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YouTube: New Art Videos Jan. 1


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Rembrandt and His Paints https://youtu.be/ktpF_ySSzOA

Light up your watercolors Linda Stevens Moyer – Quick Flick Through https://youtu.be/X82uAAcT27E

Deli Paper Prints https://youtu.be/kapczm9umVM

How to Add TEXTURE with EGGSHELLS (part 1 of 2) https://youtu.be/XK5JtX6Z4gc

Do cold temperatures damage acrylic paintings? https://youtu.be/iSf1iA9mVYc

The Natural World in Watercolour Jean-Claude Chaillou – Quick Flick Through  https://youtu.be/ppj9oPNSCEg

Janet Whittle’s Watercolour Flowers – Quick Flick Through https://youtu.be/8rQj9ETgt4U

The Art of Botanical Painting Margaret Stevens – Quick Flick Through https://youtu.be/6NucKFLu5_E

PROMARKER & BrushMarkers by Winsor & Newton Review and DEMO https://youtu.be/qFl4376yyTc

Breaking the Rules of Watercolour Shirley Trevena – Quick Flick Through https://youtu.be/z236HlJJ_u4

You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors Yuko Nagayama – Quick Flick Through https://youtu.be/Jb7rqqpS0K4

18 Watercolor paintings from Lund 1995 https://youtu.be/0nDmM9aw6p0

Blick Artists Serving Artists – Bradley Chapman with Prismacolor Markers and Pencils https://youtu.be/di719KsgtGE

Vlog #29 – Sargent Print | Landscape | Self Portrait https://youtu.be/M1m7xWwRXKY


Zentangle® and Straw Blowing with Suzanne McNeill https://youtu.be/Feo_K5mELyc

En Masse Collection Journal Intro https://youtu.be/WG0wxlF1Deg

Answering Amy, Is Etsy Worth It? Some Real Etsy Numbers https://youtu.be/_1IWCoIpCO0

How to draw, Oh Well Zentangle Pattern by Melinda Barlow  https://youtu.be/i35k0Gj9gVc

Waxing Papers https://youtu.be/JVwDLAUQbh4

ScanNCut Project: Easy Screenprinting https://youtu.be/6ufinTWGvSE

Gellin Faux Burlap https://youtu.be/sW9mhHfmSwQ

My kolam for Margazhi Friday – padi kolam designs theme https://youtu.be/R7bpyzXz4Ys

Texture Pressing https://youtu.be/y7Ql4Yokmg4

The Quilt Show Houston – Colouricious Textile Holidays https://youtu.be/cC8DESMTt-I

Alcohol Ink On Alternative Surfaces by Joggles.com https://youtu.be/QkQV0bbmAXM

Flourish Doodle https://youtu.be/ohp3UyIdBmg

Colouricious Block Printing – Methods & Techniques of printing https://youtu.be/XG9mDpWSL7w

How to do FLUID ABSTRACT PAINTING Using a ZIPLOCK BAG (and craft paint) https://youtu.be/CYfPnk8ZYq8

Art Journal Flip ~ Portfolio Loose Leaf Journal https://youtu.be/OOdl1Coh3hQ

Exploring the new ScanNCut Canvas Interface https://youtu.be/GpctxVQijg4

Gift Journal Part 1 – Gelli Printing Technique with Styrofoam https://youtu.be/iv-4rW2qqkc

Cardboard Journal Ready for a Whole Year https://youtu.be/D3zngfcBkPU

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