Barbara Millican Nonobjective Watercolor demo for SWA May 20


Watermedia artist Barbara Millican will give a demonstration on Nonobjective Watercolor at the next Society of Watercolor Artists meeting on Monday, May 20 at 7pm. Directions.

In Barbara’s words…

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an artist is the association with other like-minded people. We artists learn from each other and being part of a critique group, art society, art class stimulates the creative juices we are blessed with. Very few things compare with the enjoyment I receive when I pick up my brush and dip into my palette of paint.

I was one of the charter members of SWA in 1980 and may be the only active charter member in 2013. We have had meetings/critiques in various locations and have grown in quality and quantity. What a wonderful group! I have served as co-chairman of programs and chairman of the annual national show. These have been some years ago. The national show was held at Tarrant County Junior College.

Some years ago I received my B.S. degree and 35 years later (as an “older” lady) I went back to college and received my M. A. in art. My major professor would not look at my work unless it was on 300 lb paper and matted. I use the heavier paper still, but I prefer the 140 lb. Currently all my work is done with acrylics since the paint lends itself to abstract and/or non-objective work. I do paint in a representational way but find greater satisfaction in the abstract intuitive work. I do not attempt to tell “a story” but evoke an emotional response. I do use oils and transparent watercolor, but I love the feel of acrylics.

I have taught at Tarrant County College, Bauder Fashion College, Texas Women’s University, Fort Worth Woman’s Club, and my own studio.

Most recently I have been in the Rocky Mountain National show, receiving the Sybil Moschetti Award, the National Watercolor Society show receiving the Toshiko Ukon Award and was selected to be in the traveling show throughout the USA. I have become a signature member in both organizations as well as in the American Watercolor Society, Texas Watercolor Society and others. I was also selected for the SWA 2013 International Exhibition now hanging in Fort Worth. My work has been featured in the Watercolor Artist Magazine, the International Artist and in several of the Betty Lou Schlemm “Best of” books as well as “Journeys to Abstraction.”

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