waasinsideoutWAAS Gallery presents Inside Out Of Touch, Francesca Bifulco’s debut solo show. With this new body of work, Bifulco explores the evolution of social interaction across the contemporary generations and the changing way we define community and project our personal identities.Bifulco’s unmistakable signature style is technically intricate but clean, aggressive but calming, tangible yet experimental. “My paintings are figurative,” Bifulco says of her works, “but only by way of the subject… However, this is where the figurative nature of my work ends and the abstract begins; in my brushstroke.”

Inside Out Of Touch opens on November 8th , from 7 to 10pm at WAAS Gallery, with an artist talk at 6pm.

Prima volli ricompormi, aspettare che mi scomparisse dal volto ogni traccia d’ansia e di gioja e che, dentro, mi s’arrestasse ogni moto di sentimento e di pensiero, cosí che potessi condurre davanti allo specchio il mio corpo come estraneo a me e, come tale, pormelo davanti.First I wanted to regain my composure, wait until every trace of anxiety and joy had vanished from my face, until, inside myself, all flow of feeling and thought had stopped, so that I could lead my body to the mirror as an outsider and, as such, set it before me.

(Luigi Pirandello, Uno, nessuno e centomila; Trans. William Weaver)



The show examines the two different dimensions of her work. At first the focus is on the pure form, the geometry, the lines as an exercise in understanding her own technique. Along with numerous painted works the format of video lends itself to this experimentation. This gives way to the exploration of concept as the works take on a figurative nature.

The show includes the large format painting At The Fair that creates an immersive experience through the use of sound. It’s the story of a little girl in a crowd of strangers at the iconic communal location of the fair. While the dichotomy between the old and the new seems to carry on, she has a moment of awareness that everyone around her is aimlessly wondering; lost inside themselves.

Inside Out Of Touch opens on November 8th , from 7 to 10pm at WAAS Gallery, with an artist talk at 6pm.

2722 Logan St. Dallas, TX 75215

Exhibiting Through Jan. 3, 2015

For more information please contact us at brandy@waasgallery.com or karla@waasgallery.com

Born in Paestum, Southern Italy in 1986, Francesca Bifulco currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a BFA in Visual and Performing Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.


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