theGallery8680 of Frisco presents the works of A.Eilene Carver ‘Targets & other Tangents’

An upcoming exhibit ‘Targets and other Tangents’ at theGallery8680 includes ‘Targets’ and new works from Carver’s new series ‘Shadows’. 8680Gallery is one of Frisco’s oldest art venues, located on Main just east of Preston road.

The opening reception will be held Friday, April 20th from 7-9 pm. This is a come and go event filled with art, food and music.

The paintings address the personal and public impact of gun violence, hoping to stir emotions, spur dialogue, and provoke impactful change towards this complicated dilemma.

The work evokes a powerful response as it resonates with visitors. Below are a couple gallery entries from prior exhibits:

‘I love that you have taken painful events and used your talents to help them grieve and heal.’ -Penni Groves
‘[Carver’s work] is both symbolically communicative and absolutely needed to encourage discussion; art should communicate, provoke and serve as a catalyst for thinking beyond headlines and statistics.’
-David Bearden, contributing writer, Lewisville Texan Journal
Closing Reception: Friday, April 27th 7-9pm


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