donate paintings
VAL artists Nov. exhibits
VAL artists October exhibits
VAL artists reception at Tierney's Mar. 22
VAL artists Winters & Manion exhibits in June
VAL celebrates Cinco De Mayo
VAL December Exhibits
VAL events for June
VAL exhibit reception May 17 for J. Packard Wright and members
VAL exhibits & workshop for January 2009
VAL exhibits for Nov.-Dec.
VAL February News
VAL Fresh Ideas open July 12
VAL Fresh Ideas winners
VAL Fundraiser a comes a Chili Cook-Off
VAL fundraiser Oct. 2
VAL fundraiser Oct. 3 and other news
VAL March exhibits & workshop
VAL presents Photography Exhibition, "Through the Viewfinder" & members show, "No Camera's Allowed".
VAL show winners for "Dirty Works"
VAL winners "I Will Always Remember"
Valentine Show at JazzXpressions
VAST 125-Mile Exhibit opens Aug. 21
VAST 125-Mile Exhibit opens July 7; reception July 10
VAST 125-Mile Exhibit reception July 31
VAST 2009 Gala Jan. 23
VAST 2011 Member's Exhibition reception June 12
VAST 39th Annual Visual Art Exhibition opens Apr. 26
VAST 41st Annual Visual Arts Exhibition opens Apr. 23
VAST calendar
VAST Connections Exhibit opens Oct. 3
VAST Gala 2010: Pioneers in Modernism Jan. 22
VAST Gala 2011 Exhibition opens Jan. 21 - Artwork by David Keens, Professor of Art, UTA
VAST Gala ‘08: Honoring Dean Mitchell Jan. 18
VECAS exhibit opening July 18
Verse and Reverse Mar. 15 - Apr. 12
Vertu opening July 9
Vicki Smith artist reception Aug. 4
Vickie Guthrie Art Show Opening August 5th
Video tours of ArtCon artists on Art&Seek
VideoFest 25 coming up Sept. 27-30 at Dallas Museum of Art
VideoFest Nov. 5-8 at Angelika
Villarreal reception Feb. 10 at Artes de la Rosa
Visions in Clay May 13 & 14
Visit Ann DeRulle Studio Nov. 5
Visit Cedars Open Studios and Meet the Art Hotel Artists
Visual Art League of Lewisville "Bite Size" Awards
Visual Art League of Lewisville "Fresh Ideas 2010" Winners
Visual Art League of Lewisville April Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville April Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville Artist Ken Caperton exhibits at Lewisville Library
Visual Art League of Lewisville August Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville Calendar of Events for July
Visual Art League of Lewisville December Events‏
Visual Art League of Lewisville Events for August
Visual Art League of Lewisville Events for January
Visual Art League of Lewisville Events for June
Visual Art League of Lewisville Fundraiser/Benefit Nov. 20
Visual Art League of Lewisville has January Exhibit at New MCL Grand (creative arts center of Lewisville)
Visual Art League of Lewisville June events
Visual Art League of Lewisville March Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville March Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville news for Sept.
Visual Art League of Lewisville on the Go
Visual Art League of Lewisville reception Oct. 9 for Robert Moore & Members Show
Visual Art League of Lewisville September Events
Visual Art League of Lewisville to host “Fresh Ideas” show and opening reception
Visual Art League of Lewisville Upcoming Events for January
Visual Art League of Lewisville Winners of Show, Texas Dreams & Stories
Visual Artists from the Mexican city of Apaseo el Alto at the Bath House
Visual Arts Society of Texas 2011 Gala Jan. 21
Visual Arts Society of Texas 21st Annual Members Exhibition
Visual Arts Society of Texas Gala 2012 Honoring Kathy Vargas
Vitro Moda 5 Nov. 10 Fundraiser
Viva Europa! festival Sept. 16
Voices Invitational Dec. 2 & 3
VSA's Distinguished Artist Veterans - Reception Jan. 15
WAAS Gallery presents Alberto Mena: Dream With Me
Walk the Light Festival II April 24
Wanda Grice opens Dec. 4 at VAL
Watercolor Show - UNT Students
Watercolors in Tyler, TX
Watermedia artists in Keller this July: Power of Three
WATER|COLOR: Rob Erdle Retrospective
Watters Creek Fine Arts Festival May 11-13
Wax painting exhibit in Denton opens Aug 17
WAXED OVER Reveals Layers of Talent - extended through Feb. 28
Waypoints by Mary Wright opens Aug. 27 at the Encaustic Center
Weatherford - Russell Farm exhibit exchange in June
Weatherford Art Association hosts Western Art Show
Weave Across Texas Conference May 30 - June 2
Wednesday Painters Watercolor Paintings Exhibit
Welcome to ArtLoveMagic
Weller to address VAL Aug. 5
Wendell Minor: In the American Tradition
Wendy Koay oriental art exhibits and demos
West by Southwest Reception Sept. 12
Western & Texas Art Lecture & Preview Reception Dec. 15
Western Art reception May 11 at Artists Showplace
Western Artists of America 8th annual Show & Sale Mar. 30-31
Western Artists of America Closing Reception Mar. 10
Western Heritage Weekend
What Color is Your Dream? – The Exhibit Nov. 17-28
What has art to do with environmental awareness?
What is the Color of Love? reception Feb. 10
What Would Andy Do? Exhibition
What's New at Dallas Arts Revue
When Raven Speaks
Where She Sleeps- Cecila Shikle Solo Exhibition reception Feb. 4
Where Texas Finds It's Color
Whisper of Hope - Oct. exhibit by Ann S. Adams
White Rock Alla Prima Plein Air Painting Day May 14
White Rock Art Festival and Home Tour
White Rock Art Festival Nov. 8 & 9
White Rock Arts Faire Aug. 11-12
White Rock Centennial reception at Artists' Showplace June 10
White Rock East Garden & Artisan Tour May 18
White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour
White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour May 17
White Rock East Garden Tour & Artisans May 22
White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour
White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour - Oct 13 & 14
White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour Oct. 13 & 14
White Rock Lake inspires the work of Dallas artist Nancy Cole
White Rock Lake Studio Tour Oct. 15 & 16
White Rock Lake Through the Looking Glass - Photographs by Dan Richard Barber
White Rock Lake: Richard Ray exhibit reception Oct. 18
Whitmore First Friday Art Show Aug. 3
Why Glass? Panel Discussion/Reception June 28
Wide Spectrum at the AMA July 1-31 (reception July 23)
Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival
Wildlife & Nature at the TVAA Gallery
Wildlife Art Reception & Awards Oct. 14
Wildlife Art Show runs through Oct. 30
Wildlife Art Show winners
Will Davis Artist Salon Apr. 25
Wine and Art Show Jan 12, 2013
Wine tasting & artwork by the Askews at Dunn Bros. Aug. 10
Winners of 2008 MCFA Show
Winners of Henderson Art Project 2
Winners of Irving Art Association's 2011 Pet Art Show
Winners of the "Zoom...There & Back" Judged Show
Winners of the 10th Annual Juried Wildlife Art Exhibit
Winners of the 2007 Wildlife Art Show
Winners of the 2009 DAL Show
Winners of the 2010 TAG Open Show
Winners of the 2011 Art Connection Show
Winners of the 2011 DAL Members Show
Winners of the 2011 IAA Members Juried Show
Winners of the 2011 MCFA Members Show
Winners of the 2011 SWA International Show
Winners of the 2011 Texas & Neighbors Exhibition
Winners of the 2012 DAL Members Show
Winners of the 2012 IAA Members Juried Show
Winners of the 2012 IAA Wildlife Art Show
Winners of the 2012 Pet Art Competition
Winners of the 2012 Texas & Neighbors Exhibition
Winners of the 24th Texas & Neighbors Exhibition
Winners of the 25th Texas & Neighbors Exhibition
Winners of the 48th annual SWS Members Exhibition
Winners of the ACA 2008 Annual Awards Show
Winners of the AVAA Show at the AMA
Winners of the Fresh Ideas 2008 show
Winners of the From Blues to Hip Hop Show Show
Winners of the IAA Members Show
Winners of the PAA 2011 Members Show
Winners of the TAG 2011 Open Show
Winners of the TAG Members Show
Winners of the VAL exhibit," Earliest Recollections"
Winners of the VAL Hands On Show
Winners of the VAL Show, "Hands On"-Belly Dancers
Winners of the Visual Art League of Lewisville juried show, Fresh Ideas 2009‏
Winners of the Visual Art League of Lewisville member show, "No Cameras Allowed"
Winners of TVAA's 2010 Citation Show
Winners of Visual Art League of Lewisville show "Fresh Air-Scenes from LLELA"
Winning Artwork by Rebecca Guy unveiled at Catholic Foundation Plaza
Winter 2008-2009 Art Festivals and Special Events
Winter 2008-2009 Exhibits & Receptions
Winter 2009-2010 Art Festivals and Special Events
Winter 2009-2010 Exhibits and Receptions
Winter 2010-2011 Art Festivals and Special Events
Winter 2010-2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups A - L)
Winter 2010-2011 Exhibits and Receptions (Art Groups M - Z)
Winter Art Mart Nov. 19 - 21
Winter Exhibit at ArtSpirit
Winter-Spring 2007 Exhibits
Winter-Spring 2008 Art Festivals and Special Events
Winter-Spring 2008 Exhibits & Receptions
WIT & WISDOM reception May 5 at the Art Hotel Gallery
Women of Worth 2008 Exhibition
Works from the Permanent Collection of the Greater Denton Arts Council
Works On - Of Paper
Works on Paper opens July 1; reception July 12
World View Starts August 15
World-Class Glass Art Show and Sale opens April 1
Worldfest in Addison Oct. 24 - 25
Wulffen & Reynaga open Nov. 13 at Dallas Contemporary
XXI: Conflicts in a New Century
XXI: Conflicts in a New Century - Restrepo Movie Screening
Yael Vangruber featured in Upstream Gallery
Yang Jin Long at the Crow Collection of Asian Art
YArt Sale June 25-26
YAT Holiday Art Show Dec 6th,2008 5-8:30PM
You're invited to Art_After_5‏ Funds Distribution Aug. 24
Young Artists of Texas (YAT) opens June 1; reception June 14
Young Artists of Texas at Keller Town Hall
Young at 'Art @ Studio 2600 in March
ZENTANGLE & SILK Retreat Dec. 10-12
ZENTANGLE®- Inspired Art Exhibit Jan. 2 - 29
ZENTANGLE®- Inspired Art Exhibit Jan. 30 - Feb. 24
Zombie Ball at the Haunted Gallery Oct. 20
Zook exhibit in Graham in May
‘Printed’ by Victor Frankowski at LuminArte Gallery
‘Tis the Season for Shopping - Dallas Flea Market Dec. 3
“Eyes of Texas” VAL Members Show online album
“Proving the Benefits of Higher Density Live/Work Environments” Oct. 30
“Small on the Wall III” opens July 15 at Artplace Gallery
“The Nature of Art” at Texas Discovery Gardens Sept. 16, 2011
“WINE & ART WALK” Aug. 25
¡LOTERÍA! opens May 12 at the LCC

Chapter 3 of Chapman Kelley's Memoirs
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ArtSpirit hosts Open MIC Night Nov. 11
CALL FOR ENTRY – Jazz by the Boulevard Music & Arts Festival
Controversy about art entrepreneur Golfis
Craft Guild holds annual show & sale Nov. 2-5
Creative Arts Center of Dallas State of the Art
Dallas Art Openings : March 1 - March 3
Dallas Art Openings : March 7 - March 11
Dallas interior designers and bragging rights - vote for your favorite
Ecletic Expressions events for June through July 5
Email campaign to Save the Arts in Texas
Faces and Features Weekend Crash Course
Farmers Branch Carrollton Art Association
Farmers Branch-Carrollton Art Association Membership Show Winners
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La Reunion TX Announces Appointment of Catherine A. Horsey As Executive Director
La Reunion's Art Barn project
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Cadmium linked to breast cancer
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Faces & Features DVD
FREE 4 ALL Giveaway June 26
FREE 4 ALL – Giveaway - ALL Things Paper, Sun * Feb 26 * Noon-5p
Inner Metal Works - Resurfacing the face of art!
Inner Metal Works- Metal art surfaces for the modern artist
Michael Mentler...a Modern-Day Leonardo
Monet painting demo
Photographing your artwork
Photography composition tips
Stretched canvas for sale

Meetings / Demonstrations
Janis Krendick pastel demo Nov. 23 in Irving
'Nature Sketching & Painting' by Cynthia Padilla Nov. 27
2nd Annual Art Leaders Forum program
Acrylic demo by Sharon Giles for TAA Nov. 4
AENCT meeting Aug. 7
AENCT meeting May 2
Ann Hardy demo at the OPA
Aris demos abstract design Jan. 31
Art After 5 Sept. 26
ART August 23rd Program - Wood Turning Art Demo
Art Divaz meeting Apr. 30
Art Educators meeting Jan. 25
Art Educators of North Central Texas
Art Expertise Lecture Series with Katy Crocker Sept. 22
Art Expertise Lecture: Mary Tomás Oct. 16
Art Groups Calendar - Monthly Meetings Rotation
Art lectures & demonstrations in April
Art lectures & demonstrations in February and March
Art lectures & demonstrations in May
Art lectures & demonstrations in summer
Art meetings & demonstrations in Summer 2007
Art of the Portrait Conference in May
Art Talk by Fresh Ideas 2011 Winner Jenny Hong DeLaughter
Articrafters March 27th Meetup: Watercolor with Kate Wickham
Artists with Allergies (invitation to a new free painting group)
Associated Creative Artists (ACA) September Meeting and Artist Demonstration
Association of Grand Prairie Artists Meeting Feb. 6
Association of Traditional Artists
Aug. 25 : Know your copyright laws and how to protect your art and intellectual property
AVAA Annual Critique Meeting January 9
AVAA Meeting November 14 - collage demo
Bales watercolor demo Apr. 26 in Plano
Beasley speaks on photographing art Mar. 29
Becky Parks Oil demo at MCFA Oct. 10
Becky Parks oil demo March 29 in DeSoto
Becky Parks oil demo March 5 in Grand Prairie
Beth Freeman to speak at TVAA meeting Jan. 25
Bev Boran oil demo March 13 in Lewisville
Beverly Boren demos pastel Oct. 12
Blair Currin Oil Demo Feb. 7 & Workshop Feb. 26 & 27
Bob O'Brian oil demo in DeSoto April 26
Bob Rohm demo Feb. 4
Bohlman Watercolor demo March 5 in Waxahachie
Bonnie Williams pastel demo Apr. 19
Bookbinding tips from Shawndel Fraser Oct. 23 in Plano
Brandy Thomas Oriental Art demo March 24
Brenda Lichman, Guest Speaker at VAL April 13
Brouillette mixed media demo Mar. 27
Byron Black: Using Photoshop with Painting March 27
Canson and Arches Products at the Jan. 9 SWS Meeting
Carmen Menza guest speaker at VAL Mar. 4
Cecy Turner demo Nov. 1 for TAG
Cecy Turner Mar. 2 demo & Mar. 14 workshop in Corsicana
Cecy Turner watercolor demo Feb. 10 at MCFA
Cedar Hill artists meet Sept. 17
Cindy Shepard's Stash and Smash Art Journal demo May 9
Colored Pencil Demo by Hardy Jan. 24
Corsicana Art League has a new website!
Corsicana lecture on Frida Kahlo Jan. 5
Cyndi Barnes demo mosaic/concrete Oct. 27 in DeSoto
Cynthia Padilla demo Nov. 18 for VACH
DAFA Art Quilt demo Oct. 22
DAL demo on watercolor landscapes by Teta Smith Nov. 17
DAL lecture on modern sculpture by Dalton Maroney Jan. 29
Dallas Architecture Forum lectures
Dallas Architecture Forum Presents David Salmela Mar. 10
Dallas Area Fiber Artists meet on April 27th
Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting Nov. 26
Dallas Artist Networking Group
Dallas Stampers
Dallas Stampers
Dallas Stampers July 2 Meeting
Danford & Ferguson Digital Art demo Nov. 29
DANG! social Jan. 24
Debra Linker Fiber Art demo Nov. 22 in Plano
Decorative Painters - Yellow Rose Chapter
Demos by Diana Moya and D.K. Richardson at the Frisco Discovery Center
Dentinger demo at SWA Jan. 17
DeSoto Art League meeting May 31; artwork due May 30
DeSoto Art League meeting Nov. 19
Diane Petrushka Figure demo Nov. 21 for SWA
Dina Gregory Pastel Demo Oct. 2 for ACA
Don Mullins demo June 4 in Grand Prairie
Eastside Creative Arts Club changes
Eastside Creative Arts Club Meeting/Demonstration Sept. 8
Eastside May 5th & Mid Cities May 13 demos
Elva Robinson demo of paper sculpture collage Nov. 7
Encaustic demo by Peggy Epner April 26
Encaustic demo in DeSoto Oct. 30
Encaustics demo by Junanne Peck Feb. 1 for ECAC
Faber-Castell demo May 22
Fall 2006 Meetings and Demonstrations
Fall 2007 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Fall 2008 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Fall 2009 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Fall 2010 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
FBCAA April 15 Meeting
FBCAA coffee & presentation Aug. 18
FBCAA May Meeting
FBCAA meeting May 19
FBCAA Monthly Meeting and Oil Painting Demo
FBCAA programs start in September
FBCAA Sept. 16 Meeting - demo by Jackie Packard Wright
FBCAA visits the Kimbell Oct. 21
FBCCA meeting Sept. 15
Flickr meeting at the DMA July 11@2pm
Francys Flanagan Demonstration - Nov 19 @ 7 PM
Franklin pastel demo Nov. 9
Free demos for artists Oct. 17 - 18
Fused art and clay sculpture lecture & demo Feb. 18
Gail Delger Demonstration in Richardson Oct. 16
Gelfert oil demo Jan. 26 in DeSoto
GUESTS WELCOME at the November ACA meeting featuring Floral Artist Nancy Medina
Guild of Texas Paper Cutters
Hamilton demo for FB-CAA Oct. 16
Henderson Co. Art Club meeting Nov. 11
Henderson County club meets Apr. 14
Irma Ward oil demo May 26
Irving Arts Board Public Hearing May 8
It's Golden in Irving! On Jan. 24...
James R. Spurlock portrait demo Nov. 10
Jane Jones watercolor demo Feb. 28
Janice Hamilton Pastel Demo Feb. 23 in Desoto
Jardine: Finding Your Artistic Voice Sept. 17
Jo Williams demo at FB-CAA Nov. 20
Jo Williams – SWA Demo for Nov. 15
Joe Blanford wc demo Nov. 18 for DAL
Join the Southwestern Watercolor Society
Join us for "Art Blogging" by Jeb Matulich Sept. 7
Judi Betts: More Fun and Creativity with Watercolor CANCELLED
Judi Coffey demo Mar. 11 & workshop Mar. 11-13
Judy Gelfert oil demo at FBCAA Nov. 18
Judy Gelfert Oil Demo Nov. 22 in Irving
Judy Gelfert oil demonstration March 25
Kaligrafos, The Dallas Calligraphy Society September Meeting
Kay Polk Portrait Demonstration Mar. 14
Kim Collins abstract art demo Oct. 12
Kim Collins demo at MCFA Feb. 11
Lap Ngo to demonstrate palette knife painting in oil
Life Drawing with Allison Gillies at PAA meeting Oct. 25
Lily Hansen demo for VAL June 3
Linda Lucas Hardy colored pencil demo Feb. 1
Liz Hampton demo July 10 in Lewisville
Make graffiti paper at Dallas Stampers March 5
Make vintage Christmas ornaments Aug. 27
Marcie Inman speaks at VAL Sept. 2
Marian Hirsch demo in DeSoto Sept. 29
Marie Turner demo Oct 18 for SWA
Markwardt watercolor demo for SWA Feb. 15
Mattie Kenney oil demo for DAL Apr. 24
MCFA demo May 18 -- Ruth Francis oils
Meet & Greet on Sept. 22 for PAA
Meeting of Mineral Wells All Art Assemblage
Michael Bales at FBCAA Apr. 21 meeting - demo & workshop
Michael Bales watercolor demo May 25 in Irving
Misty Oliver-Foster lecture for VAL Jan. 8
More on the Orphan Works Act (meeting in Cedar Hill June 19)
Nan Phillips on dichoric glass at DAL Jan. 28
New webpages for Coalition of Allen Visual Artists
North East Texas Fine Art Alliance
North Texas Printmakers Guild's Meeting Jan. 7
Oak Cliff Art Divaz March 19
Oct 14 Yupo demo by Kamerath at MCFA
PAA demo by Niki Gulley Nov. 27
PAA demo Jan. 26
PAA demo: life drawing Feb. 22
Packard guest speaker at VAL Apr. 1
Padilla demo Nov. 19
Painting Murals talk by VET on April 24
Painting, Drawing & Critique Groups
Paris pastel demo Mar. 9
Pat Pierce oil demo Nov. 2
Plano party & glass demo Dec. 14
Plano pot luck Dec. 29
Portrait demo by Tonape at AENCT meeting July 10
Portrait Society of America Conference in Dallas
Prismacolor demo Jan. 11 by Shelley Minnis
Prismacolor presentation at AENCT meeting Aug. 8
PSSW April events
Randy Meador demo for SWA Feb. 20
Rebecca Price on book cover design Aug. 15
Rich Morgan demo for TVAA Oct. 26
Richardson art group starts Fall season
Rob Snider & Annie Davis demo Jan. 29
Robert Burridge demonstration April 16 in Fort Worth
Saginaw Artist Association
Sally Meding Acrylic demo on Sept. 23
Sally Meding MM demo Oct. 25
Sarah Graham watercolor demo in DeSoto Oct. 25
Scott Trent Lecture: Exploring unique opportunities for artists
Scratchboard demo in Irving on Oct. 28
Sept. 18 VACH meeting location change.& Brouillette demo
Sherman Art League meetings
Silk Painting demo by Roberta Ferguson April 22
Silk painting demo Jan. 12 in Hurst
Silk painting demo Jan. 15
Skip Lawrence demo Feb. 10
Soon Warren watercolor demo Nov. 19 for SWA
Soon Y. Warren demo on Apr. 24
Soon Y. Warren watercolor demo May 27 for IAA
Spring 2009 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Spring 2010 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Spring 2011 Art Meetings and Demonstrations (Art Groups A - K)
Spring 2011 Art Meetings and Demonstrations (Art Groups L - Z)
Spurlock Drawing demo in Irving Oct. 23
Spurlock oil demo at DAL Mar. 26
Spurlock pastel demo Feb. 8 for MCFA
Stabin watercolor demo Sept.12 & SWS demos & workshops
Stamp Asylum free demos May 29
Start off your year with an Art Journal!
Steve Miller pastel demo at DAL Jan. 27
Suminagashi: Japanese Art of Marbling on Water - demo in Fort Worth Mar. 26
Summer 2008 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Summer 2009 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Summer 2010 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Summer 2011 Art Meeting & Demonstrations (Art Groups A - K)
Summer 2011 Art Meeting & Demonstrations (Art Groups L - Z)
SWA January Meeting Date Changed tp Jan. 14 - demo artist Michael Holter
SWS fall demos, workshops & exhibition
SWS news - new meeting location; slides due July 1; Slide Party July 15
TAG presents Beth Wild from Golden Jan. 4
Teta Smith collage demo Apr. 28 in DeSoto
Texas Sculputure Association - Artist Demo
The Art Club of McKinney Aug. 12
The Art of Copyright March 1 in Grapevine
The Dallas Scrapbooker Social Club - new
The Eastside Creative Arts Club (ECAC)
The Just Art Group
The Portrait Society of America Celebrates Figurative Arts, in Frisco!
Tina Bohlman demo for MCFA Nov. 14
Tina Bohlman watercolor demo in DeSoto
Treadwell watercolor demo for SWA May 19
VACH demo on Digital Imaging Transfer by Sampson Feb. 19
VACH Weekly Art Group
VAGF meeting Oct. 6 / Frisco Arts Festival Oct. 16 - 18
VAGF Quick Draw August 2
VAL Meeting with T-Roy & Candace Miller‏
VAL presents Lucille Carter, pastel demo & LISD exhibit
VAST Meeting - Elaine Taylor - Thursday, January 5, 2012
VAST meeting Apr. 2
VAST meeting Jan. 8 (review of slides & Waymon oil demo)
Visual Art League of Lewisville Events for October
Visual Art League of Lewisville events for the month of May
Visual Art League of Lewisville Events‏ for August
Visual Artists of Cedar Hill
Visual Artists of Cedar Hill presents a Yupo demonstration by Pat Wheelis Kochan
Watercolor demo by Cecy Turner at the VAL Gallery Mar. 3
WaterTangles demo Jan. 9 for MCFA
Winter 2008-2009 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Winter 2009-2010 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Winter 2010-2011 Art Meetings and Demonstrations (Art Groups A - L)
Winter 2010-2011 Art Meetings and Demonstrations (Art Groups M - Z)
Winter-Spring 2007 Meetings and Demonstrations
Winter-Spring 2008 Art Meetings and Demonstrations
Wire Sculpture playday in Plano May 22
Yellow Rose Chapter fall meetings & workshops
Yellow Rose Chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters
Yupo demo & ECAC Juried Art Show awards on Oct. 5

Opportunities for Artists
Art in the Park, Kennedale TX - call for artists
The Hunting Art Prize
"Art Uprising" call for artists
$6000 Matching Gift for La Reunion - $3230 left to be matched!
2009 6th Annual Front Street Festival call for artists
2009 AIR Program
2009 HeArt Festival
2009 Residency Season at the Artists’ Enclave at I-Park
2011 Spring Art Mart - Call for Applications
2012 Art Conspiracy call for beneficiaries
2nd Floor Gallery call for artists; pottery lessons
3 artist opportunities from BECA
39th Annual Arts & Crafts Show in Santa Fe call for artists
3rd Annual Jingle Bash November 20th @ the Palladium
500X call for new members
500x: Opportunities to Show in the Upstairs Gallery
5th Annual Funky Finds Spring Fling call for applications
8th Annual International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE PAINT OUT Sept. 12, 2010
A superb new outlet for Fine Artists in America to sell their work
Aartel call for artists
After school fine art program - job opportunity
Air/Hmc, Budapest 2010 - call for artists
AIR/HMC, Budapest: Call for ARTIST
Alley House benefit auction - call for artists
AM I SEXY? call for art
Appear on International Masters of Photography Book
Apply Now to the Funky Finds Experience - deadline Aug. 1
Art bloggers wanted!
Art Calendar's Studio Makeover Contest
Art Chic@s Deadline This Friday!
Art Chicas Unidas
Art Conspiracy 4 Call for Artists
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note June 2011
Art Conspiracy Ransom Note September 2010
Art Festival in Farmersville - artist opportunity
Art in the Garden - Oct. 12 at the Irving Arts Center
Art in the Garden at the Irving Arts Center - exhibition opportunity
Art in the Garden call for artists
Art in the Garden deadline June 15
Art in the Park - 2nd Annual Art Festival in Kennedale, TX
Art In The Park - Oct 17th
Art in the Square 2011 - Southlake, Texas
Art Market at Fair Park - call for artists
Art Market Fair Park on July 4
Art opp at Nine Eyes Studio Nov. 10
Art Photography Scholarship deadline April 2
Art Prints Find a New Home at
Art restorer needed
Art Show, Artist Needed
Art Studio Available
Art Teacher needed
Art Teachers Needed
Art vs. Design
Art wanted for Rockwall fundraiser
ArtAffects Gallery and Arts Goggle! Oct. 2
ArtCentre of Plano call for artists
Arte video Roma call for participation
ArtFest /CityArts call for artists & exhibitors
Artisans Wanted for the Blackland Prairie Artisan & Fibre Faire benefiting The Animal Refuge Foundation (ARF)
Artist call for Austin fiber event
Artist call for Jazz by the Boulevard Music & Arts Festival
Artist call for North Dallas Artist Studio Tour
Artist call: Feline Conservation Fed.
Artist co-op forming: the Mecca on Main, Aubrey, TX
Artist instructors needed
Artist Job Opportunity in multiple DFW Locations
Artist Opportunities - Gallery Space
Artist opportunity & classes at Fine Art Events & Gallery, Plano
Artist opportunity at Cliff Fest
Artist opportunity at Lawndale in Houston
Artist opportunity at Rockwall gala
ARTIST SHOWCASE OPENINGS - At a Pecha Kucha Event in Dallas
Artists needed for after-school program
Artists needed for Alzheimer's Awareness Art Walk
Artists Residency program at UT Dallas.
Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer
Artists: Host your own art show!
ArtLoveMagic call for artists for Underground 2013
ArtLoveMagic open call for girlShow 2010
ArtOfficial call for artists
Arts for Autism Festival booths
Arts Jobs & Opportunities: A new category on Art&Seek calendar
Arts+Culture DFW Magazine deadlines
Artscape & Garden Gallery call for artists
ArtsGoggle opportunity for artists
ArtSlam call for artist donations
ARTSNET Announces New Grant for Individual Artists Residing in the Mid-Cities
ARTSNET Grants Now Available! Deadline Nov. 30
Artwork Open Call - OXIDE's Feb - March Art Show
Artwork Open Call- "Lone Star State of Mind"- Feb 18th & 19th
Assistant needed for Main Street Art Festival booth
Aurora 2011 invites light, sound, or video artists
Awards to young artists from DMA
Azalea Trail Arts & Crafts Fair booth deadline Feb. 27
Bath House proposals due Feb. 13
Bath House Spring Art Mart deadline April 6
Benefit Exhibition to raise funds for Tomas Bustos, local artist July 31
Benefits of being a Dallas Art Fair ticket holder
Best of Texas Artists and Artisans Book Series
Bishop Arts Saturday Market
Bluebonnet Blues & Fine Arts Festival entry deadline Jan. 31
Box 13 ArtSpace proposal deadline Dec. 31
Call for Applications - 2009 Spring Art Mart - Bath House Cultural Center
Call for artists - Lakewood Summer Arts Faire
Call for Artists - Art for Darfur 2009
Call for Artists - Art on the Horizon
Call for Artists - Frisco Arts in the Square 2010 deadline Jan. 15
Call For Artists - Houston Art Walk
Call for artists - Irving Main Street Event UPDATE
Call for Artists - Watters Creek Fine Arts Festival
Call for artists for 2010 Fine Art Calendar in Dallas
Call for Artists for Arlington Highlands festival
Call for artists for fall exhibition at Studio 2600
Call for Artists for Frisco Discovery Center celebration
Call for Artists for Spring Arts Festival at Watters Creek
Call for Artists for Summer Exhibitions at Studio 2600
CALL FOR ARTISTS – Fort Worth Music and Arts Festival
Call for artists: 25th annual MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival
Call for Artists: Art On The Greene Fine Arts Festival
Call For Artists: CRAVE Art and Music Festival
Call for artists: International Artist Residencies, Budapest, Hungary 2010
Call for Artists: March Small Group Show
Call for entries for Nov. 7 Art Divaz Show
Call for exhibit proposals, Focus Gallery Exhibits, Fort Worth Community Art Center
Call for Latino artists
Call for Texas Artists - art fest in Fredericksburg
Call for wearable art
Calling all Artists! Plano Fall Feast-ival
Calling all nature artists! Trinity River Audubon Center Nature Fest
Catholic Foundation Plaza call for artists
Cedar City Arts Festival booth deadline Aug. 2
Cedar Springs Art Fest deadline April 9
Cedar Springs Art Festival call for artists
CentralTrak art residency applications due Dec. 31
Check out ZAPP® for calls for artists
City of Dallas call for artists
City of Wylie Call for Artists: Olde City Park Mural and Community Park Project
CityArtCal call for artists
CityArtCal Call for Artists
CityArtCal call for artists & exhibition
CItyArtCal Call for Artists- deadline Sept. 9
CityArtCall 2012 call for artists
CityArts booth deadline Feb. 26
CLIQUE Call for the Bigger You Exhibition - extended to May 21
Clique call for Valentine artwork - deadline extended
Clockwork 3 planning session mixer July 29
Coincidence or the Hand of God -- call for artists
Colors to Cocktails artists wanted
Community ID: Public Art in Neighborhoods
ConDFW Art Show opportunity
Cottonwood Art Festival artist opportunity
Cottonwood Art Festival Call to Artists
Cowtown Indie Bazaar Call for Artists
Craft Guild call for artists
Craft Guild Members Show applications
Craft Guild of Dallas Store application
Create an artist profile at
D Art Slam call for artists call for artists partners with PegasusNews
Dallas Arboretum public art proposals due Dec. 17
Dallas Zoo Paw Prints call for artists
Deadline Extension for Oak Cliff Art Divaz Holiday Show
Deep Ellum Arts Festival artist deadline Oct. 29
Delaney offers booths at the Family Fall Festival
Designs needed for canvas bags
Development Director Position open in San Antonio, Cultural Center
DFW Festival Event Survey
DMA grants to artists deadline Mar. 15
Donate to La Reunion
Donate your art to Art Heist benefit for EASL
Donations needed for HCAF fundraiser
Dunaway opens Studio 2600 Gallery Sept. 8
Dutch Art Gallery call for Women Artists
DWF call for jewelry artists
EASL 2010 Art Heist - Call for artists & volunteers - respond by July 26
Ebay offers premium "Gallery Plus" listing feature
Eisemann Center call for artists
Eisemann Center call for artists
Elementary art instructors needed
EMAC call for artists
Ethridge Fall Festival call for artists
Etsy Dallas - new members application & Spring Bash May 1
Etsy Dallas accepting new members
Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash Nov. 22; artist deadline Oct. 3
Etsy Dallas membership application deadline Jan. 14
Etsy Dallas Spring Bash applications due March 5
Etsy Dallas Spring Bash deadline Mar. 19
Exhibit booths for art orgs at AATA conference
Exhibit Opportunity for Ellis Co. Artists
Exhibit space in Irving
Exhibiting and working in Hungary, 2012
Exhibition and art instruction space in Irving -- artist opportunity
Exhibition and art instruction space in Irving -update
Exhibition opportunity / instructors needed in Irving
Exhibition opportunity at pFAMILY ARTS
Exhibition opportunity at the Fort Worth Community Art Center
Exhibition opportunity at the Fort Worth Community Art Center
Exhibition opportunity in Keller
Exhibition opportunity in Marfa
Exhibits at DeSoto City Hall: artists needed
Fall Art in the Park - call for artists
Fall ArtsGoggle call for artists
Fall ArtsGoggle call for artists
Fall ArtsGoggle deadline Sept. 14
Farmersville Art Festival - Call for artists
Festivals in Granbuery - opportunities for artists
Firehouse Art Gallery call for artists
Flatonia's Art Fest and Market Days Announces its 2011 Call for Artists
Fort Worth Latin Arts Festival call for artists
FREE 4 ALL -Everything Fiber & Yarn
FREE 4 ALL Nov. 27
FREE 4 ALL Sun Oct 30
FREE 4 ALL Sun. Dec. 18
FREE 4 ALL – Giveaway - ALL Things Glass, Sun * Jan 22 * Noon-5p
FREE for All - February
FREE for ALL - March 27
FREE For ALL Sept 25
Free Studio - Bunk House
Frisco Art in the Atrium opportunity
Frisco Arts Festival application deadline July 23
Frisco Arts Festival call for artists
Frisco Arts in the Square 2011 artist opportunity
Frisco Arts in the Square call for artists
Frisco's First Festival of Trees 2012
Funky Finds artist opportunity
Funky Finds Spring Fling 2010 application deadline Nov. 15
Funky Finds Spring Fling April 25
Funky Finds Spring Fling call for vendors
Funky Finds vendor opportunity
FWCAC call for artist exhibition proposals
FWPA calls for interns and artists
Galleri Urbane Marfa call for artists
Gallery 76102 call for proposals
Gallery Art Cafe looking for artists
Gallery Director Wanted - Dallas
Gallery Rooms Available at B and B Furniture
Gallery space available at Aurora Images
Galveston ArtWalk artist opp
Giddens Gallery opening soon in Grapevine
Girls Rock call for artists
girlShow 2012 REWIND call for artists
Googly Eyes’ Handmade Fair April 14
Grand Prairie Art Party April 26
Grumbacher Job Opportunity
Grumbacher seeking local art instructors
Haltom City's Art in the City Festival call for artists
Handley Street Fest booths
HandleyFEST call for artists
HandleyFest Oct. 13 & call for artists
Harvest Festival in Allen Oct. 21 - artist opportunity
Harvest Moon Festival artist applications
Heart for Freedom Art Auction - donations needed
HGTV Next Design Star Casting!
Hill Country Arts Foundation ArtMart call for artists
Historic Mansfield Music & Arts Festival call for artists
Holiday 2007 submissions due Oct. 26
HOPE Literacy Art Show Fundraiser
Houston ArtWalk opportunity
I-Park residency program for artists
IAC Summer Art Jobs Program - call for artists
Idea Fund funding opportunity
IdeaFund session Aug. 8 at the Dallas Contemporary
Inaugural TEXAS CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR call for galleries
IndieGenius bazaar applications due Mar. 20
Instructor needed for Irving seniors
International Artist Residencies in Budapest
International Artists Residencies call for artists
Introducing the Texas Fine Art Collector's Guide!
IS IT TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE? call for artists
Jan. 24 deadline for 2009-10 gallery proposals at the Bath House
Jazz By The Boulevard call for artists - Poster Art & booths
Jewelry Open Call
Jewish Arts Fest call for artists - deadline Apr. 15
Jingle Bash opportunity
JINGLE BELLS BAZAAR call for artists
July 12 audition for Live Draw! artists
June Art and Music Festival in Downtown Historic Mansfield
Kennedale Art in the Park Festival deadline extended to Feb. 1
Kessler Creative Culture Fair artist opportunity
Kessler Pumpkin Patch and Street Fair call for artists
La ReUnion news
La Reunion TX Announces Fifth Annual Art Chicas And NEW Art Chicos program
La Reunion's Tree Carving!
Lakewood call for artists
Lakewood Fair call for artists
Lakewood Faire deadline June 29
Lakewood Summer Arts Faire - artist opportunity
Las Colinas Art Show opportunity
Little Forrest Hills Yoga Studio Creates Artistic Hub
Live Draw audition Aug. 12
Local markets provide opportunities for artists
Main St. Event in Irving Sept. 8
Main St. festival booth deadline Oct. 21
May 1 Deadline for Membership and Upstairs Gallery Applications- 500X 2012-13‏
Member exhibits opportunity at FWCAC
Middle Eastern art needed
MIDTOWN Arts Fest coming
Monotype Madness at The Encaustic Center! Call for entries
MusicArte de Fort Worth
MusicArte de Forth Worth application deadline Aug. 15
New art groups in Allen and Collin County
New Gallery of the Arts in Forney
New gallery to open in Allen
New Las Colinas hotel - call for artists
North Lake College call for artists
North Texas Institute Craft Fair coming July 24 & 25
Oak Cliff Art Crawl deadline Mar. 27
Oak Cliff Art Divaz call for artists - deadline Dec. 31
Oak Cliff Art Divaz Call for Vendors
Oak Cliff Artisans
Oak Cliff Artist Market deadline Dec. 1
Oak Cliff Mural Project Project deadline April 20
Obama on White Velvet
Open Call - International Artists in Residencies 2011
Open Call for 2008 Exhibitions – Deadline Aug. 31
Open call for artists Jan. 10
Opportunities in Allen - call for art
Opportunities in the Bishop Arts District
Opportunity for artists: art studio in Fort Worth
OXDE New Artist Open Call
Oxide @ Banter call for artwork
Oxide call for artists
OXIDE Gallery - 2012 Sneak Preview
Oxide Gallery Artwork Open Call for April & May
Oxide Gallery call for artists
OXIDE Gallery's Upcoming Exhibits & Open Calls
OXIDE open call
Oxide open call for jewelry
PAA exhibit at Baylor RMC-Plano Jan. 24-28
PAA's Asian Art Exhibit opportunity
Paris Fine Arts Festival call for artists
Parkland Hospital Call for North Texas Artists deadline May 1
Patricia B. Avery Regional Art Exhibit - call for participation
Peach Festival Call for Artists from WAA
Pecha Kucha showcase on June 19 in Frisco
Phoenix Renaissance Faire call for artists
Portrait Artists Call
Prairie Fest April 26 - Plein air opportunity for artists
Prairie Fest X3 call for plein air
Prosper Art and Music Festival call for artists
Prosper Founders Fest call for artists
Provincetown grant for painters
Red Arrow Contemporary - Call for Proposals
Request for Art & Fashion Interns
RESIDENCY and EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITY in Hungary for December and 2012!
Resolana's Westside Music Festival Sept. 24
Riverside Arts District Craft and Artisan Market Dec. 21 & 22
Rockfest 2011 Oct. 8 & 9
Rocky Top Chalk Fest at Central Market June 6th 9-4pm
Roxy Art Fest call for artists
San Jacinto Art Market opportunity
Sculpting instructor needed
Sculptor needs help with 2 large-scale projects
Second Annual Art Chicas Unidas -- Call for Artists!
Seeking Artist to Share Studio Space. Low Monthly Rate
Sell your art at markets & festivals in DFW
Sell your artwork at Art in the Garden Oct. 14
SF artist opportunities in DFW
Southern Artisans Market opportunity
Southside Urban Market every Saturday!
Southwest Black Fine Art Show
Southwest Black Fine Art Show 2012 call for artists
Spring 2009 Artscape applications due Oct. 17
Spring 2012 Craft Guild of Dallas Art Show and Sale entries due April 9
Spring Art in the Park in Cedar Hill
Studio Space Available
Studio Space Available in Co-Op
Studio space for lease in Whitewright
Studio Space opportunity
Studio Space Rental
Studio Teachers wanted for night classes
Sultry artist-on-artist action at HOT-n-SWEATY!!! - dropoff June 2 & 3
Support Art Chicas 2010
Support Dallas artists Dominguez & Sanchez-Lugo
Survey to identify artists interested in teaching at FWCAC
Synapse Gallery call for artists
TAG Miniature Show & Sale call for artists
TCA list of opportunities for artists
Texas Artists Coalition holds Dealers' Review
Texas Fiber Arts Exhibit deadline Mar. 15
Texas State Artist call for nominees - deadline Nov. 1
Texas WCA call for art What drives you?
Texas Women's Caucus for Art - join or renew!
ThatARoom seeking artist to showcase
The Arts Council Northeast NEW Grant Program
The Canvas Project
The Dallas Flea Returns to South Side on Lamar
The Denton ISD Annual High School Art opening April 6
The Gallery at MIDTOWN Arts Fest - call for artists
The Gallery at MIDTOWN ArtsFest
THE PATH TO LOVE call for artists
the \work*room\ - art studios for lease
Third Annual Block Party Peace Festival - artists needed
United States Mint 2010 call for artists
Upcoming Exhibitions at Studio 2600 (Call for Artists)
Uptown festival deadline July 30
Urban Street Bazaar 9 - call for artists
Urban Street Bazaar applications due by Aug. 20
Urban Street Bazaar April 14-15 2012 call for vendors
Urban Street Bazaar call for artists
Urban Street Bazaar May 10 - Designer call deadline April 1
VACD Call for Proposals for 2008-2009
VACD call for proposals Summer 2008
VACD seeking Volunteers
VAST festival call for artists
Vendor Apps - 3rd Annual Funky Finds Spring Fling
Vendor Call - Funky Finds: A Holiday Shopping Experience
Venue at Horizon UUC in Carrollton
Visual Art League of Lewisville artists painting boots for fundraiser for Western Days
Visual Arts Guild of Frisco news
Volunteer needed for watercolor demo
Watters Creek call for artists
Watters Creek Fall Fine Arts Festival Oct. 9-11 call for artists
Watters Creek Fine Arts Festival
We are looking for Art Teachers!
White Rock Lake Call for Sculpture Proposals
Winter Art Mart applications due Oct 22
Winter Art Mart deadline Nov. 3
Women & Their Work: Solo Series 2012 - apply online
Words & Images of Belonging - artist opportunity
Workshop space at Asel Art
World wide Art Consignment program !
Wylie Arts Festival applications due Nov. 5
Yellow Rose cruise in January
“Ekphrasis: A Collaboration Among the Arts” 2012 Inaugural Conference call for proposals

Resources / Links
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2011 Fine Art in Dallas art engagement books
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