Acrylic and Watercolor Pouring Videos by Sue Nosler Gray

Sue Nosler Gray is Introducing online video instruction: Her Acrylic and Watercolor Pouring Classes can be purchased from her website for digital download. Check out her take on this fun technique.
$19.95  23 minutes
Sue not only demonstrates a poured painting from beginning to completion, but shows the viewer how and why she resolves the design problems along the way. This class is an excellent way for beginners to start the painting process and can also provide more experienced painters with new directions, a way to loosen up and a place to start painting abstracts.
$19.95  23 minutes
Pouring with watercolors on paper is a new path and adventure for all watercolor painters to embrace.  It is a great way to learn  how to get out of  your own way, lean over the edge a bit by trying something new.  This video will show the student how Sue creates a pour on paper from beginning to finished product.  She explains how she resolves the design problems along the way. Complete materials lists for both videos can be downloaded.
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About Sue Nosler Gray

Sue Nosler Gray is a watermedia instructor from Round Rock central Texas. She teaches or has taught at Central Arizona College, Casa Grande, AZ.,  Chandler, AZ.,  Round Rock and Georgetown, TX.

She is a signature member of Texas Watercolor Society  and AWA (Arizona Watercolor Assn)  and belongs to several art groups including Taylor Artist Guild,  Williamson County Art Guild, Waterloo Watercolor Society, Texas Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society, Southwestern Watercolor Society, etc….

Other kudos:
  • National Shows only listed: (she has been in tons of TX local exhibits with oils, acrylics and watercolors and won awards).
  • 2013  Rocky Mountain National Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden Co (getting ready to ship to this one right now)
  • 2012  Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition   3rd Place
  • 2011  Rocky Mountain National Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, Co
  • 2011  Western Federation Watercolor Show held in Albuquerque
  • 2004  Arizona Watercolor Assn National Exhibit   Honorable Mention
  • Az Commission on the Arts,  traveling exhibit
  • published twice in Palette Magazine
Gallery: Currently in Stinger Studio in Georgetown; formerly in Port A Gallery in Port Aransas and many other galleries

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