Tony Vincenti’s MFA exhibition “Bardoment” opening Aug. 6 at CentralTrak


Reception, Saturday, August 6, 8-10pm

for Tony Vincenti’s MFA exhibition “Bardoment”

For Tony Vincenti’s MFA show at CentralTrak (title), he explains his work as a “collage of experience”, mixing still image, moving image, and sound.  The artist finds resonance in the description of collage as “the chance meeting of two worlds” and he notes that this process can extend for years.

“I think art is meant to develop a person internally; to help him learn how to organize experience, to see harmonies and to foster harmonic growth.”

Vincenti finds meditation more helpful to his practice than “art school discourse”   His studies have been focused on aesthetic philosophies, like aucitya, rasa theory, chi-yun, Vincenti says he’s drawn to individuals who bring a spiritual or genuinely mystical quality to their vocation.  He’s influenced by the likes of Meister Eckhart (priest), the poet Edward Taylor, and Morihei Ueshiba (martial artist).

In between academic pursuits, Vincenti has traveled extensively throughout Asia and has even worked as a cross-country truck driver in the U.S.  During all of these experiences, he claims to have “collected motifs” which find a home in his “collaged” artworks.
In an attempt to organize an active and creative mind, Vincenti journals voraciously, which he claims helps him preserve memory and aids in his organization. The artist says, “It’s a way of waiting for the kairos, and acting later when the opportunity opens up.”

“art is meant to stop conversation rather than generate conversation.  I believe art is communion rather than communication, and so it’s not conducive to discourse at the lower levels of subject and ‘aboutness’.” – Tony Vincenti

CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, established in 2008, is dedicated to the creation, presentation, and advancement of the contemporary arts.  As a live/work space for eight artists, it serves as a community center in the North Texas area for broad intellectual discourse around the arts.  While the residency promotes artistic experimentation through its support of production, the companion gallery encourages critical engagement in a local urban context through exhibitions and related programs. By building on the forward-thinking academic resources of the School of Arts & Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas, CentralTrak unites artists from an expansive range of creative disciplines to extend and challenge contemporary notions of artistic practice, creative expression, and the role technology plays in these processes.



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