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YouTube: New Art Videos April 1


Art News DFW follows more than 200 YouTube channels devoted to arts and crafts. To view the list, click here. To see our Video Playlists, click here. Email artnewsdfw@gmail.com with suggestions for other channels to follow, or videos to include in our playlists.

Videos are roughly divided into ARTS and CRAFTS. Previews of DVDs are included. To find local videos, search for the weekly feature Local Art Reviews and Videos.


Cheap Joe’s 2 Minute Art Tip – Daydreaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHZTQfkwQWk

A new online workshop – Modeling Paste Play! A new online workshop – Modeling Paste Play!

Artist Problems – Drinking Water Not Painting Water https://youtu.be/FYDD1T8c14o

Art Q&A Gesso vs white paint in paintings – w/ Lachri https://youtu.be/qzLCYgjO9Qo

Cheap Joe’s 2 Minute Art Tip – Don’t Mix Paint With Your Brush https://youtu.be/cJesTetPc-Y

Landscape Drawing Basics – DVD with Claudia Nice https://youtu.be/Xp6FxTIv1n4

Artist Profile – Georgina Hart https://youtu.be/whkM03uDf3I

6 Optical Illusion Drawing Techniques & Patterns https://youtu.be/pNskHdOs7XE

ScannCut is Perfect for Artists https://youtu.be/-FGPJi0rOYs

Problem Solving: How to Destroy “Flat and Lifeless” With Lightness and Darkness! https://youtu.be/hFfiDKNj3tA

How to Paint Tulips Using Negative Painting (Edge 18 thru Completion) https://youtu.be/Ckq7Pf0fWW0


Using Acrylic Paint with Your ScanNCut Stamps https://youtu.be/LGc6_LKKOKU

ScanNCut Technique: Stamp to Drawing https://youtu.be/LTeqlnwZWwM

Color Bursts & Liquid Metals Explorations by Joggles.com https://youtu.be/PFoN3i43xw4

Cutting Intricate Wafer Dies Using Glitter Paper https://youtu.be/n7YbYx-FNaI

How to Mount and Use Rubber Stamps from Parent Sheets https://youtu.be/TjrgzqhDat8

Rainbow Roll Printing Technique https://youtu.be/ZiLAA6sUR9A

Art Journaling Process Gesso or Not https://youtu.be/Y73Zn9AgNw8

What Art Supplies Will I Take on The Airplane? https://youtu.be/1eN3KO_oBTg

April 2016 StencilClub Reveal https://youtu.be/vhR6Xg6rf3w

Exploring the Gel Press https://youtu.be/cSZte9QpHRA

Padi kolam – rangoli designs with lines for Friday festivals functions https://youtu.be/r1MpMZVlBYA

ColourArte Design Team Entry – Silks & Twinks https://youtu.be/mfDNW1cRkBU

Embrace Your Art 3 31 16 (circle journal page) https://youtu.be/a0IKrN1b4Kk

Better Results with ArtResin? https://youtu.be/vOb_WvackmY

Layers Art Journal Tutorial https://youtu.be/4eWpg0lmCDY

Trailer Version CAMOUFLAGE – body painting art https://youtu.be/A5DIG4zLxnY

DIY Layette with Fabric Paints and Stencils https://youtu.be/oaRPCngbXAw

DIY CHEAP Gelli Printing Tools & Student vs. Regular Gelli Plate https://youtu.be/8Sd7JAxevC4

DIY How To : Window Photo Display https://youtu.be/zeV3TI7pPI4

3 paper flower designs you can make with paper circles https://youtu.be/qnsaFQ_DqLU

Beadweaving Beyond the Basics: Layered Right-Angle Weave https://youtu.be/SbNvgonnh7U

Using an art supply from the hardware store in an art journal https://youtu.be/rs7dy1BEUJg

Melted Crayon Background https://youtu.be/sL8je-XpLQg

Making of ‘Black Deaths Rose’ Spin Painting by Abraham De La Torre https://youtu.be/EGfNfEo-eCs

Expressitmarch2016 – On the Hunt https://youtu.be/ogi2DvWXQO4

#expressitmonth2016 – To New Things https://youtu.be/qE4x3iY8nZM

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