Zhulong Gallery Presents my shoes, my stove, my life, a Solo Exhibition by Luke Dowd

Zhulong Gallery Presents my shoes, my stove, my life, a Solo Exhibition by Luke Dowd, to Open with Artist Reception, Friday, May 15 6-9P
Luke Dowd, shoes, 2015
Digital print on canvas, 28″ x 31″
my Dowd_shoes
my shoes, my stove, my life will open on Friday, May 15, 2015 with an artist reception from 6-9P and run until June 20, 2015.

Zhulong Gallery is pleased to present my shoes, my stove, my life, a solo exhibition of recent digital works on canvas by London-based artist Luke Dowd. Earnest photographs of the artist’s stovetop serve as studies on both life and the formal and physical elements of image making.  Evoking reflected light, the most subtle additions of color emphasize the act of technologic image-capture, be it through a scan of an already image, or the flash of a camera. Balanced arrangements and re-arrangements of a pair of the artist’s favorite shoes, a wine glass, various fruits shown from above, mirror the subdued aesthetic.

Picturing and listing some of the major necessities of a well-outfitted life, my shoes, my stove, my life reminds us of  ‘dwelling,’ as proposed by philosopher, Martin Heidegger.  Dowd’s tech-inspired canvases draw together the space for making, working, and living—potentially proposing that the artists’ eye is always open; and the title, with its poetic structure and metaphoric value lines up with Heidegger’s “Building, Dwelling, Thinking” as the short piece also delves into the etymology of the word dwell. Overlap between everyday life and work also sheds light on our contemporary situation where technology keeps us bound to work, even while occupying spaces once distinct from the space of dwelling.  Akin to Magritte’s windows, Dowd’s canvases transform the everyday into a rubric for seeing and picturing our domestic environments.

Pop art, Constructivism, and various other art historical waves play out in these halftone studies. Stripping away the slick hyper-produced imagery of the ad, Dowd remits a simplified composition embellished only with the simplest of digital flourishes. Intentionally naïve, Dowd uses only the most basic tools in Photoshop distinguishing that his practice merely incorporates technology, but is not overcome by it.

About Luke Dowd

Luke Dowd (b. New York, NY, based in London) earned his MFA at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2002. He has exhibited internationally with solo shows in Paris, London, Cologne, Athens and Frankfurt and here in the states in New York and Chicago.. His works have also been included in a number of group exhibitions held at various institutions internationally. Dowd has also garnered attention from writers and critics at Artforum, Frieze, TimeOut London, Art Monthly, and the New York Times.

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