“Trans Dimensional Acquisitions” Holidaze at MFA Gallery Dec. 3



MFA gallery 419 N Tyler St, Dallas, TX 75208

Saturday, Dec. 3rd 6pm-9pm

Matt Bagley’s pan-dimensional archaeology travels have spanned past and future. This will be the last opportunity to see and hear about the cyborg conflict that morphs spacebug and robot traditions to create a new hybrid culture.

There will be performances by Professor Adroin a fourth dimensional viva voce chronicler. As well as, Professor R. Mutt, who traveled 100 years into the future- fulfilling Marcel Duchamp’s original vision for his bicycle wheel sculpture by combining musical and mechanical readymades with the world’s first kinetic sculpture.

Submitted by Sharon Neel-Bagley. Email: sn_bagley@sbcglobal.net

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