Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl abstract palette knife demo for TAG Feb. 2


Next month’s demo artist for Trinity Arts Guild is  is Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl. Her topic will be abstract with a palette knife.

In her own words Rosemary wrote: As an artist and educator now, I am able to take my experience in business, consulting, training and development, and mix it up with my passion for life and beauty. While earning a Masters’ in Liberal Arts from SMU in Dallas, I studied the masters and fell in love with their expressions of life. Painting with oils and a palette knife allow me to express life through a visual message on canvas with color and rich textures. I continue to explore other mediums. I teach English as a Second Language courses at a local college. The experiences of my global student base contribute to my world view and spill over into my art. As an Artist at Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine, Texas I am able to share my passion and learn from my fellow artists every day. My works are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, South America and Asia.

Location: Bedford Boys Ranch, Trinity Arts Guild, 2819 R. D. Hurt Pkwy., Bedford, TX 76095-0671


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