Local artist Asher Mains offers a discount custom stretched canvas service: 

  "Painters need canvas to work but stretched canvas from retailers can  
get expensive. You also can’t get the exact size you imagine, you have  
to get whatever is available. I have been stretching my own canvases  
for years and when I realized how much people were spending on their  
canvases I decided to step in.

    I order 10 oz. pre-primed cotton canvas in bulk, cut my own strips of  
wood to exact dimensions and stretch the canvas myself all so that I  
can make the product more affordable for you. I enjoy helping  
students, hobbyists and artists do what they love for a price they can  

    I’ve recently set up a site at where you can  
go and order your custom canvases from me. There is even a pricing  
tool so that you can see exactly how affordable it can be. I am  
currently doing most of my work for the art students at Brookhaven  
College and I would be happy to stretch your canvases as well!"

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