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YouTube: New Art Videos April 8


Art News DFW follows more than 200 YouTube channels devoted to arts and crafts. To view the list, click here. To see our Video Playlists, click here. Email artnewsdfw@gmail.com with suggestions for other channels to follow, or videos to include in our playlists.

Videos are roughly divided into ARTS and CRAFTS. Previews of DVDs are included. To find local videos, search for the weekly feature Local Art Reviews and Videos.


Art Lessons – Methods for finding pleasing compositions (Aaron’s Art Tips Season 2 E17) https://youtu.be/dOMRWxo0ixo

Liquitex Inks over Acrylic Paint https://youtu.be/lAnLz–xqjs

GOLDEN Clear Tar Gel https://youtu.be/DWZyCon47Ow

Art Q&A – Water Soluble Oil paint – Lachri https://youtu.be/Ucp3Wwk6nFk

#bigartquest 12 Blending Gels and Slo Dry for Acrylics paint https://youtu.be/5zJ5RunR3X8

Painting a Snowy Landscape – DVD with Julie Gilbert Pollard https://youtu.be/aWffAUjvX1k

Drawing Mastery: Shading. A new course at www.artistsnetworkuniversity.com https://youtu.be/MIGH4y0ezso

STRIPES! (Jane Davies) https://youtu.be/AR-rYI4lTPI

New art videos April 7 https://youtu.be/4s5H3Adr5b8

Which watercolour paper do you use? https://youtu.be/McvyGbp7IVM

‘Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing, making YELLOW work for you, with Paul Taggart’ https://youtu.be/LVoGhIbkhoE

Painting Critique – surreal watercolor fox – Art tips w/ Lachri https://youtu.be/hAdjpF_xuzw

Preview The Artist’s Magazine’s June issue! https://youtu.be/KY3yhnQgL3k

How to Match Any Color with Oil Painthttps://youtu.be/TNB3XY67Q-I

Cheap Joe’s 2 Minute Art Tip – How to Get Out of the Rut https://youtu.be/-iFKNQ7_C-c

What is Colored Gesso and Why Use It ? A Ginger Snap Lesson https://youtu.be/4c62N8aBckI

Very Easy Spatter Trees https://youtu.be/i9rEYrMeHww

How to sketch people in watercolour on the bus watercolor drawing sit seat https://youtu.be/cLw3i9kTiNI

Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting Webinar with Jo Toye https://youtu.be/mKlQRqsmzLo

Learn to Draw #11 – Observing Edges for Realistic Renderings https://youtu.be/yy81BjqGRu0

Using a photograph as reference for your watercolour painting https://youtu.be/5LXAE0ejIQg

Cheap Joe’s 2 Minute Art Tip – Back Away From the Painting https://youtu.be/t1o-q3UkgM4


How to get over hoarding art supplies in an art journal https://youtu.be/rbaMZ0H4j2Y

How to Gelli Print on 3-D Objects! https://youtu.be/V0u0z0MkOS8

GLASS BLOWING – Flower Bowls (glass art) https://youtu.be/2q4BoO2xMKg

Liquitex Inks over Acrylic Paint https://youtu.be/lAnLz–xqjs

Inspiration Conspiracy – Its All About That Mask https://youtu.be/

Altered Background Lesson 05 Art Journal Tutorial https://youtu.be/s8otHZQ1H7I

how to make easy paper flowers with gelli prints https://youtu.be/n8XaJGgaR5U

Mixed Media Morsels 14 – Easy Handmade Borders https://youtu.be/ZXIyHoub04Q

Spoonflower Introduces…Not Your Average Fleece | Spoonflower https://youtu.be/CvCWMP2wzik

Altered Background Lesson 07 Art Journal Tutorial https://youtu.be/v1Y9BPOuu4I

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos https://youtu.be/Gil4u2j7e-Y

Green and Yellow Mandala https://youtu.be/8Hvy-VBMOA0

Vlog 4 4 16 Stencils and storage https://youtu.be/EAdF0mNwjuU

Vellum Overlay Card + Altenew Ink Layering Combinations https://youtu.be/P-7MaZxPPKo

Gel Print, Doodle and Negative Painting https://youtu.be/XNdemHDzl-M

EW!!! Gelli Arts® Student Gel Printing Plate Kit in Action! https://youtu.be/TFtwN4AuumA

Jigsaw Journal cover https://youtu.be/zEnaaiw88oU

HOW TO: Coloring Book Plates https://youtu.be/4SCb265OxkY

Altered Background Lesson 06 Art Journal Tutorial https://youtu.be/56IKEwwvWBE

Storing your Gelli Arts & Gel Press Prints https://youtu.be/ltQalYOWx6Q

Yum.. Yum.. I want me some… Gelli Prints https://youtu.be/AK9_k5H8lP4

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