Court Bailey demo Jan. 11 for TAG in the Morning


In November Trinity Arts Guild merged of Mid Cities Fine Artists and will now sponsor two demonstrations per month for their members.  Their normal evening meeting on the first Monday and the morning meeting on the second Wednesday of the month.  Meetings are open to former mid-cities members, tag members and visitors. 

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Trinity Arts Guild Gallery/Studio located at: 2819 R. D. Hurt Parkway, Bedford, TX  76021 in Boys Ranch Park

January 11, 2017 – TAG in the Morning
Court Bailey 10 am.

About Court Bailey

I have been in and out of the amateur art scene my whole life till I finally decided to became an Instructor in oils with Alexander Art, and Frank Clarke in watercolors.  I had been an instructor in the USAF and the FAA so it was a pretty easy transition. My problem, frequently, was that I would become discouraged and give up, then I came across a quote by Connor Cochran: “”…trying to do something is what creates the ability to do it… so it is the willingness to surrender to the struggle, not talent, that defines an artist”.  I have it in a prominent place in my studio and refer to it often.

I have always enjoyed trying new mediums and techniques and during  the holidays two years ago, I discovered Igor Kazarin, who’s work absolutely blew me away!  “Dry Brush” oil portraits were different, challenging and no one knew anything about the process … wow, I had to do this!  I found the process challenging but intriguing enough to persist (“surrender to the struggle”), and boy, does it teach you about values.  Dry Brushing is easily correctable with an ordinary eraser and when finished brings a softness that many mistake for charcoal or pastel.  By the way, this process is very popular in Europe with street artists but is hardly known in the U.S., hopefully, we can help change that, what a blast!.

Pam, said make it short, so if you want to see more of my artistic history, awards. blah, blah, blah, go to my web site:  I have one folder committed to Dry Brush Portraits.  See you Dec 14th.



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