Umbrella Gallery presents B-sides: New Works by The Color Condition

Umbrella B-sides

B-sides: New Works by The Color Condition
Umbrella Gallery
2803 Taylor Street
Through March 11, 2017

The Color Condition, otherwise known as the Dallas-based duo Sunny Sliger and Marianne Newsom with special contributions from Vince Young, invite us to experience the common and truly extraordinary world around us with their seriously playful fits of imagination.

B-sides is an exhibition of The Color Condition’s wildly beautiful sculptural installations that will illuminate moments otherwise hidden – negative space, sculptural pauses and the life of the inanimate mark. Color, texture, and movement inspire these works in a symbiotic collision of intuition and visualization, a pattern language of delight. The installation seeks not only to transform Umbrella Gallery, but to allow the space – its natural elements and people – to transform the art, letting go of control and bringing it to life.


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About Umbrella Gallery:
Umbrella is an art gallery that exists within the cultural center of Life in Deep Ellum, an organization built on the idea that vibrant community exists where individuality is celebrated, and all are welcome. It is a space for exploration, a place to stretch and to grow for both established and emerging artists. Due to its non-commercial status, Umbrella opens the door for artists to try something new, to push their artistic limits, and to exhibit this experimental spirit freely. Its unique functionality, size, and shape offer an opportunity to produce bodies of work that both stand out from and harmonize with the gallery space itself.

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