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YouTube: New Art Videos July 22


Art News DFW follows more than 200 YouTube channels devoted to arts and crafts. To view the list, click here. To see our Video Playlists, click here. Email artnewsdfw@gmail.com with suggestions for other channels to follow, or videos to include in our playlists.

Videos are roughly divided into ARTS and CRAFTS. Previews of DVDs are included. To find local videos, search for the weekly feature Local Art Reviews and Videos.


Demonstration: Lead In Lines For Better Composition https://youtu.be/vP6dxYGrw3I

Mini Lesson: 5 Ways to Begin a Painting (Flora Bowley) https://youtu.be/aNojnc4x78I

Meet Google Arts & Culture https://youtu.be/bp4oa7MHg88

Oil Painting Demo – Painted from Life – Wet in Wet – Jar of Oil https://youtu.be/CsyTx0tAnq8

All about TEXTURE – 20 ideas Mixed Media Art Tutorial https://youtu.be/cAOJwdQqokQ

How to: Mixed Media Steampunk Style Canvas https://youtu.be/zWj4K8JcMJg

How to Shade Basic Forms – Pencil Tutorial https://youtu.be/vMr6eimcolc

Wild Flowers by Sumiyo Toribe https://youtu.be/WreyM_DxorM

Demonstration: Three Primaries Landscape – Derivan Water Colour https://youtu.be/uicuFerkuI4

Daniel Smith DuoChrome & Interference Colour Chart https://youtu.be/Z9OOK43hkvs

Negative Painting Black Eyed Susans Sunflowers in Watercolor Watercolor Painting Tugorial https://youtu.be/T3sjFfh-WZU

Comparing Lead Tin Yellow Light and Lemon – Michael Harding Oil Colour with Vicki Norman https://youtu.be/qhB-rzWX4J0

13 Watercolor paintings from Lund 1989 https://youtu.be/IIn9aZpgm3k

Fine Art Tips on Glass Blowing with Douglass Brown on Colour In Your Life https://youtu.be/dbG1kOWVWIE

Canson Disposable Palette https://youtu.be/g8OgV5pWaLo

Inspiration vs Showing Up Everyday https://youtu.be/gDVnLS8YXjA

BobBlast 107 “Finding Ideas for Painting Titles — Part Two. ” https://youtu.be/0nJrRcp4pdA

Oil Painting Free Lesson | Flat Brush Tips | Paint with Kevin Hill https://youtu.be/Ui2sSrHZegs

Preview How to Paint Flowers in Oil with Julie Gilbert Pollard https://youtu.be/CI90pZfZTtQ

Head In The Clouds – Plein Air Painting Adventure #03 https://youtu.be/mvp41UEErfg

Vivid Ultra Metallics & Pouring Play with Yva Lovée https://youtu.be/KBGu0g1DkJo

Embracing Encaustic https://youtu.be/-7OMp0GlVdQ

An Inside Look at Art of the Carolinas with Michael https://youtu.be/Xdmh59AgGHk

SAA LIVE – Pastel Demo with Rebecca De Mendonça… https://youtu.be/mov-coVd5Yk


Gorgeous – alcohol ink and stencils on Yupo Paper – Part 1 https://youtu.be/i-iEg-ibRJo

https://youtu.be/m6V8DPrcwyc https://youtu.be/xUJZ2EI2S68

Gelli® Texture Blocks https://youtu.be/XS_1F0jYoBw

Easy Accordion Handmade Journal https://youtu.be/Jf0CgoQGhiM

How to use a Gelli print® in your art journal https://youtu.be/m6V8DPrcwyc

Crackle Canvas & Painted Rocks — Patti Tolley Parrish — Inky Obsessions https://youtu.be/tzVbLJLIqV0

DIY Book Page Washi Tape / How to make easy washi tape https://youtu.be/YwXJtyBh9r8

More Alcohol Ink Techniques and Tips using Reverse side of Photo Paper – very pretty results! https://youtu.be/jq4qmyQ_RTk

Art Journal Process with Gelli Print Bookpaper Background https://youtu.be/_YKbMDN81hg

Marbling Fabric https://youtu.be/7TaryLsS1_U

ArtResin Featured Artist – Josie Lewishttps://youtu.be/_xK7GjXUuWM

Steampunk Mixed Media Journal Cover Tutorial https://youtu.be/18Xcl-OqzRw

Make a PAINT Slip N’ Slide – HOW TO Make a PAINT Slip N’ Slide – HOW TO

NEW iStencils & Sale COUPON CODE MERMAID20 — Patti Tolley Parrish — Inky Obsessions https://youtu.be/Yc70lxR0Eck

Paper House – Home for Christmas Collection – SPC Summer 2016 https://youtu.be/EM58OhPhEhg

Scrapbooking Process Casual Grid Design https://youtu.be/5GOWZ7hI74c

How to make colorful patterns with a gelli plate https://youtu.be/L-6QORx7Rkw

Flee Tangle Pattern Lesson #60 https://youtu.be/3Q1s3nPSd2Y

Bow Easy Basics – Right Handed https://youtu.be/PfRtv93rT7o

Alcohol Ink & Ceramic Tile: Creative Combinations by Joggles.com https://youtu.be/zOMWTu2-1ws

Calligraphy for Beginners: Using a Pointed Pen https://youtu.be/qRUlwQLRhYU

The Crafters Workshop – Rebekah Meier Stencils – SPC Summer 2016 https://youtu.be/6m-AzMX8o8Q

Mixed Media Circle Doodles on Painted Paper https://youtu.be/ggXcxxabCDo

How To Use Milk Paint on Raw Wood https://youtu.be/8bErSUAav2o

Explorations With Heidi Swapp Color Shine by Joggles.com https://youtu.be/VQGRMz9yKWo

Melting Tyvek experiment…. https://youtu.be/V3_9sZdkC3o

Ken Oliver – Colorburst Stenciling Technique – SPC Summer 2016 https://youtu.be/dCHy5g1G5Fk

How I used a pattern from the sidewalk in my art journal https://youtu.be/XV3-jmkm8xs

Ken Oliver – Liquid Metals – SPC Summer 2016 https://youtu.be/Nn2d5ndD8mw

Revisiting and Sharing an old Journal 365 Lesson https://youtu.be/2mtwKDncb3c

Colouring with Inktense Vs NeoII’s https://youtu.be/5LamysCPNX4

Summer Goddess – Mixed Media https://youtu.be/zVyqb-xlBSU

ArtResin Pop-Up-Video – Resin Art Tour! https://youtu.be/Gpa_57ekb9M

Art Journal Tutorial | 30 Pages | Page 10 Pt 1 https://youtu.be/Hn5ddTkHbQ8

Art Journal Tutorial | 30 Pages | Page 11 Pt 1 https://youtu.be/65uAewQ3Gi0

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