Gregory Lavendar on linoleum prints April 21



On Sunday, April 21, at 2pm, Artists Round Texas program will feature print artist Gregory Lavender, who will demonstrate how to make linoleum prints.

Gregory Lavender considers himself a Visual Artist, with a career in product design.He has a BFA in Industrial Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and is currently working as a senior product designer in the toy industry.

In recent years, he has made an attempt to focus more on his artwork. He has been interested in the visual arts since receiving coloring books as a child. When he finished a coloring book, he would get out paper and try to create his own coloring books.

There have been parents, relatives, friends and teachers that have encouraged him along the way. He works in many media–drawing, painting and print making.

Expressionist art is the one category of art that he really enjoys. His artwork also acts as a counter balance to detail product design work. The physical process of creating is just as important as the finished piece, and this applies mostly when he creates linoleum prints. The carving of the linoleum block allows him to release physical energy, and his hope is that some of that energy can be seen the final bold, bright prints.

Refreshments will be served, and you are most welcome to bring your favorite snack or dish to share. Bring a relative, a friend, a spouse, a partner, your children, or grandchildren for a fun, artful afternoon.

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