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YouTube: New Art Videos March 3


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Annapolis Snowbound- Michael Holter https://youtu.be/p37lfKQNV5U

Paint a mesmerising cityscape with Dan Kitchener | Liquitex https://youtu.be/Z-h7y4XUV04

Exploring Art Supplies: Molotow Masking Markers https://youtu.be/WaZaD9neL3U

Dover 75 years https://youtu.be/NZ3KY0T-5_k

How to Paint a GEOMETRIC MOSAIC ELEPHANT https://youtu.be/mJ0FaHNKGaM

Derivan Acrylics – Understanding Tonal Value Part 2 https://youtu.be/O-0koM4DRZw

Painting Sunlight with Watercolor on Learn to paint with Scarlett https://youtu.be/yP2t1zwZGY4

Artist Demonstration -Derivan Inks https://youtu.be/6OgS-hm8FI8

Testing “Brusho” Watercolour Powerder Watercolor https://youtu.be/RJT_prqHnAs

How to use String Gel as a Top Coat Ginger Snap Tips and Tricks. https://youtu.be/R54XzfzpId0

Koi Watercolors: Box of 30 https://youtu.be/lBm3mYwN2ec

Top 5 Tips for Portraiture https://youtu.be/xkVeLMis0JM

Cheap Joe’s 2 Minute Art Tip – The Ugly Stage https://youtu.be/ptHHsAMESOs

Pigment Marker – Paris | Winsor & Newton https://youtu.be/BD1HJF_4i2s

My second experiment with Liquitex Pouring Medium https://youtu.be/i9G6dnEZHjE

How to Paint Brilliant Poppies in Oils – Nancy Medina Art Videos and Classes https://youtu.be/AHRi1Pq7aGM

How to Paint Pansies in a Blue Vase – Nancy Medina Art Videos and Classes https://youtu.be/UgPPr9uvldE

PanPastel Full Workshop – Landscape Painting https://youtu.be/ftB2qyTvefQ

How to Paint Aspen Trees – ‘Rocky Mountain Dream’ – Fast Motion Art Video w Music by Bill Inman https://youtu.be/lJqpF_mJq2E

How to paint a female Nude with watercolor, step by step tutorial https://youtu.be/kHhK5mgrh4U

Art Chat with Linda Fisler: Building Imagery from Abstract Design https://youtu.be/axV7RVcp_sE

Artist Problems – Permanent vs. Permanent https://youtu.be/1EBMFH9_pPE

NEW! Spectrum Aqua Watercolor Pencil Review & Demo // AquaBlend Pencils Review https://youtu.be/l7Aa8PC9ZIU

How To Use Golden’s Self Leveling Gel with Marion Cloaninger https://youtu.be/pw4hH1zMhFk


DecoArt Spring Trend Video https://youtu.be/I0ubJWwXTe8

ColourArte Twinkling H20 Exploration https://youtu.be/Zo780ETLFiQ

Mother Nature animation showing the process of drawing and colouring https://youtu.be/EUQkzSzOp4A

ScanNCut: Scan to Cut Data vs. Direct Cut https://youtu.be/8NMmGE6tcx0

Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper https://youtu.be/8-EMo–gQYA

How to store your small stencils and masks https://youtu.be/Yt1vzUarQ4Q

Derivan Fabric Art Paint -Part 2 Tie Die Shibori https://youtu.be/xQ69UaNcG1Y

ScanNCut: Using a Transfer Sheet for Perfectly Placing Vinyl https://youtu.be/cHDf0WtBGvI

bloom big https://youtu.be/POpBrQIdc9o

Stencil Storage https://youtu.be/vX1e2oIkprA

Watch Paint Crackle Acrylic Paint and White Glue Technique Time Lapse Paint Crackling https://youtu.be/guvrCn4pvcE

TURQUOISE Inspired ABSTRACT FLUID PAINTING TECHNIQUE (Semi precious stone painting series) https://youtu.be/L_YN97C8erE

Gelli Printing on Photo Paper https://youtu.be/gfC1pwZjEFI

Whole cloth printing with Markal (shiva) sticks https://youtu.be/uehqTpdjbx8

Journal Page using a Colouring Book page… https://youtu.be/oQkX18eaflQ

Stamping with magic stamps for fabric printing https://youtu.be/V1ByP_zdnqs

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