TVAA’s Your Definition of Gender in Society – reception June 9

June 4 – 29, 2018

Reception: Saturday, June 9th, 4-6pm

Location: TVAA Gallery in the Plaza of the Americas building


Artists have been addressing through artwork the ideology and issues of the definition of gender especially as the women’s movement gained momentum in the 1960’s, Gay rights in the 2000’s, and has gained international acknowledgment with the MeToo Movement. We have been challenged in what is gender, how do we define our roles, and what is accepted and rejected in society. How do you define gender, how would you challenge acceptance, can art address the negativity and positive sides of the entire issue, and how creative can you be to address the issues or definition of gender. What does gender look like at the personal, communal, and global level? In the first half of the twentieth century, artists such as Claede Cahun and Frida Kahlo made self-portraits that emphasize the fluidity of gender, refusing to adhere to statically masculine or feminine characteristics. Be open minded and creative with this call for art and make the most of the challenge. Define in your own way with color, shape, or texture!

This exhibition is open to members and non-members of TVAA (Texas Visual Artists Association) with ribbons being awarded to Best of Show, 1st, 2nd 3rd place, and honorable mention. Cash awards for Best in Show and 1st place!

If you have further question you may contact the Gallery Director, Maegan Kirschner, at

About the Curator: Maegan Kirschner

Maegan Kirschner

She is the new Gallery Director for the TVAA Gallery in the Plaza of the Americas building. She is currently an art teacher to the homeschool community and a freelance artist in the Dallas area as well. She is an American and Art History Scholar with a focus on women artists. She is an award winning artist with her unique mixed media pieces that have a running theme of circles and recycled items. In 2017-2018 she has participated in 21 exhibitions winning several awards.

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