Join Us this evening 
Tuesday 5/26/15 
Plano Art Association Gallery
1013 15th place suite 105
Eastside Village
Plano Tx 75074
Art Share at 6:30pm
Demonstration at 7:00pm
Plano Art Association has some of Dallas’ best and most promising artists in its midst. Many of whom have skillful talents both artistically and professionally Gregory Lavender is among those artists. If you’ve had the pleasure of admiring the graphic effect of linoleum block printing then tonight’s demonstration will be an inspirational treat.
Plano Art Association Artist Gregory Lavender will guide us through the process used to create many of the works you’ve seen displayed in several of our exhibits where his work has been on display. In fact fans of Mr. Lavenders work have even approached to purchase not only his prints but the blocks as well, siting that the blocks are as impressively artistic as the prints they produce.
 Mr Lavender holds a B.F.A. in Industrial Design from the Cleveland  Institute of Art and is currently a  senior product designer in the toy industry.
While Mr. Lavender enjoys working with multiple mediums he finds the graphic impact of linoleum block printing  or linocut most gratifying. While linoleum was dates back to the mid 1800;s as a floor covering, the art of carving linoleum for printing began between 1905 and 1913 in Germany and was popularized in America around 1943.. Mr. Lavender finds both merit and release in this age old nostalgic process and admires works of such greats as Elizabeth Catlett, John Biggers, Fred Carlo and Wilmer Jennings,

In the words of the artist:

” Drawing and painting are a few of the mediums I use, but in recent years my focus has been print making. The physical process of carving linoleum blocks gives me the opportunity to release creativity and energy. It serves as a counter balance to my design work which entails more restraints. I’ve been working on a series of Jazz Prints. My goal in the works is to capture the improvisational and rhythmic components of jazz through line work

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