Dotty Zamora To Present “The Art Journey” May 7 for VAST


May 7 Meeting: The monthly Mini Show winners are to bring their winning pieces to be judged for VAST’s 2015 Artist of the Year. The meeting is Thursday, May 7 – 7:00 to 9:00pm at the Patterson-Appleton Center for the Visual Arts (P-A CVA) in Denton.

dottyzamoraDotty Zamora To Present “The Art Journey”

Texas-based artist Dotty Zamora works in mixed media, specifically in encaustic, and describes herself as a naturalist. Her work is an expression of personal focus on nature.  She hopes to share a walk with VAST into nature.

“While hiking I sketch the presence of small or microcosmic places in that glimpse of time, and make a written notation or poem of that presence in an artist sketch diary. The notation is usually in reference to natural forms, color, movement of air and the texture within that space in time. … I also collect bits and pieces of found debris from nature, like tortoise shells, wasp nests, dead insects, sand, sticks and stones to incorporate into the painting. … The materials with which I work have a direct relationship to the earth.”zamorad2
“My art offers the viewer a chance to journey with me along my path filled with the pleasures of multiple colored wax surfaces, to show the textures and forms life can take.”
More about Dotty Zamora and her art can be seen at Dotty Zamora on Facebook.


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