TVAA presents Signs of the Unseen May 7 – June 1; Reception May 12

“Signs of the Unseen” TVAA Downtown Gallery Grand Reopening

Exhibit Open to the Public: May 7th– June 1st, Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm

Reception: Saturday, May 12th, 6-9pm

Signs of the Unseen: Illuminating the Divine Every Day Life. Art has the ability to transform the mundane of everyday life into a greater awareness of the beauty of life and connection to something both within and beyond ourselves. Whether it be seen in the beauty of creation; as in nature and the patterns of life, the awakening presence to a divinity more closely personalized to Self, a Universal connection to the source of life; or a religious personification of God or Goddess. We have the opportunity to bear witness to signs of the unseen in every day life. Open to all spiritual, religious, scientific, or agnostic walks in celebration of each artist’s unique.

About the Curator:

Lauren Dickinson

“Art has woven a beautiful tapestry throughout my life. What started as sketching portraits for fun led to taking all the art classes I could as electives in high school. Little did I know that I was opening a previously dormant fountain of creativity that carried me through high school and into art college for a number of semesters. Due to external circumstances and life events, I was unable to complete my studies at that school, although I didn’t let it stop me entirely. I received acceptance into every program I continued to apply to, including the prestigious Cornish College of Arts Visual Arts program in Seattle. Major family events hit; life still had other plans for me at the time, and I had to let go of my dream – temporarily, as life would have it.

It has been a journey of picking up the brush again throughout the years. Inspired by love and the profound healing process I was experiencing through my healing arts career, one summer day I let go of all expectation, and just started again. Paint started randomly covering all of my old attempts at art throughout the years. I stayed with it, and unbeknownst to me at the time, I was discovering the freedom of expression of abstract art. The wellspring of creativity, now reactivated, has overflowed onto the canvas of my life with fluidity, vibrant color and a rediscovered passion. Finally life has what it had been missing for so many years – a return to Art, where my heart was hiding; and could finally come out again. Such is the promise of pursuing what is deepest in our hearts – divine love.




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