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YouTube: New Art Videos Jan. 7


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Painting Demonstration – Paul McCarthy (Matisse Paints) https://youtu.be/LtQGxBClrH0

Painting Demo: Maintaining the Abstraction https://youtu.be/psxfRL83Gvw

Learn to Draw #09 – Sketching from Life https://youtu.be/lz33416kapQ

Painting Party! Paint “Bird Tree Love” along with us! https://youtu.be/NaID50SZylY

Exploring Doodle Stix (silicone tipped tools) https://youtu.be/s5ALMI8Hi8Q

How to Draw a Whale With Fountain Pen https://youtu.be/nK7cJOdimqc

A watercolor of a cyclist https://youtu.be/N-aTqN7VMrE

How to Draw With Cross Contour Lines https://youtu.be/oL8ns821F84

Rediscover Ways to Play in a Monthly Challenge https://youtu.be/tIQHhYzfDF8

Calla Lily Watercolor Painting REAL-TIME Full Tutorial https://youtu.be/Y_Xq2pYQwT0

Create Acrylic Gel Skins with High Flow Drawings https://youtu.be/K-Tp-iVPnyw

Mixing it up in Watercolour – DVD with Charles Sluga https://youtu.be/KZG2BcjNC38

Watercolor Painting Tutorial – Removing Pencil Lines https://youtu.be/oiHVd354XWA

Preview of the Top 10 Pencil Drawing Techniques https://youtu.be/Wz9eWPRbPmY

Small Studio Organization | 4 Tips for Success https://youtu.be/SJbT41dwnB8

Botanical Illustration Course R.Martin and M.Thurstan – Quick Flick Through  https://youtu.be/xcwzW-n5JL8


Short Intro to Gelli Arts® Mini Plates! https://youtu.be/IqFd0BDW39s

Art Journal Process Gelli Minis and Stamping https://youtu.be/F3QHEvRJEF8

No Scrap Left Behind! {Quick Tip for Paper Scraps!) https://youtu.be/IZIllCVIsUg

MM16 Matisse Marbling Gel – Black and Green Marble https://youtu.be/hXEhEefVt-g

Scan Art or Use Built-Ins to Create Custom Vinyl Labels https://youtu.be/1AqRUvdh-oA

7 Little Mandalas https://youtu.be/fokFEOoDxyw

Alter A Book Into An Accordion Journal https://youtu.be/2gE-RuD8ax0

Introducing the NEW ICE Resin® Kit with Jen Cushman https://youtu.be/1AqRUvdh-oA

MM16 Marbeling Gel -White Carrara Mable https://youtu.be/2nWoubgoluk

Using Your Silhouette In Planning https://youtu.be/BPk6r-LPYG8 https://youtu.be/p47DiAkd1Z8

Gelli prints with Pebeo Iridescent paints https://youtu.be/mDVlpYdPfVI

Scrapbook Process – 4 Pockets for Journaling from 6×6 Pads https://youtu.be/rKS-63LvKzE

2016 Happy Mail Journals https://youtu.be/WbNPx75C420

Simple free hand rangoli – Pongal kolam designs https://youtu.be/0n2M06KwXV4

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