Ken Kunzman: Digital Artistry in Photography Feb. 8


LGAA Meeting
Don’t miss out on the February meeting with a focus on digital artistry in photography. We have local artist Ken Kunzman as the demonstrator. Anyone with an interest in art is invited to attend.

Digital Artistry

Ken has been photographing beautiful places for nearly forty years focusing on the unusual aspects of larger scenes. The beauty of simplicity found Ken after a rainfall when he spotted a low hanging cherry on a beautiful tree with water drops sparkling and he snapped the shot which was to influence his future photographic endeavors. Ken says, “Flowers and landscapes that have a message have been a favorite of mine since.”  His goal is to deliver that message to the viewer with a focus on light.

Ken is definitely an unassuming artist.  This is his description of what he does:

I feel that I am an “outside the box” artist because I’m not really a photographer or painter but I use the ideas from both skill-sets to produce what I do.  Photography is my input and the computer is my paint and brush.  My output is neither a painting nor strictly a photograph most of the time.   My presentation is more in line with showing the similarities I’ve noticed of the crafts and a quick demonstration of taking a photograph from “I guess you had to be there” to hopefully “Wow”.


LGAA Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at the Shanley House Center for the Arts at 7pm (224 North Travis in Granbury,Texas). Anyone with an interest in art is encouraged to attend a meeting and join the Art Association. For more information call: 817.579.7656. An Artist of the Month will be chosen by the membership from pieces brought to the meeting along with other works of merit. These will be on display at local banks.

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