Features of Giclee at First Art Canvas Prints


As a professional canvas prints manufacturer, we have been providing high quality canvas prints for more than 5 years. We offer giclee by top printing equipment, special supplies and professional color management software, through color correction device, different paper and color difference linear curve with standard chromatography accurate measurement and correction, then the preset data to the print control RIP, invoke the preset data in the output, to achieve the best results.

Currently the world’s best giclee software is EFI and GMG, best art micro-output devices are EPSON large format printers. Art Ejecta with special paper, the ink, the color range has exceeded the traditional printing color gamut, close to the recognition of the scope of the human eye, the color shelf life is to reach more than a century, it is a revolutionary, historic technological progress. Precise color control, rich detail, vivid picture effect, long-term preservation of life is the best way to copy artwork.

Since the advent of large format printers, from the earliest CAD industry, and GIS and GA areas currently, large format printers occupy a dominant market position is now gathered eyes turn to the output of the highest artistic quality requirements . www.firstcanvasprint.com

In recent years, many international renowned museums, are engaged in efforts to replicate the work of art, and in foreign sales: Beijing Palace Museum, National Library of China, Taipei National Palace Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania Museum of Art, New York Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Paris, France Louvre Museum of Art, London British Museum, in the use of Giclee in art reproduction work.

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