Rebecca Howdeshell, Fiber Artist, March 17 in Rowlett

Artists Round Texas March Visual Arts Program
SUNDAY, March 17, 2013, 2PM

Rebecca Howdeshell, Adjunct Assistant Professor-College of Visual Arts and Design at University of North Texas, has been working with industrial felt for four years now. She is obsessed with working white on white, and creating textures, highs and lows, which give the viewer all kinds of leaway in using their imagination when viewing her work. All of her stitching is done free motion, and she does this so she can change the way the stitch looks for each artwork depending upon her intent.

As an artist who works with a very tactile material, she is drawn to the physical properties of her media. She creates form and renders the material rigid by carving and incising a line using a sewing machine. She considers herself like the ultimate explorer when she sits down and listens to the artwork; render, discard, re-use, accept and finally move forward. To that end, she is a specialist in regards to the handling of the material and an explorer moving toward the outcome of what she will find on the other side of the next stitch. Rebecca will show examples of her art, and explain the process she uses, and how she arrives at a finished work of art with material.


You can view more on Rebecca at her website
Visitors are always welcome. Please bring a snack to share. For more information on A.R.T., please visit their FB page at or their web page at Meetings are held at Rowlett Community Centre, 5300 Main, Rowlett, Texas 75088

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