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YouTube: New Art Videos July 23


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This list includes videos selected by the webmaster. Many more to choose from on our channels page. The local videos list is now included in the new weekly feature: Local Art Reviews & Videos. Click on the category Video / Film to find this listing.


Painting Roses and Tulips – Summer Evening Roses on DVD – Nancy Medina Art https://youtu.be/4BKck4VLctk

Negative Painting a Landscape https://youtu.be/0KK9h5fNv_s

painting at the beach no.2 https://youtu.be/aO-MrcGcUDM

Susan Harrison Tustain (watercolor) by  Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life) https://youtu.be/jZFRFhNvh5M

Urban Sketching with Marc Taro Holmes Trailer https://youtu.be/fv8rtZTBAXs

Meet Mixed Media Artist Carrie Schmitt https://youtu.be/2xf4Npt4n0U

How to Paint Mixed Media Flowers with Carrie Schmitt https://youtu.be/1mQN_bg8CEk

Abstract Flower Painting with Carrie Schmitt https://youtu.be/d_87l4zWkzA

Design Elements for Painting Mixed Media Flowers with Carrie Schmitt https://youtu.be/Ji-_Cd6U-f4

Artists Serving Artists – Khalid Hussein – Princeton Brushes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrhMIM5XImc

Artists Serving Artists – Michelle Condrat – Utrecht Paint https://youtu.be/BN-RaK0l2-U

Artists Serving Artists – Josh Ramsey – Canson Paper https://youtu.be/hPXWQG0Vfxg

Artists Serving Artists – Ellen McMahill – Liquitex Acrylics https://youtu.be/iL4Z4-uTYSc

How To Use Derivan Gesso https://youtu.be/wd0eqvGQzPA

Conceptualism featuring Alejandro Cesarco https://youtu.be/iIbLj_kmHZ0

Winsor & Newton Limited Edition Water Colours: Twilight https://youtu.be/vsZGRBy1zjE

Watercolor Artist October 2015 Issue Preview https://youtu.be/Q9MWVGX5e-4

Painting Tips for Abstract Portraits with Debora Stewart https://youtu.be/hTeaEoqy9rI

GOLDEN Introduces the New High Flow Drawing Set https://youtu.be/d4qt2Kr6YJA


UPDATE: No-Clog Fine-Tip Liquid Adhesive Solutions https://youtu.be/AuSmcYTR2zo

Glitter Types and Uses #17 https://youtu.be/W55CiszhXPw

Inkless Images Splitcoaststampers https://youtu.be/EKGB8_UBG1g

How to Bind a Book – Collect+ at Jackson’s https://youtu.be/-oY2Upxtf6w

Getting Creative With Accordion Books! by Joggles.com https://youtu.be/eqcavPAh5Yk

Zentangle® with Gelli Arts® Printing (Suzanne McNeill with designoriginals123) https://youtu.be/gDKa0Pp5To0

Daily Painting | Episode 5 Christy Sobolewski https://youtu.be/qjblSpDLXiE

Journaling by 5s, J-2, S-3, Session Three vicki ross https://youtu.be/2stPKqb0H-g

Signo Gel Pens by Uniball https://youtu.be/OAfZxaffc4o

Text and Texture StencilCollection from Seth Apter and StencilGirl https://youtu.be/HpSqmuAfD0M

Text and Texture Play with Seth Apter’s Stencil #lovesummerart https://youtu.be/e2N-rIwOfjo

Art Marketing Blog: Types of Entrepreneurs https://youtu.be/7RKlZ7Rj6m0

#lovesummerart Polymer Clay Box – Patti Tolley Parrish – Inky Obsessions https://youtu.be/eh-jqAgvPOQ

#lovesummerart: Art Journal Page – Sunflowers & Butterflies https://youtu.be/Ziqws_JEvEQ

Art Glass Works Studio https://youtu.be/2OO8Y2m_-l8

Loew Cornell Watercolor supplies https://youtu.be/7Qrzre6JEzs

Art room organazation challege!! #ArtSupplyTreasurers Episode 1 https://youtu.be/s8Og4g0hG8g

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