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Ksenia Gnilitskaya_Appeal to beauty

A new art project APPEAL TO BEAUTY opened at the main Kyiv art space Lavra City gallery. Six best young Ukrainian artists present their new art works guided by respected German curator Rainald Schumacher and well known gallerist Tatiana Mironova. The group exhibition will be shown to public 10 April – 10 May. Project is supported by Mironova Foundation.

Participants: Anatoly Belov, Ksenia Gnylitska, Alevtina Kavhidze, Tatiana Malivovskaya, Artem Volokitin, Gamlet Zinkovsky

The exhibition, which combines sculptural work, installation and ceramic works with drawings, paintings and text related works is a strong statement for contemporary art as a primarily non-verbal tool for a direct visual communication.

Language, often misused as a defining category for nationalistic affiliation, is replaced by the visual experience of the viewer. The physical experience of an aesthetic category like beauty, leads to a reflection about the personal and societal prejudices. What beauty means for the individual is defined by gender, sexual orientation, education, values, and religious beliefs.

In such a way Appeal to Beauty does not relate to the superficial glossiness or to the shiny surfaces and bootlicking shapes of fashion, makeup and design industries. Appeal to Beauty looks deeper into the clearness of thought, the brilliance of reason, the truth of emotion and the honesty of an open-minded dialogue. Beauty in such understanding, as defined by the works in the exhibition, is a relational category. It describes a well-balanced, well-considered, respectful and sustainable existence in this world”, – says Rainald Schumacher, an exhibition curator.

About the artists participants:

Artem Volokitin, will present the Ukraine in the National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale together with Mykola Ridnyi, taking place from 09.05. – 22.11.2015.

Ksenia Gnylitska is a member of R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space), the group of the most influential and internationally recognized artistic positions of the Ukraine.

Tatiana Malivovskaya, Artem Volokitin and Gamlet Zinkovsky are working in Kharkiv, the second important centre for contemporary art in the country beside Kyiv.

Anatoly Belov is well known as a performer, singer and musician beside his excellent work as visual artists.

Alevtina Kavhidze participated at the Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg. A much debated contribution, where she succeeded to maintain a strong critical and reflective positions. She was running in a rural village near Kyiv a small private artist in residence program.

Rainald Schumacher, curator of the project:

An international curator, curator of the movie program for the Manifesta-10 (Saint Petersburg), curator of the projects for the Venice Biennale, coordinator of the art collection for the Deutsche Telekom (Art Collection Telekom), art coordinator of the Goetz Collection (Munich), Barbara Gladsone Gallery (New York), Galerie Esther Schipper (Berlin), Art and Exhibition Hall (Bonn).

Appeal to beauty, curator Rainald Schumacher

Anatoli Belov_Facebook installation

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