Artist Linka Behn’s presentation “Grandmother’s Pearls and a Teacher’s Note: Connection and Direction,” at VAST on May 2

You are invited to a presentation by artist Linka Behn at the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), on May 2nd, from 6:45 – 9:00 pm at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center. Behn’s presentation is entitled “Grandmother’s Pearls and a Teacher’s Note: Connection and Direction”.

Behn states, “I’ve always drawn. Born in SE Texas, and intensely shy, drawing was a way to communicate.”

“My art is mixed media, that combines a bit of the recognized with some of the imaginative by using abstracted layers, often with figures and strong women. Textures, colors, and objects shift from whole to merely sketched outlines. Found objects, symbols and words are buried, creating a multi-layered environment and inviting a story.”

She earned a BFA and MFA in Interdisciplinary Art later in life.

She states, “I strongly believe we are all creative, that creativity extends into all of life, enriching each step taken and changing all we experience.”

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The presentation is sponsored by the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), and is free for VAST members, and $5 for guests.

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