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Arlington, TX – The Arlington Museum of Art
Most people first learned of Vivian Maier from the 2014 documentary film “Finding Vivian Maier”. In its latest exhibit, the Arlington Museum of Art introduces the mysterious life of Vivian Maier to North Texas for the first time. While working as a nanny, Maier secretly photographed life in Chicago and New York in the 1950’s and 60’s. Vivian Maier’s photographs have been exhibited internationally and have received significant critical attention.

Her work was discovered in a storage unit by John Maloof in 2007 at an auction house in Chicago. The discovery and subsequent acquisitions resulted in 150,000 negatives, over 3,000 vintage prints, hundreds of rolls of film, home movies, audio tape interviews, original cameras of Vivian Maier, documents and various other items. Her work included street life and architecture in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manila, Bangkok, Beijing, Egypt, Italy, the American Southwest and dozens of other international cities.

Maier’s talent in capturing tender and poignant moments that highlights relationships between parents and children, the lives of the indigent and the forgotten and the elderly and women in cities that were experiencing social and political upheaval. The body of work by Maier demonstrates her inner passion for the underdog which explains helps to explain her own personal story while defining the direction for her art.
Executive Director, Chris Hightower, said, “We are proud to bring this artist’s work to Arlington for the North Texas region. Maier has the ability to capture a moment using light, motion and composition to express her thoughts on everyday life in the city. Her story is a fascinating one, but it is trumped by her unique talent that captured the essence of American life in the 1950’s and 60’s. I believe that her work speaks to us today because like Maier, Americans traditionally root for the underdog.”

The exhibit will be open from May 21 – August 21, 2016 and will include 50 silver gelatin prints of Vivian Maier’s images. Admission tickets will be available online at or may be purchased at the door.

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