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Pete Quaid “Drama in Still Life” demo Sept. 11 in McKinney


Pete Quaid will be demonstrating “Drama in Still Life” through the steps of composition, lighting and painting at the Art Club in McKinney on Thursday September 11.   The afternoon will be devoted to painting still life’s to any who are interested. If you would like to participate or need information, contact Carol Kovacs at 214 592 4151.  http://www.theartclubmckinney.com/

Thursday, September 11, 2014
9:30 am – 10 am: Old and New Business
10:00 am – Noon: Program
Heard-Craig Gallery
306 North Church Street
(park in back of building and enter there)
McKinney, Texas



Pete Quaid is a local artist who, for the most part, is self taught. Pete was introduced to the world of fine art through the McKinney Art Club. His work is extraordinary.

“In particular, Connie Erickson has provided her honest critique and her encouragement in my pursuit of fine art. I am grateful to all of the artists whose work I have studied because they have continued my education.

Examining light and attempting to capture that effect on canvas is a lifelong adventure. It involves values and color temperatures. The main focus of our time will be spent talking about the importance of values in the composition of the painting.

It is exciting to see the light creating the composition. One of the pluses of painting a still life is you get to be in control of the light and you have time to draw and mix your colors at leisure. (Painting outside en plein aire is a great experience but also a humbling one.) Choosing the composition is vital, you want a piece of work that will catch the eye and then take the viewer on a journey through your painting.

The human soul needs beauty as the body needs nourishment. Beauty causes a satisfying emotional response and comes in many forms; all of our senses can detect it. Fortunately, we are surrounded by it.

Beauty is everywhere – from the shape of an oak leaf to the grandeur of a mountain. Light reveals beauty, and there are so many forms of light…the soft morning rays of sunlight, the diffused brilliance of a cloudy day and the golden glow of a sunset reveal ever-changing ways to view our environment. Accurately portraying light with paint on the surface of an object both challenges and satisfies me. The making of art should be a pursuit of excellence, one that inspires and evokes appreciation.

I began painting in my early 20’s. It interested me so much that I pursued and finally landed a job painting billboards. After a few years of experience, I began working for myself and contracted with sign owners to paint their billboards. I hand painted billboards before there were printers large enough to print them. It was great on the job training. When the large printers arrived, I transferred my skills to commercial murals and have done many schools and restaurants.

Visit Pete Quaid Fine Art at petequaid.com.

–from the Art Club in McKinney website http://www.theartclubmckinney.com/


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