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YouTube: New Art Videos Nov. 26


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This list includes videos selected by the webmaster. Many more to choose from on our channels page. The local videos list is now included in the new weekly feature: Local Art Reviews & Videos. Click on the category Video / Film to find this listing.


How to Activate Tube Watercolours https://youtu.be/dqlIBO57MSM

Surreal Paris speed painting in acrylics w/ Lachri https://youtu.be/7BzhuivTH5U

What is Serious Art? My Views and a Bit of a Rant about Modern Art https://youtu.be/rPTrNY06TiQ

Try Transparent Acrylic in this Stephen Quiller Preview https://youtu.be/frNEg4V7tY4

Tips for Boosting Contour and Realism In a Neck! https://youtu.be/Mp3-8vKCuDI

Painting watercolours from photographs https://youtu.be/nKdY-JYG2nM

Drawing Jessica Jones https://youtu.be/pH3bmBpJFws

Watercolour Materials – Comparing Student vs. Artist Quality https://youtu.be/8H9qPH5Ku4Y

Block Printing – Linocuts https://youtu.be/TiQPOIwObrQ

Simple painting techniques for beginners, landscape art by Peter Dranitsin called Cold Reflection https://youtu.be/TrTNYPWOYJc

Preview these Acrylic & Gouache Painting Techniques (Stephen Quiller) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubZVCB3zA7c

Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Acrylics–Preview Now (Stephen Quiller)   https://youtu.be/-A1qFOCthNA

2/2 Zaha Hadid on Kazimir Malevich – Secret Knowledge https://youtu.be/Lg1b_n9IKUo

1/2 Sir Peter Blake – What Do Artists Do All Day ? https://youtu.be/C2AnoI5w0-U

Art Q&A alternatives to using grids to draw w/ Lachri https://youtu.be/FlARnhNqD1Y

Preview of The Artist’s Magazine January/February 2016 Issue! https://youtu.be/OMmfJNuuKpY


Color Burst…it’s as easy as Spritz and Sprinkle https://youtu.be/J2yB36CmMrM

The Best Ever Craft Mat with Ken Oliver https://youtu.be/ztW7SkgWZgE

Ranger – Multi Medium Matte https://youtu.be/-Lu0YgqhE3E

Gelli Art Journal Page – Be Kind https://youtu.be/0raFzO9c0lw

A Day in the City Mixed Media Canvas https://youtu.be/73gZP1oAOOA

How to make Boxes using the WRMK 1-2-3 Punch Board https://youtu.be/Y03j3oMtw88

Zentangle® Inspired Gift Wrap https://youtu.be/wd4ubv30_xY

how to make easy christmas gift bags / DIY christmas gift bags https://youtu.be/-Rm2Ddec1sY

Tim Holtz’s DIstress Glitter Dust Ornaments https://youtu.be/LPmfbeR9TvQ

Art and Soul Retreat workshops with Suzi Dennis https://youtu.be/OsF8asihG_A

ScanNCut Stencil Material https://youtu.be/pk_Z4dMdc60

How to Create MARBLE TEXTURE using ACRYLIC PAINT & WATER https://youtu.be/FATo6aYSCQo

ScanNCut Stamp Starter Kit https://youtu.be/_Y4MDDfAU9E

Kaisercraft – Botanica Collection https://youtu.be/7hdc2nqe5Wg

Coffee Art Journal Mixed Media Page https://youtu.be/1NeSMO1UQ80

‘Take a chance’… art journaling https://youtu.be/9t9gAQ6L5Eg

Lawn Fawn Let’s Bokeh with Imagine Crafts Metallic Inks https://youtu.be/7bKCI2AUir8

Gelli Plate Printing – Repurposing Craft Supplies https://youtu.be/csgeo-Z7JHM

Steampunk Day 20 https://youtu.be/rMpjrD4Jo4o

Let it snow! #28 https://youtu.be/q3FLcQgsaeQ



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